22 Super Fun Craft Box Ideas to Do with Your Kids

To bond with the kids is certainly what every parent want, but what to do during the time might be a problem. If you have some unused boxes piling up somewhere in the household, then you can save yourself from the trouble. Fill your quality time with your children by executing some super fun craft box ideas today’s article will provide for you.

1. Barbie Bed

Craft Box Barbie Bed

Barbie needs bed. Says who? Your daughter does, period. To be bold, Barbie is a high maintained doll. When you agree to let your girl having a Barbie, it means you must also agree to what follows after it. And Barbie bed is surely on the list.

Toy stores have it available for purchase at high price, because it generally comes with the house also. But you can make the affordable version out of a shoebox together with your little girl. You will need a shoebox, of course, some fabrics in pink, hot glue gun, cotton balls for filling in the bed, and a little bit of lace for the bed skirt.

2. Boys’ Gift Box

Gift Box Craft

You should get creative when it comes to giving gifts for your children’s friends. Not only what to give, but you also have to consider about how to give it. Gift box has unlimited options and you can create one on top of that. For boys, animation characters like Angry Birds, Batman, Lego, or Minions, for example, can be the theme.

Regardless of what character he decides, the tools and preparation go down to be similar. You will need felts, a box, printable character coloring page, scissors, hot glue gun, and optional sewing machine. You can sew manually or simply glue if you don’t have any. The selected felt color and printable page will be according to the character.

For example, if the theme is Angry Birds, then you will need Angry Bird Red printable page as well as felts with red, black, orange, and white colors for it. And while we’re on the topic, a round box to follow the shape of Angry Bird Red will of course be nice.

3. Car Garage with Ramps

Craft Box Car Garage

Your little cars lovers are going to love this craft! And you will also be proud of yourself, too, for making this project. Instead of playing all over the place, your boys will focus at certain area and thus their wheeled toys won’t be scattered.

To make this car garage, the tools you’ll need are some cardboard boxes, construction papers for decorations, cutter, clear tape, and some optional color markers. The design is up to your imagination and creativity, plus how your boys want it to be.

4. Cardboard-Box Zoo

Craft Box Cardboard Zoo

Your weekend plan with the kids outside may be ruined by bad weather sometimes and it’ll lead to more serious problem: their bad mood. But you can do box crafting to fix it, such as this cardboard-box zoo project. The process of doing it will certainly divert their attention and boost the mood for quite a long time.

You only need to prepare cardboards, scissors, tape, crayons, and creativity! Think about the details zoo has, like fence, cage, trees, signs, and else, and make the miniature ones. After the things are made, put your kids’ animal toys within it to start playing. They will forget about your cancelled original weekend plan and be occupied by the zoo for hours.

5. Catapult

Craft Box Castle

This catapult craft can be a fun way of eating marshmallow between your kids and absolutely invite loads of laughter. They will guarantee you that they won’t stop at only marshmallow, but also whatever snacks they can find inside the house. So, don’t be too shock later, parents.

To make this project you’ll need two long pencils to make the lever, a bottle cap for the launcher, rubber band, paper hole puncher, and a shoebox. You can leave the box as it is or cover it with colorful wrapping paper to make it catchier. Once it’s done, you will hear your kids laugh shortly. Whether they aim correctly or miss funnily, they’re happy both ways.

6. Circus in A Box

Craft Box Circus

This is an unbelievable craft box project because it lets you to play circus in a box. It features colorful characters troop and a giant cardboard matchbox. From a single glance, you will see that a lot of efforts needed to make one project of this. However, the outcome will never fail you or your kids.

You need to follow the three steps carefully to make the complete circus. First is to make the giant matchbox using mounting board, wrapping paper, and masking tape. This giant matchbox is later used as the stage. Second is to make the circus characters with wine corks, toothpicks, polystyrene balls, PVA glue, and white tissue.

Lastly, you need to create the circus performers using acrylic paint, PVA, and crepe paper. Every little thing about how they look is according to your preference. For perfection, give them a name each and you can have your kids play the circus right away!

7. Count and Sort Posting Box

Craft Box Count and Sort

Practically, you can teach counting to your kids playfully using anything. Now, this craft will aid you to do that with bottle caps and lids. You need to find some caps and lids in various diameter sizes and thicknesses. This game is very suitable for kids at the early age of knowing numbers and colors.

8. Crayon Holder

Craft Box Crayon

Now, this is one of DIY storage projects that will help your kids to manage all the scattered things above their desks. Once it’s done, they can arrange their school supplies neatly like crayons, pencils, glues, erasers, and any other things they have. It will be easy to find things with it.

As it is super easy to do, the material you need is easy to find. A shoebox, wrapping paper, watercolor, and hole punch are the only things needed. What makes it different from other stationery storage is the way it holds the crayons which definitely attracts children’s interest.

9. Dinosaur Feet

Craft Box Dinosaur Feet

Kids are easy to entertain, even with only trivial things. Give them a pair of dinosaur feet made of tissue boxes and you’ll find them walk around the house growling, giggling, and having so much fun. What you need to make this craft is some empty tissue boxes, tape, paint, sponge for the nails, and hot glue gun.

It is so easy that you can give an example for once and they can make ones by themselves. You start with kids and will end up with little kissable dinosaurs!

10. Doctor’s Kit

Craft Box Doctor's Kit

It’s time to give something adorable for your little doctors. As their kits probably clatter around every time they’re finished the ‘shift’, this craft will nicely manage the stuffs altogether. The only thing you need to do is find a shoebox, spray paint it in their favorite color, add some doctor picture on the lid part, and fill it with the doctor’s kits.

11. Dollhouse

Craft Box Dollhouse

Doll set usually comes with house furniture, like couch and bed, but without the house itself. Make time with the kids and create the dollhouse together. It will be super fun and easy using everyday stuff. You’ll need shoeboxes for the house building, newspaper to cover the whole building before it is painted, tape, and paint.

Another things needed are scrapbook papers that’ll act as wallpapers for the house and craft glue. Your kids can help in choosing which scrapbook papers to use. You also need to make papier mache for this project.

12. Felt Garden

Craft Box Garden

Busy books are popular these days. They are made to divert children’s attention from gadget which emits harmful radiation. As the making process of a busy book is quite difficult, no wonder that it’s a bit pricey. Well actually, you can make your own version of busy book like this craft. The process of making this is pretty much similar to those of busy books.

You’ll need various colors of felt. Choose ones that exist in plants, such as green, red, orange, and purple. Besides felt, you will also need green pipe cleaners, Velcro for the busy activity, brown paint and paint brush, brown jersey cotton that’ll act as dirt, and lastly needle and thread. After that, let your imagination goes creative.

13. Golf Station

Craft Box Golf

This is the simple version of arcade game you see in kids’ zone. But since it’s for children, use much lighter balls like those if table tennis ones. You can have your kids do this indoor and compete with each other in a fun way as to who’s going to have higher score. Giving prizes to whomever trying hard will be very suitable applied to this game.

14. Marble Art

Craft Box Marble

Do your kids fond of painting? If they do, then it’s time for them to be the little Picasso of this era by creating this art. What you need to prepare are finger paints, bowls to dissolve the paint, marbles, a shoe box, and paper to put in the bottom of the box. Dip each marble to each bowl and drop the paint-covered ones in the box after that.

Shake the box to make the marbles move around and thus leave the colorful traces. Detach the paper from the box and hang the artistic result.

15. Marble Maze

Craft Box Marble Labyrinth

If you’re worried about the frequent interaction your kids make with gadget to play games, then you should really consider having manual games like this marble maze one. It doesn’t emit radiations, no batteries needed, very affordable, and simple to make! You only need shoebox lid as the board, plastic straws as the maze, marble, and glue. Easy!

16. Puppet Theater

Craft Box Puppet Theatre

It’s time to teach your kids about recycling in a fun way. Do not just throw away the used cereal box if you’re done with it. You all can recycle and make a craft out of it. Like this finger Puppet Theater, for example. Some cereal brand even comes with adventure edition which already has characters on the box, so use them instead of making ones.

Another things you’ll need are ruler, craft knife, chalk paint, paint brush, tape, ribbon, scissors, and wood craft dowels. Decide the theme set, be it under the sea set or jungle set. And adjust what follows based on theme. The ribbon will make the puppet theater portable by hanging it around your kids’ neck.

17. Shoebox Train

Craft Box Train

This craft is a way to learn about trains without going to the station and also without using any gadget. Your kids are able to be the machinist while their stuffed animals are the passenger on around the house trip. Can you imagine how fun is that?

To make this interesting train, you need to have shoeboxes and the lids, toilet paper tube, tape, construction paper, glue, and scissors. It’s very simple and cost you almost nothing, right?

18. Shoes-Tying Trick

Craft Box Shoes Tying

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This trick can help your children to start learning how to tie their shoes. You just need an empty tissue box, paper hole puncher, and a shoe lace. You can leave the box as it is or cover it using colorful wrapping paper.

19. Suitcase Box

Craft Box Suitcase

Now, this is another creative gift box. But instead of characters, it resembles the real suitcase with some travel stickers. You can initiatively give it as gift wrapper to someone who enjoys travelling. In the making process, ask for your children’s help to get them involved. You only need a box with the lid and some stamps, anyway. Super easy.

20. Traffic Light

Craft Box Traffic Light

For your little mister and miss ask-anything, this one is for answering their question about traffic light. You can explain about the red-yellow-green light rules to them. At last, put it in some corner of the house and use it to practice the theory they’ve just got.

21. Mini Foosball Pitch

Craft Box Foosball Pitch

Remember when we were kids and used to spend hours playing foosball, yet the smaller sized the player was it was harder for her or him to see just what was taking place on the pitch?

This is a fantastic idea to resolve that small players’ problem. Just reduce the size of the pitch! The wonderful thing about this project is that you most likely have actually all required materials at hand. Your kids will be greater than happy to assist you in developing this portable toy.

22. Pirate Ship Gift Box

Craft Box Gift Box

It’s difficult creating gift box ideas for young boys. This gift box was created into a pirate ship by painting a shoebox brownish and adding sails, sea waves, and also fish utilizing craft foam.

Congratulations, your time with the kids won’t ever be boring anymore now you know some super fun craft box ideas to do with them. Have a very high quality time!

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