10 DIY Bookshelf Ideas You Can Build Now

Are you looking for some DIY bookshelf ideas for inspiration? You are in the right place. You can display your collection of books in a stylish way. Who need to spend a lot of money on some durable shelves? These ideas allow you to build one on your own.

For all the book lovers, get ready and fasten your seat belt. Explore these simple and affordable ideas of DIY bookshelf that you can make yourself right now.

1. Wood Crates for Reading Nook

diy bookshelf door plans
Source: diyjoy.com

For readers, having a shelf for books is very important. It will keep the books in reach and well displayed. This bookshelf idea will serve just right. It’s so easy to make using some wooden crates. You can arrange all the crates in the playroom to create a wonderful reading nook.

It requires no woodworking skill to make. Just compile some clean or painted wood crates and stack them together in one corner of the room. You can also have this in your bedroom to get all the books you have out of the boxes.

2. Picture Ledge and Bookshelf Up to the Ceiling

diy bookshelf build
Source: inhonordesign.com

Combining picture ledge with bookshelf has never been so useful. With a few simple steps, you can build your own bookshelf from scratch. With this shelf, you can keep the books away from the flooring and close to the ceiling.

A bookshelf on a white wall would make a great treatment to store some of your book collection. The book covers will also add a lot of colors to the white blank canvas. If you want something more obvious, you can add some beautiful paintings or artworks to the wall.

3. Unique Industrial Freestanding DIY Bookshelf

diy bookshelf cabinet
Source: diyjoy.com

This bookshelf is simply unique. It’s something you don’t see often. You can have this standing in the corner of a room. There will be no awkward corner anymore in your space. The industrial vibe of this bookshelf comes from the stylish black pole.

This ingenious bookshelf offers an understated sophistication that you like. This bookshelf consists of four wooden bases. Each base can be filled with stacked books you’d like to display. It would make great decor in any part of the house.

4. Wall Mounted Bookshelf with Urban Style

diy bookshelf backing
Source: theimpossibledrummer.com

It’s a great addition to the plain white wall in your modern house. This stunning bookshelf will give an instant interest to the wall. It’s got four L-shaped white shelves and one pink square-shaped shelf in the center.

You can get creative in deciding where to arrange the book collection you have. As you can see in the picture, the square shelf in the center is also used as a holder for a potted plant. Therefore, it makes the wall more alive than ever.

5. Reclaimed Wood Books Holder

diy bookshelf cost
Source: homemize.com

These bookshelves can hold many collections of your books at ease. It’s a DIY bookshelf built in to that makes perfect decor for your room. That’s why you need some materials that can provide such interests and style.

The design of these bookshelves is quite innovative. It’s, in fact, a perfect addition to your kid’s room. You can store all of their books in one place. As a result, there will be no books cluttering all over the floor and bed.

These rustic DIY bookshelf for kid are so stunning on the wall. The white plain wall would make a great canvas to maximize the charm.

6. Tree-Inspired Wall DIY Bookshelf

diy bookshelf decor
Source: scoopwhoop.com

If you’re bored with the square or rectangular kinds of the bookshelf, prepare to be amazed. This extraordinary bookshelf is ready to impress. You will be served with a decor item that has the majesty of the tree. Take a look at it, it’s neatly shaped like a tree.

It would require a lot of efforts to make but you will get an outstanding result. You can put your books in almost every branch of this tree bookshelf. Having a lot of books to store? Don’t worry. This bookshelf can take it in a beautiful way.

7. Bookshelf Coffee Table from Old Cable Spool

diy bookshelf and desk
Source: scoopwhoop.com

An old cable spool could make an amazing coffee table for your living room. It’s a super-affordable idea for your DIY project especially when you already have the old cable spool. This rustic coffee table allows you to sit on the couch and reach any book you want to read easily.

This spool table can accommodate a lot of books. If you’re a book lover, you will have the time of your life just by sitting on the couch in the living room. Just turn off the TV because the books are in reach to be read.

8. DIY Leaning Tower Bookshelf

build a bookshelf diy
Source: familyhandyman

This one is a simple ladder shelf with some space-full wooden bases. This shelf is sturdy and stylish. It would hold your books and other stuff neatly. You can do the project of building this tower bookshelf within a day.

The wood bases seem to have enough strength to hold all your books. The whimsical look of this bookshelf is stunning, making it becomes the perfect additional decor item to any room. You can lean it in your home office or living room’s wall.

9. DIY Bookshelf with Copper Pipe Structure

a frame ladder bookshelf diy
Source: remodelista.com

This minimalist shelf has a very interesting construction. The copper piping offers an eye-catching natural gilded effect. Furthermore, this kind of material is quite solid to hold a lot of weight from your book collection.

You can have this cooper pipe bookshelf as your inspiration for your next project. It features a couple of white shelves to merge with the white wall as the background. The books with colorful covers would splash colors to make the scene more attractive.

10. Simple Pine Board Floating Shelves

diy adjustable bookshelf
Source: remodelista.com

Well, nothing could go wrong when dealing with a simple design. This wood floating shelf offers you such simple but the functional element you can add on your wall. The minimalist charm of these shelves is enough to impress the soul.

Pine board is a sleek material that makes any scene looks home-y. You can use this DIY bookshelf on wall to decorate your plain wall. Moreover, add some eye-catching items to fill up the remaining space and give the books some companion.


Those DIY bookshelf ideas are enough to get your inspiration going. After exploring the entire idea, you will be ready to give your book collections that treatment that it deserves.

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