10 Ingenious Ways to Use Your Complete Coloring Pages

If you are a fan of coloring pages, you must find it enjoyable to color those plain images. It’s a fun activity both for kids and adult. As an adult, you might think about something you gotta do after finished coloring.

The easiest option you can come up with is to hang it on the wall. Well, there are actually other creative ways you can repurpose the coloring pages you’ve completed. We’re about to reveal some of the best ways to turn the coloring pages into something else.

1. Flowery Colorful Bookmark

a puppy coloring pages

If you enjoy both reading books and coloring images, it’s a simple way to repurpose your coloring pages. After coloring the flower images any color you’d like, just cut out the pages and laminate them.

It’s an easy DIY idea of coloring pages for adults. Also, it works great in any kinds of coloring pages of any images.

It’s a super easy project. It only involves cutting to a completed coloring page. Well, you may add some extra accessories like ribbons to get the bookmark more impressive than others.

2. Adult Coloring Pages for a Tray Decoration

coloring pages boys

Some color pages for adult are filled with detailed images that allow them to make it more impressive.

In order to make this creative DIY tray decoration, you will need various supplies such as Mod Podge, Acrylic paint, and more.

You can combine some of your completed coloring pages for one tray base. Or, you can use the whole of one complete page of you don’t want to trim the beautiful coloring you have.

3. Colorful Personal Greeting Card

coloring pages ariel

There must be a lot of greeting card template design you can online. You can just print it out and it’s done. But, it’s not gonna be as personal as this.

With your own works of coloring paper, you can make greeting cards as personal as you can. You can even add the name of the receiver to make it more special.

It’s also a perfect idea to use it as the birthday cards, Christmas cards, and many other occasions. As you can see on the image, this card is specially made for mother’s day to fascinate your lovely mom.

4. Mandala Coloring Images To Beautify The Plate

coloring pages aesthetic

Mandala coloring pages become a trend lately. Since it offers a magnificent color combination when it’s done. It requires some coloring skill to make the result beautifully perfect.

Because of the round shape, it would be a great idea to attach it one a plate. It’s a smart idea from Lisa Battisti.

She really knows how to surprise the guests after they finishing the delicious food you served on the plate.

5. Lovely Christmas Ornaments From Coloring Pages

coloring pages basketball

The good things about complete coloring papers are the colors. It offers such a wonderful pattern that seems to be ready to decorate everything.

It’s guaranteed to make anything more interesting. That’s why you need some inspirations to use them.

Talking about DIY ideas for decoration is not complete without mentioning the Christmas occasion. Well, coloring papers would also be a great recommendation to be used to add more festivity to your Christmas tree.

6. Wrapping Paper from Coloring Pages

coloring pages birds

Whether it’s complete or not, using the coloring pages as wrapping paper is an easy way to reuse them.

It’s gonna be a super-easy project to recycle the coloring pages. Wrap up the gifts and presents of any occasion to make your everybody feels special. It’s a smart solution because of its flexibility, you can have this kind of pages to wrap up almost any kinds of boxes too.

7. Making Gift Bow with Coloring Pages Adults

a girl coloring pages

A bow would improve the value of the gift or present. You can add a colorful bow made of your complete coloring paper.

Adding this handcrafted gift bow is not that hard to do. You can just follow the steps of the tutorial to make it exactly like that. It’ll involve some cutting, folding and twisting. You can match the color with the wrapping paper you use.

As you can see, even without a wrapping paper, your gift would still look lovely with that bow.

8. Clever DIY Ideas Using Mason Jars

a coloring pages of animals

Using coloring pages to decorate mason jars is very thoughtful. You could make the jars more functional than before. It can be used both as containers and decorative accessories.

You can use the jar to be filled with sweet treats for the guests or your kids. Free your creativity in painting the glass jars according to the use of it. It’s like adding colors and colors to make the jars fresh and more interesting.

9. Key Chains Made of Colorful Paper

coloring pages alphabet

Whether it’s coloring pages for kids or adults, turning it to be a key chain would never go wrong. You can fill the image with some funny or inspirational words to keep the mood up to everyone who reads it, including you.

It looks cute to be paired with any keys. You can make some key chains with various pages to differentiate each key you have at home.

Because of the small size, this ingenious way would easily become the favorite one in this list.

10. Unicorn Mask from Coloring Pages Kids

coloring pages batman

Check out this cute DIY unicorn mask made of kids coloring pages. The simple image of the cute unicorn is easy to color. Without so much detail on the image, this coloring image is specially designed for kids.

Making this unicorn mask will require some coloring, and decorating. Let your kids play with their own creativity in making a unicorn mask of their version.

This coloring pages of unicorns are perfect for younger school-age kids. The supplies and mess are no fuzz. Also, it’s an easy-peasy to make. That’s why it’s designed for kids only.


Obviously, those 10 ways of using the coloring pages are all so interesting. It covers all level of creativity. You can aim for a simple idea to get it done quickly. If you are interested in detail, you should choose the more complicated ones.

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