13 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas You Can Build In No Time

Let’s welcome the wings back this spring season by making some bird feeders on your own. In fact, winter is also a perfect season to own a bird feeder. Making the bird feeders is part of the preparation for the season. It would be a perfect addition to spice up the garden.

Bird feeder are some functional addition to the outdoor space. They are also full of personality. With birds or without birds on it, bird feeder would still be useful and attractive as part of the decoration.

1. Mason Jar Hanging Bird Feeder

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It’s one of the easy ideas that you can hang on the tree or ceiling. Mason jars are quite popular as the main material for a DIY project. This bird feeder is a combination of a mason jar and a metal chick feeder.

The metal chick feeders are available at any farm supply store. The price is quite cheap. Hang this on the tree at your backyard. Or, you can also hang it on your porch ceiling to welcome the birds close to your house.

2. Bird Feeder Made From a Shoe

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Do you have an unused old shoe? This unique idea shows you that you can make a bird feeder out of everything. You don’t need to buy it from the stores if you have a lot of creative ideas on your mind.

Your old shoe becomes useful with this idea. It’s just as simple as nailing the shoe to the tree and put the feed of the bird inside the shoe.

3. Hanging Clay Plate Feeder

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For bird lovers, this clay plate could make a perfect container for the bird’s feed. You can just hang the clay feeder on a tree branch at your backyard. The birds will be happily sitting on the feeder and enjoy the food.

The rope is like the important element of this idea. Make sure to choose the one with great quality.

4. Sisal Rope and a Tin Can Feeder

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Speaking of ropes, a sisal rope is a type of material that’s suitable to give a nice rustic character to anything. You can just wrap the sisal rope around an old tin can to make a beautiful feeder for the birds.

For the lid of the can, you can just bend it in half to allows the birds in getting the food.  Add a ledge for a standing space for the birds.

5. Peanut Butter Jar Bird Feeder

bird feeders bear proof

Instead of mason jars, you can aim for another kind of jar. This jar feeder is built out of peanut butter jar. Combine this plastic jar with a plastic plant saucer.

Then, add some string or twine to hang the feeder.  Use some nuts and bolts instead of glue because it’s hard to find a glue to hold both materials together.

6. Bird Feeder from Plastic Soda Bottle  

bird feeders craft

Don’t throw away the bottle after you finish drinking the soda. You can reuse it as a container for the bird’s feed.

Besides the bottle, you need to use string, a screw eye, chopsticks, wooden spoons, perches, and thin dowels.  All of those materials are DIY friendly and ready to be combined together. This bird feeder with pole are very simple and practical.

7. Suet in a Mesh Bag

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Another easy idea for a bird feeder, you can make it in no time. a mesh bag is often found as a vegetable container at most grocery stores. You can fill the bag with suet.

Suet is the hard fat around the loins and kidney of sheep and cows. It’s a source of energy for birds that eat insect for a living.

8. Flower Tin Can Bird Feeders

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It’s another tin can bird feeder but it’s more fun and colorful. If rustic isn’t your thing, you can aim for more fun and kid-friendly idea. Using tin can is a classic way to whip up a bird feeder as a home DIY project.

You can paint your old tin can with a fun color like orange. Then, cover the lid part with an element that makes the tin can looks like a flower. Add more accessories to the string line to make it more attractive. You can have this idea as a project with your kids at home.

9. A Cup of Bird Feeder

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Those old teacups on the kitchen cabinet will word wonders as well. Upcycle some of the teacups into feeder like this one. Stick the cup facing to the saucer-like it’s pouring some tea on it. You need to get a super-sticky glue such as E600 glue. Then, let it dry overnight.

In order to hang the teacup, you have to attach a piece of jute to the handle. Next, you can fill the cup and saucer with birdseed.

10. Spring Birdfeeder Using Wire

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Using two strands of floral wire or other wire types, you can attract orioles for under 5 bucks.  Feeding the birds with fruits like oranges or apples with this wire feeder. In order to create an attractive twist like this one, you can use any pair of pliers.

This birdfeeder could be a nice gift idea for bird watcher or gardener in your life. It’s also one of the bird feeders that are squirrel proof.

11. Wine Corks BirdHouse

of bird feeders

This hanging tiny house is made out of wine corks. Don’t throw away the cork after you open a bottle of wine. When you have enough corks, you can turn them into a craft. This crafty birdhouse would be a perfect spot for birds to hang out and eat.

12. Popsicle Sticks Birdhouse

a glass bird feeders

A birdhouse is a complete form of a birdfeeder. Popsicle sticks are friendly with DIY projects, especially for kiddies. You can’t go wrong with popsicle sticks. You can teach your kids to keep the sticks after enjoying the popsicle. Or, popsicle sticks are also available in craft stores.

13. Macrame’ Coconut Feeder

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Instead of just a clay plate or a saucer to hold the feed, you can just use a half of a coconut. Some types of birds will enjoy hanging on this feeder. It’s actually a better idea than just seeds. It makes a perfect addition to give more summer look.


After all, those bird feeders would be very useful to amp up the life of your garden. All of them are friendly as a DIY project. You can build it easily using some simple materials in no time.

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