Have Quality Time with Your Kids by Doing These 20 Craft Paint Projects

Hi, busy parents! It’s quite understandable and tolerable to have hectic agenda during weekdays. But whenever weekend comes, set aside whatever business you have outside and start to take a good look at your kids. It’s time for you to have quality time with them by doing craft paint! Now, read on and let your imagination be wild in creativity.

1. Glue Monster

Craft Paint Glue Monster

This glue monster project is what comes as the result when you combine glue, colors, science, crafts, and arts altogether. Glue does available for purchase in colors, but the color options are limited. Hence, make your own colors is recommended here. It doubles the fun.

Besides glue and liquid watercolor, what you need to make glue monster are tiny cups to mix glue and the color, spoon to stir the mix into marbleized glue liquid, oil paper where you pour the colored glue onto, as well as googly eyes and sequins to turn the poured glue into monster.

In the end, you’ll let the glue dry until they can be separated completely from the oil paper. This last process takes a few days, though. However, the outcome will surely be fascinating.

2. My “Chocolate” Name

Craft Paint Chocolate Name

This chocolate paint craft is a part of sensory literacy learning. It means your kids will practice their sensory experience by touching the chocolate powder and literacy by writing their name. Based on those learning purposes, this craft is suitable for kids above two years old.

The initial step is to write your kids name on a piece of paper, while the next step will be done in three different ways. First way is to trace their name with glue before shake some chocolate powder onto the glue traced name. Second way is to dip your kids’ finger in the water and in the cocoa after that, before finger painted the name with it.

Third way is to mix water with cocoa to make chocolate paint and use it to write your kids name with a paint brush. Out of the three ways, the first one results the nicest.

3. No Mess Color Mixing

Craft Paint No Mix Color

This activity is a fun way to introduce your kids about color mixing which a part of science. Plus, the use of bottles will minimize the cleaning problem later on after the project is done. No mess color mixing will get your kids to know that there are three base colors which their mixing results to another different color.

4. Paper Towel Painting

Craft Paint Towel Painting

Paper towel painting is a simple and interesting way for your kids to learn about water absorption. It involves basic science lesson, activity of fine motor, painting craft, and art project; whole package in one! The art supplies you need to make paper towel painting are water, liquid water colors or food coloring, and paper towels.

Not to forget include an ice cube tray or single bowls to be the container of food color and water mix, and also droppers for dropping the mix later. The only thing you need to do is to drop multiple colors onto the paper towel and let it dry when whole surface is covered. Voila! It’s super easy.

5. Potato Printing

Craft Paint Potato

Yes, you don’t read it wrong, parents. Potato can be used as an art supply, too. By doing this cool activity, your kids will learn about shape and color recognition, counting, patterning, small muscle development, and hand-eye coordination, as well.

What you require to do potato printing is trays, sponges, paint, potatoes, knife to cut the potatoes in half, and large pieces of paper to stamp into. You can make shapes in the surface of cut potatoes, like a star or a heart and give color to it preferably.

6. Spiky Ball Painting

Craft Paint Ball

The ball you’re going to use here is the one used for sensory play. It has a sticky texture, spiky nubs, and is able to bounce. This kind of ball will be the paint brush in this painting. Expect some mess with this activity, dear parents, since it’s recommended to be babies’ work at least when they can sit on their own.

Besides textured ball, materials needed to do spiky ball painting are cardstock and finger paint. Use colors that attract babies’ attention, like red. By doing so, you teach them to recognize color.

7. Spring Art: Tulip Painting

Craft Paint Tulip

Next, we have this craft paint to welcome spring. You can bring the season inside the house by doing this activity which is very suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. You will need materials of fork with 3 pronged for making the shape of tulip, kids’ paint, and brush set to draw the stems.

8. Stained Glass Painting

Craft Paint Stained Glass

Stained glass painting is a very easy work to do for kids. But the outcome you’ll get outweighs the effort. For this project, you will need kids’ paint, wax paper, cardstock that acts as the painting frame, bottle lid, and paint brush.

9. Tape Resist Painting

Craft Paint Tape Resist

To do tape resist kind of painting activity, you will need masking tape, a piece of white cardstock, finger paint, as well as scissors. The colors of finger paints you require are based on what object you want to paint. Take football for example. Then blue and orange colors of finger paint are needed.

The masking tape is used to make the object design on the white cardstock piece. Then, pour the paint onto the piece and spread through the surface.

10. Craft Paint Watercolor Rainbow

Craft Paint Rainbow

Now, this painting is kind of unique because of the finishes. It uses salt to make it beautifully textured in the end and thus it’s also called salt art. This watercolor rainbow is a perfect activity for kids at preschool age to do some experiment with paint.

Besides salt, you will also need white glue, black paint, some watercolors, pencil, and white paper. The first step is to make black glue from white glue mixed with black paint. It is used to draw the rainbow lines. Let the glue dry; it will take a few hours.

After it dry, have your kids paint the rainbow with the proper sequence of colors. Guide them well by giving a dot of the right color into each portion, red is for the outmost line and purple is for the innermost one. While the painting is still wet, pour the salt with the help of shaker and let it dry for the second time. The result will leave you in awe.

11. Bath Paints

Craft Paint Bath Paint

If it’s hard to tell your kids to take a bath, then offer them to have some paint time with this DIY bath paints! You will need half a cup of baby head to toe wash, half a cup of corn starch, two tablespoon of water, food coloring, silicone tray to hold the paint, kid paint brushes, and medium bowl to mix the baby wash and corn starch into.

The first step to make it is to take the medium bowl contained with the mix and add in water. Pour the mixture into the compartments tray evenly and give different color each after that. And it’s ready to be used by your little ones.

12. Doodle Paint

Craft Paint Doodle

For your little Picasso who really fond of painting and try a lot of paint, this extremely easy doodle paint recipe is a must try! The ingredients you need will be half a cup of flour, fourth a cup of salt, three fourth a cup of water, and food coloring. Meanwhile, the tools you require will be squeeze bottles of any kind and cardstock for doodling on.

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You need to stir the mixture of flour, salt, and water well until there’s not any lumps. Add your little ones’ favorite color into the mixture and pour it into the squeeze bottle, one color each. And they’re ready to doodle.

13. Face Paints

Craft Paint Face

This homemade face paint project is seriously easy to make. Rather than buying the expensive kits, it’s better to make one yourself. Are you ready to make it? You should prepare the things you’re going to need first.

They are corn starch and face lotion for the face paints base, fourth a teaspoon of vegetable oil to prevent the paint from caking, washable paints or natural food coloring to give off colors, small containers, and small bowl. Once it’s made, you can apply the paint to your face using make-up tools, like sponges and lip brushes with thin tip.

14. Finger Paints

Craft Paint Finger Paint

Your little kids may put in their fingers to their mouth by accident or on purpose while finger painting. Thus, to avoid things you don’t want, you better make the finger paints yourself out of safe ingredients. Here’s how.

The things you need will be three tablespoon of sugar, half a teaspoon of salt, half a cup of corn starch, and two cups of water. Mix all the ingredients in small saucepan without changing the amount and cook it with low heat until mixture becomes thick. Let it cool after that and pour into containers. Use unused clear jars to tell you what color it is easily.

You only add food coloring when the mixture is distributed evenly into the jars and not before it. And then, it’s done.

15. Glossy Skittles Paint

craft paint skittles paint

Not all kids like the smell of the paints they have. If your kids are one of them, then try to make this deliciously smelled glossy paint using a bag of Skittles. It doesn’t have to be Skittles, though. You can replace it with any similar kind of chocolate candies. The other things you need are some corn starch and several small containers.

The first step is to sort out the candies by their colors into containers, one color for each container. Add in corn starch to the filled containers. The amount is enough to completely cover the candies. After that, wait for the colors to lose. It’s going to take a whole day until the colors are perfectly worn off. Be prepared for their amazing smell the next day.

16. Mud Paint

Craft Paint Mud

Mud paint called so because it’s literally made of mud. Along with the mud, you will need food coloring, dish soap, and water to make the paint. Additional required tools are heavy cardstock, several small containers, and paint brushes. Heavy or thick cardstock is needed since the thin ones may be ripped apart by the paint moisture.

You just need to mix the ingredients in containers. The number of containers you need is as much as how many colors you want to make. Let the painting begin!

17. Powdered Paint

Craft Paint Powder

Powdered paints are available for purchase in stores. However, there is no harm whatsoever to make ones yourself along with the kids because it’s super easy and fun! Sidewalk chalks of several colors are needed here in conjunction with zip-seal bags and a hammer. Place each color into one bag and crush them until you get a fine powder. And, cheers, it’s done!

18. Puffy Sand Paint

Craft Paint Puffy Sand

Next, you have this puffy sand paint recipe which made out of shaving cream, food coloring, and play sand. This is also super easy paint to make. Besides the ingredients, prepare also some bowls and a scoop. Into each bowl, add some amount of shaving cream, a few scoops of play sand, and a few drops of food coloring, and then mix it.

And that’s it. With that easy making process, you can hand it over completely to your kids. They’ll surely be super happy!

19. Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Craft Paint Sidewalk Chalk

When summer comes, offer your kids to do this next project since it’s perfect for outdoor activity. All the ingredients you need are corn starch and baking soda for the mixture, food coloring, water, squeeze bottles, and vinegar. The number of bottles you require will be according to the number of colors you desire.

To make the paint you need to put in the mixture to each bottle and then add a few drops of food coloring in. Blend well with water afterwards. Set aside a bottle filled with vinegar also for the surprise. Squirt it the very last and find out yourself what the surprise part is!

20. Sparkle Paint

Craft Paint Sparkle Paint

This is another way to trick your hard-to-bathe little ones into the bathroom. Lure them in by making sparkle paint using one tablespoon of bubble bath, five drops of food coloring, and one teaspoon of glitter. What you need to do is simply mix all the ingredients well into a container and that’s that. Fun time in the bathroom guaranty!

There, you have them; ways to try different craft paint to fill your quality time along with the kids! Though the ten kid-safe paints include food ingredients in the recipe, but it’s strongly not recommended to be eaten. They are labeled as safe in case it gets swallowed by your kids, just in case. Tight supervision is still needed here. Good luck with the projects, anyway!

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