These 20 Easy-to-Do Summer Craft Ideas Will Get Your Kids Amused

Summer means sunny days and nice weather. It’s just perfect for your kids to do outdoor activity. But when they are forced to be trapped inside the house because of the rain, for example, you’ve got to do something to wipe away the sad faces. This article will provide 20 summer craft ideas to entertain them. Well, keep on reading, parents!

1. Bottle Cap Bugs

Summer Craft Bugs

All the crafts in this article will be easy to make and made of something simple, too. Number one craft you have here needs bottle caps as its main material to turn into bugs. This project will keep your kids occupied for some times. It surely benefits you in some way, right?

What you need to make this craft are plastic bottle caps in various colors, small plastic spoons also in various colors, glue dots, plastic to make the wings, permanent markers, googly eyes, and some decorations for the wings later. The easiest bugs to make are dragonflies and butterflies.

2. Butterfly Beach Bucket

Summer Craft Butterfly

If you look for some easy and affordable summer craft that is also multifunctional, then this butterfly beach bucket is a perfect choice. Aside from being tools in playing sand, it can be a nice gift, too. The idea of giving it as a gift is great, especially if the receiver little ones love to get beach supplies and sandbox.

You’ll need printable butterfly template, glue that suitable for plastic material, and scissors. You may want to add other printable templates while we’re on the topic. Print, cut, and glue will be the only things you need to do.

3. Character Baseball Caps

Summer Craft Character Cap

Keep your active kids occupied by giving them this extra fun task! You’re going to need green baseball caps for the boys to make frog or red for the girls to make ladybug. If you have other colors that represent certain animal characters, go for it. The making process is the same, after all.

Besides caps, supplies needed here are acrylic paints, textile medium which turns the acrylic paints into fabric ones, round stencil sponges as applicators, black marker, toothpick, felt, and instant grab glue. The textile medium does wonder here which allows you to wash the caps whenever needed without smudge or even lets out the paints.

4. Chunky Crayons

Summer Craft Chunky Crayon

Broken crayons your kids have can add problem to the house cleanliness sometimes. Because they’re not in the shape like they’re used to, your kids aren’t aware and left them scattered somewhere. For that matter, you can use the broken crayons and make some craft out of them using muffin tin, cooking spray, and microwave.

Please take note, there is baking process involved in this project. So do not let your kids do this part by themselves unwatched and unguided.

The idea of this chunky crayons project is to melt down the broken crayon in any shape of baking tin, so that they come out in new form after some time of cooling down.

5. Clothespin Dolls

Summer Craft Clothespin Doll

Your little girl surely would love to get involved in creating this clothespin dolls project. She can have some fun in the making process, and have some more when playing them. Furthermore, the more the dolls, the more fun she gets from them, since she can have a mini puppet show of her own. Who knows, she may invite you to be her sole audience.

6. Traditional Kite

Summer Craft Kites

When flying kites becomes a popular outdoor activity in your neighborhood, it literally means that summer breeze is in the air. So, offer your little ones to make traditional type of kite on their own.

For the main material, you can use a plastic trash bag or old newspapers. Aside from that, you’re going to need two sticks for kite structure, masking tape, scissors, string for building the kite and flying later, a small knife or little saw for wood notching, and some cloth strips.

All the materials must be light so that the wind can lift it and let it dances in the air. You can add some decorations as you desire, too.

7. Embellished Sunglasses

Summer Craft Sunglasses

There’s this activity which when you do it with your little ones, you can have at least two benefits at once. It’s embellishing your kids’ plain sunglasses.

From their point of view, it will be something fun to be busy for and the outcome later will be useful to block their eyes from strong sunlight. In the end, they can wear their embellished sunglasses for sunbathe purpose or simply when play around.

8. Firework Paintings

Summer Craft Painting

Fireworks are indeed jaw-dropping amazing. But unfortunately, they only last for seconds. If you can create the freeze version of fireworks that you can stare at it for a long time without being ended, would you like some? If yes, you’ll need pipe cleaners, glitter, paints in red, white, and blue colors, glue, and papers.

Dip, stamp, and sprinkle will be the only things which need to be done for this project. Use sturdy paper like cardstock to be stamped onto. With it, you can frame the final outcome and have it hung on the wall as some decoration.

9. Hammered Prints

Summer Craft Hammered Print

Combining nature and art is a ‘green’ idea. It’s fresh and rare. This time, you can use flowers, leaves, and other parts from plants you found fallen outdoor to be the main materials. Please take note to not pick flowers and leaves which are still intact as such act will only do harm much or less.

Other supplies you need to use are scissors, hammers, acid free paper, and tweezers. You may or may not need acrylic finishing spray. The spray is optional to have. As it is an easy project, you can invite your toddler to join you making this.

10. Handprint Stepping Stones

Summer Craft Stepping Stones

This is a project that can also work well as a milestone. In fact, you can do this not only in summer, but every time you want to remember some occasion also, such as your children’s birthday. Because, you see, camera is not the only one that can capture your moments with the family.

The magic works with concrete. Print your hands and feet on the concrete before it dries. And, with a stick, write your name, date, and the event you want to recall. Remember, the work will stick in where you place it unless you have it moved. So practically, the memory will live with your family.

11. Homemade Hawaiian Leis

Summer Craft Hawaian Leis

Summer image often related to the beach and beach mostly imagined with people wearing leis. Though, they’re connected to each other by the beach, but leis are only suitable to wear in summer sunny days. For the matter, let’s create some homemade Hawaiian leis.

The things you will need are some thick cardstocks in your favorite colors, yarn in similar tone as the cardstocks to hang the flowers, plastic straws to be cut into parts with identical length, and a paper hole puncher. If it’s not possible to hole punch the thick cardstocks, change the hole puncher with a nail or anything to make holes.

12. Lego Key Holder

Summer Craft Key Holder

The kids will definitely love this project. They get to craft with some old Lego and their favorite character. On top of that, it’s not a mere craft without function. It’s handy to manage their keys, so there will be no drama in finding any key. A key ring and small Lego with a hole are also needed. This kid of key holder can be a nice gift, too.

13. Newspaper Forts

Summer Craft Newspaper Fort

Kids, with their funny little brain, are cute. They play house when they’re already in one. So, upgrade their ‘house’ to something more sophisticated like fort with your old newspapers as the structure. This is how to make it. Roll two sheets of newspapers as tight as possible until it is sturdy enough to support the fort. Do this as many as you need.

And then, connect the tight rolls to make the fort structure whatever shape your kids want. When it’s done, cover the structure with a light sheet or blanket. And they’re ready to play with it for as long as you can’t guess.

14. Recycled Newspaper Beads

Summer Craft Newspaper Beads

Good news! You can now recycle the old newspapers which are piling somewhere at the corner of the house and taking up some space. Recycle them into artistic beads which then can be utilizes to make some accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, key chains, and others.

Here are the supplies you need to make the beads happen, besides a small pile of newspapers: a large stock pot, boiling water, large spoon, clear glue, sandpaper, drill, craft paints in your color preferences, and any type of strings. This project does take a few days until it’s completely done, but the result awaits will be worth the effort.

15. Seashell Garden

Summer Craft Seashell Garden

Using seashell instead of pot or container is a fresh and unique way to place succulents. As it can be created in no time, your little ones absolutely will enjoy the making process. They only have to separate the succulents along with the dirt from the pots and put them into large seashell such as conch shells. And that’s done.

Put them somewhere nice where your kids usually play to feel the company. Don’t expose them to direct sunlight.

16. Shadowbox Collage

Summer Craft Shadowbox

A shadowbox is where people display their creativity expression. This time around, you should let your kids to have ones, also. Create shadowbox using materials from everyday goods, like a shoebox, images found in magazines, found objects, scissors, white glue, brush for gluing, and some cardboards for backing the images.

You may want to add yarn to hang the box later. Or, you can place it on top of a desk. Both ways are great ideas to showcase your creation.

17. Summer Craft Sun Prints

Summer Craft Sun Print

So far, you’ve known about hammered prints and handprint. Now, it’s time to make sun print craft. You’re going to be exposed to sun light for a while, so rainy days are not the right time to make this creation.

You need Sunprint Kit for the matter. It can’t be done with ordinary paper, you see, but with special one that changes chemically over natural light exposure. You can buy it in a bookstore or search for it in online store is more preferable.

18. Sunflower Marshmallow Pops

Summer Craft Sunflower

Fun! That’s the right word to describe this new way of eating marshmallow after creating sunflower marshmallow pops. To make the sunflower, you need some construction papers in yellow to be the sunflower petals, scissors, as well as lollipop sticks to be the stems and also marshmallow holders.

As for the yummy marshmallow, get the biggest ones you can find in store, because the bigger the better. You can’t take a risk with a burner to have burned marshmallow here. Have them with chocolate sprinkles instead, more delicious guarantee.

19. Superhero Terrarium

Summer Craft DIY Dagobah

If your little girl loves to get involved in the making of clothespin dolls, then your little boys will surely be head over heels for this superhero terrarium project! It implicates a little bit of gardening because some succulents are needed here. Besides succulents, you will also need a tall glass, some sand, and the absolute superhero toy.

Place the terrarium somewhere near the area he usually plays or simply put it in his bedroom. Another idea to do with this little craft is to create one purposefully as a gift for his favorite teacher at the end of the school year. It will be a sweet little present.

20. Yarn Letters

Summer Craft Yarn Letter

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Do not underestimate this toddler craft because it comes in handy to be your home decoration also. The idea of this craft is to wrap pipe cleaners around with yarn. But before that, the pipe cleaners should be formed into some word or numbers, such as your kids’ names and your house numbers.

While making it, you are also able to teach your toddlers to spell the letters and say the numbers. The color selection is of course according to your preference and your kids’. In the end, you can hang them on the wall of your kids’ rooms or in front of your house to indicate your hour number.

And that’s a wrap. There will be no summer boredom from your kids anymore now you have some summer craft tricks up on your sleeves, right? Have fun!

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