20 Wonderful Handmade Craft Paper Ideas Anyone Can Make

When it comes to choosing material for craft, there’s no other way to go except paper. Choosing it as the main material of the craft is perfect because it’s simple and super easy to get. You can have any kind of paper to make craft paper. Whatever paper available, computer paper, construction paper, and even your yesterday’s newspaper, all of them are perfect for a craft.

There are many varieties of craft ideas you can make from it. You can turn some pieces of paper into alluring decoration. Crafting and paper are best friends. You can do anything with paper and craft-based on the creativity you have. It can be one of the best activities you can choose to have with your kids. Making a paper craft would bring their imagination comes to life.

If you are confused about what to do or what ideas to apply in the project, you may wanna keep reading. There are 20 craft project ideas available in here, just for you. Whether you want to make crafts for your house decoration, or your children activity, the key is to make it simple and easy. Craft paper is a simple solution to that.

1. Craft Paper Kites

Craft Paper Kites

If you are bored with balloons as hung decorations, this one is the perfect alternative. You can hang the paper kites from a tree or a ceiling. This is a good idea for party decorations. It’s really easy to make, you will only need glue, a wooden dowel, kitchen twine, and of course a paper. Make it decorative by choosing decorative and crepe paper to make it more interesting.

When the party is over, you do not need to worry and throw it in the trash. You can stick it on the wall or hang it from a ceiling of your kid’s bedroom.

2. Paper Dogwood Flowers

Craft Paper Flowers

This is perfect for your spring decoration. When it’s not spring season but you love that season, you can just put it inside your room or house to be the spring decoration for the whole year. This is a four-petaled paper dogwood flowers that would shine your room. In the making, it only requires folds and cuts, no pruning at all. When it’s done, you can display it in a vase or on the table as a centerpiece.

3. Star Light Decoration

Craft Paper Star

Wanna save more budget for decoration? You might wanna get it low in the decoration because there are some alternatives you might wanna try. Take a look at this decorative stars. You can decorate your walls with this unique colorful stars. Simple and easy to make.

4. Paper Succulent Plant

Craft Paper Succulent Plant

This paper cactus succulent can be a good centerpiece for your white table. It adds a little natural touch because of what it represents. In order to get the exact shape, you may need to follow its paper origami tutorial. You may need some cardstock paper to begin.

5. Paper Dahlia Wreath

Craft Paper Dahlia

It’s quite trending these days, having a paper wreath as the wall or front door decoration. It looks great in any version. The pasty shades of color are chosen to get a perfect combination. You can choose the color combination you like based on your house colors. It only takes less than an hour to make. Prepare the colored art paper in colors you like, and get started. You can follow the instructions from craftbits here.

6. Paper Pinwheels

When it comes to paper craft, you can’t leave pinwheels behind. It’s like the kind of paper craft. Pinwheels are easy to make and really fun to play with. It will be an adorable party decoration. It can even be the party favors too. You will enjoy the process of making it and It looks wonderful when it’s finished.

7. Paper Luminaries Inspired by Moroccan

Craft Paper Luminaries

If you are looking for quick and simple party decoration ideas, this one might be it. It doesn’t cost much nor takes a lot of time to make. It will definitely turn out wonderful. When it’s done, just put a candle inside a small glass and cover it with the luminarie paper, you will get the dramatic impression into the room. This is also perfect for your bedroom lighting at night.

8. Paper Hyacinth Flowers

Craft Paper Hyacinth Flower

The flower is one of the most popular ideas in craft paper. Paper Hyacinth flowers will make a gorgeous spring bouquet you put in a white vase. It will make a stunning and colorful accent into a plain and flat room. It can also be an alluring wedding decoration. For a kitchen, it works really well too, it adds a splash color inside it.

9. Heart Shaped Mother’s Day Gift

Craft Paper Heart Shaped

If you want to give something special to your mom for Mother’s Day, this Heart Shaped Craft is a great choice. Your moms and grandmas will love this one. It looks so gorgeous, they will love it because it’s like representing your love to them. This is one of the cool crafts to make with paper.

10. Paper Accordion Butterflies

Craft Paper Butterfly

We all agree that Butterflies are pretty. They have many distinctive colors, patterns, and shapes. All of them are adorable. They are like a little pleasing accent to an ordinary world. You can bring this beautiful effect into your house. Creating paper accordion butterflies is not difficult at all. You can pick a paper color you like based on your taste of decoration, these will brighten up your house quick.

11. Paper Utensil Holders

Craft Paper Utensil Holder

Wanna go focus on the function? Well, you can get both. You can actually make things like utensil holders with decorative paper. It’s perfect decoration for your dining table. Choose the color and patterns you like and the one that matches your utensils’ colors. The steps only include folding and a little bit of cutting and sticking. You will be happy with the result.

12. Paper Circle Flowers

Craft Paper Circle

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Once again, the flower is one of the most popular designs in craft paper. Many people get the inspiration of paper craft design from flower shapes and colors. The reason is that flower is easy to imitate and the result would be pretty. This paper circle flowers craft is fun to make. With some simple paper circles, you can make such alluring and distinctive flowers that will be an amazing home decor or ornaments to beautify other craft projects.

13. Stamped Paper Tablecloth for Summer

Craft Paper Tablecloth

It’s a nice and simple touch to your table. With this stamped paper tablecloth, your table will be ready for summer. In order to have a nice touch of that patterns, you will need some garden-inspired rubber stamps. They are a hydrangea blossom in a color of blue, and a pair of butterflies in a color of red and pink.

14. Flower Fasteners for Envelopes

Craft Paper Flower Fastener

Making your envelopes or gift makes more impressive is a great way to impress the receiver. They will love it a lot. Just add a little paper flower as the fasteners on your colorful envelopes, make it more interesting. This craft will spruce up your gift bags and envelopes right away.

15. Paper Bag Animal Puppets

Craft Paper Animal

If you are a young puppeteer or if you want your kids to play with puppets, try these animal puppets which are made of paper bags. These simple playthings only need some paper bags, scraps of colored paper, and a spare time.

16. Paper Giraffe

Craft Paper Giraffe

It only needs some piece of paper and creative drawing of a giraffe head. You can have some cute paper giraffe as accessories for your kids’ bedroom. Let your kids draw the giraffe head on a yellow paper, and help them in cutting it. Your kids will be very happy with the result.

17. Paper Plate Party Masks

Craft Paper Plate Mask

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When dealing with paper craft, it doesn’t have to be a use the paper in a form of pieces. As long as it’s made of paper, you can create a paper craft with it. A paper plate is a good material for your next craft. Get some paper plates in various colors like the one you use for a fun party. Creating some fun masks from paper plates would be a fun activity for your kids on a hot summer day.

18. Paper Hydrangea Wreath

Craft Paper Fall Hydrangea

Another option of paper wreath you can hang on your front door. Pick some metallic colored paper as the main material. As you can see on the picture, the wreath uses deep plums and purples with a touch of lime for the leaves.  This stunning and traditional design of flower wreath will be a perfect decoration for your door in the fall season.

19. Paper Heliconia Flowers

Craft Paper Heliconia Flower

It seems like we never get enough of craft paper flowers. It is because the possibilities never end. You can imitate the real flowers, or you can also make your own version of flowers. It is based on your creativity. These heavenly Heliconia flowers use crepe paper to make it shine better.

20. Rolled Paper Flower Art

Craft Paper Rolled Flower

This one is one of the recommended rolled paper crafts you can make at home. Unlike other project ideas, this craft uses rolled paper as the main attractions. You can get your wall decoration more artistic with this colorful framed art.

Overall, all of the above ideas are made of paper. Paper is craft best friend. So, you don’t have to worry, cause there will be a lot of craft paper you can make. Just take a look and try some of those ideas to brighten up your day and your house.

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