12 Wonderful Crafts with Coffee Filters that Will Enchant You

Are you a coffee lover? You will also fall in love to make crafts with coffee filters. Those offer lots of fun ways to do beautiful crafty projects. No need to spend much time with coffee filter crafts. You can complete the projects less than an hour.

Coffee filters are craft materials that you always have in hand. Whether you choose white or brown coffee filters, both give different results on your crafty projects. Explore the ideas of coffee filter crafts in this article.

Wonderful Crafts with Coffee Filters

1. Pumpkin Sun Catchers

ghost crafts with coffee filters

Have you prepared for the next Halloween party? This vibrant pumpkin sun catcher will be a perfect Halloween craft. The vibrant color comes out of the dyeing process with liquid water colors.

It is a crafty project with white coffee filters. A perfect blend of orange, yellow, and red color makes them look like pumpkins.

Attach details like a nose, mouth, and eyes from a black construction paper. Tape the pumpkin sun catcher on the window.

2. Coffee Filter Tulips

crafts with cone coffee filters

Enjoy your spring season by having a craft with coffee filters. Bring the brightness of tulips arrangement to your home.

Red and orange acrylic paints that applied to white coffee filters make tulip petals look real. Add stems from floral wires. The leaves are made with green card stock.

Prepare a floral pot with floral foam and Spanish moss inside. Arrange the tulips and tie some ribbons with word tags.

3. Coffee Filter Jelly Fish

crafts to do with coffee filters

Feel the joy of living under the sea with this coffee filter jelly fish. It’s such a lovely aquatic pal to play with. Mix pretty water colors to dye the coffee filters.

Fold a coffee filter in half to form the body. Put a semi-circle Styrofoam inside. Cut three coffee filters into spirals as swirly tentacles. Stick the frilly legs into the body. Add googly eyes to make the jelly fish funnier.

4. Poppy Art Coffee Filters

how to make crafts with coffee filters

Painting on coffee filters will be lovable for everyone. Coffee filters offer endless floral possibilities, including this poppy art. Play with bright hue of liquid watercolors like red, yellow, and orange for the petals.

Let the floral painting dry and cut the white area around the flowers. Arrange the flowers on a gray paper. Display the poppy art coffee filters on the wall.

5. Scented Coffee-Filter Sachets

crafts made with coffee filters

Handmade air freshener will give pleasant smell to your clothes. Bad odor will be sucked out. Make your own favorite fragrance with brown coffee filters. Fill in the filters with baking soda and natural scented ingredients or fresh herbs.

Rosemary, cloves, cinnamons, mint, and lavender work best for coffee-filter sachets. To secure them, twist and tie the edges with ribbons. Place the aromatic sachets in a cabinet, drawer, and closet.

6. Butterfly Hanging Mobile

mother's day crafts with coffee filters

Just imagine that delicate and colorful butterflies are flying around the ceiling. Those are artificial butterflies. They are made with painted coffee filters, embroidery hoop, and yarn. This hanging mobile can be placed in nursery room, too.

To make the butterflies, squish each colored coffee filter together with pipe cleaner. Make a curly at the end of the pipe cleaner. Tie the butterflies to the hoop with yarn. Get the festive ambience with them.

7. Air Balloon Window Craft

spring crafts with coffee filters

Air balloons coffee filters will create unique and colorful window display. Ask your kids to join the dyeing process since they will be enthusiastic while painting the filters.

Draw patterns to coffee filters and wait until they completely dry. It’s time to stick the air balloons on the window with washable glue stick. Mix acrylic paint with dish soap to draw the details. Enjoy the whimsy touch when the sun shines through the window.

8. Ballerina Ornament

simple crafts with coffee filters

This snazzy ballerina is such a lovely ornament to decorate any part of your home. An ordinary coffee filter and Popsicle stick are turned into fancy dancing ballerina.

Easy steps and simple materials make this craft preferable. Dyed coffee filters decorate the ballerina’s tutus. Fold the coffee filter into a triangle shape. Cut off the tip to suit the size of Popsicle stick. Attach the tutus and details like pink ribbon and brown yarn.

9. Coffee Filter Garland

crafts with paper coffee filters

Have you ever thought of decorating your room with a giant pom-pom garland? It sounds great because you can make it with coffee filters and strings.

A bunch of coffee filters strung together creates a beautiful display. Actually you only need white and brown coffee filters. But, you can combined with crepe paper, scrap paper, and music paper.

Attach many bunches of coffee filters and papers into the string. Hang this amazing concatenation on your window panel.

10. DIY Tea Bags

crafts you can make with coffee filters

Celebrate your special day with family and friends in crafty style. Homemade tea bags offer great taste of beverage to serve.

Customize your own shapes of tea bags which made with coffee filters. When you have a celebration with the beloved ones, make heart-shaped tea bags for them.

Cut the coffee filters into heart shapes. Sew around the edge with twine, do it for a half part of the heart. Fill in the heart tea bag with rock sugar and frozen dried fruits. Continue sewing and tie off at the end. Thread twine through the tea bag to attach sweet word tag.

11. Coffee Filter Snowflakes

what to do with coffee filters crafts

Bring the cool atmosphere of winter in your room with coffee filter snowflakes. The snowflakes will give fascinating view to your window. Create artificial flakes with a large variety of cutting designs.

Fold each coffee filter in half repeatedly and do your own creative cutting. Endless beautiful patterns will appear from unfolded coffee filters. Make the flakes one by one,so each flake design differs from the others. More variation is better.

12. Coffee Filter Backdrops

valentine's day crafts with coffee filters

Hundreds of coffee filters will be strung beautifully as backdrops. Do dyeing process to get gradient color for each coffee filter.

Once the dyed coffee filters dry, fold in each filter to make a small triangle shape. After one folded filter is finished, staple it.

Thread the filters through a fishing line, from the darker shade to the undyed filters. Attach 25-30 strands on a yardstick.

Place the backdrops on the ceiling or tie them to a photo stand. Your coffee filter backdrops evoke perfect pop of colors.

We have known that there are plenty of incredible creations from this cheap material. From ordinary coffee filters, anyone can make extraordinary crafts with coffee filters. Are you ready to start crafting?

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