8 Attractive Bird House Design Ideas To Make

Making a bird house and place it in the backyard would be a great way to welcome Summer. Well, since the season of summer is coming around, it’s the perfect time to enjoy nature in its complete charm.

A bird house gives a place for your new feathered friends to come by or stay for a while. Listening and enjoying the relaxing sound of the bird really fulfill the experience of hanging in the backyard. A birdhouse is an outdoor decor idea for your garden that you can build on your own.

With a few simple steps and materials, you can make one without spending any money especially for you who already have materials you need for building a bird house.

Let’s explore these DIY bird house ideas. Choose one that meets your personal taste.

1. Rustic Bird House Without Nails

b&q bird house
Source: cloudinary.com

In order to build this birdhouse, you don’t need any nails. You don’t even need glue to attach them together. So, how you’re gonna build this? Instead of nails and glue, you can build this bird house using Scotch Extreme Mounting Tape and Fasteners.

This mounting tape product is widely available. You can easily purchase the tape from online stores. The use of Scotch tape will cut the time to build the bird house in half. It will save a lot of time. The birdhouse will be ready in no time.

You can use some old beat up the hardware as the perch. That’s what makes this garden birdhouse looks so stylish for your outdoor area.

2. A Bird House with Quirky Design

bird house barcelona
Source: pinimg.com

The quirky design of this bird house makes it more pleasing to the eye. Everyone will enjoy the beautiful view while listening to the bird sounds. It will be a relaxing moment you can have for the rest of the summer.

This bird house has a quirky design that will make the fence more attractive. The complete set of items in the picture will be a perfect Halloween decor to welcome the guest for “trick or treat”. What a cute bird house to watch the birds go in and out.

3. Fun DIY Gourd Bird house for Kids’ Project

birdhouse building
Source: happinessishomemade.net

It’s a fun craft to make with the entire family member. This is something your kids will enjoy too. This gourd birdhouse will make a cheery decor for your backyard. In order to build one, you’re gonna need a large gourd.

The gourds should be left outside for several months in order to make them dry. This process will make the shell hard and the inside dry out. Before starting the project, the gourd needs to be cleaned all over.

That one hole for birdhouse opening is drilled using 1.5” hole saw. Spray paint the whole shape of the gourds flat white. It will make a great canvas for your kids to have fun with.

4. A Bird house on a Pedestal

bird house at home depot
Source: somewhatsimple.com

If your backyard doesn’t have trees, you don’t have to plant a tree to have a birdhouse. You can choose to have this bird house plan. This pedestal birdhouse is not only cute. It also has a small feeder opening.

The size of the opening will protect the birdhouse from pigeons. There won’t be an issue with messy nests from bigger birds like pigeons if that problem exists around your house.

You can build this plan quickly and easily. You just need some finished birdhouses. Make one by yourself or buy it from the stores with bird house for sale. You can just attach the birdhouse to a pole that’s made out of stair railing.

5. Nice Modern Birdhouse from Pinterest

a birdhouse in the hand house hunters
Source: designmag.fr

It’s simple and easy to make. It also adds special interest to your garden space. This modern birdhouse came up on Pinterest. You can have this as inspiration for your DIY project for the backyard.

The pink color really attracts people’s attention. It looks great to be combined with the light-colored wood. You’ve got to make sure that you have every piece of wood board in the right size. You don’t need nails for this project. Just Glue them all together.

6. Birdhouse with Solar Light Perch

bird house architecture
Source: feber.se

It’s such an amazing birdhouse that comes with a solar-powered light perch. It’s something that most people didn’t think of. Having this wooden backyard birdhouse would take your outdoor decor to the next level.

It’s a great hi-tech item you can purchase online from a special store. This lighted bird house is a unique and functional decor that is designed by a Dutch designer named Guide Ooms.

7. DIY Birdhouse from Corks

a birdhouse in your soul
Source: pinimg.com

If you’re wondering what to do with all the wine corks that you’re about to throw into the dumpster, take a look at this. Those wine corks could be turned into something decorative and functional for your house both indoors and outdoors.

You can build a charming bird house like this one. You can use corks as the main structure of the bird house. For the roof and the base, some small wood boards would do the work. The natural look of the cork offers a rustic style to the object.

8. Retro Birdhouse from Flea Stuff

bird house bar
Source: vidalcuglietta.com

The cool retro design of this birdhouse looks so interesting. Let’s talk about the theme first. Judging by its looks, this birdhouse is a steampunk treasure.

It features a license plate as the roof and some items like skeleton keys, a rusty keyhole, bike gear, old keys, and more. Well, that’s a set of items that complete the stylish theme. You can buy all the stuff you need from any flea markets. Feel free to add more things you like.

The blue color of the birdhouse really maximizes the charm of retro. The whole design of this birdhouse looks functional. However, it’s more like a decor item than a house for birds to stay.


Overall, one thing you should know when buying or making a bird house. Think about your needs. Some people decided to add a bird house to their backyard because they have problems with birds getting into the house during the season.

Some other people might think about the decoration to attract birds and people to enjoy. All of those ideas above will also help you a lot to get inspiration for your next project of building your own bird houses.

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