12 Adorable Crafts about Pets to Show You How You Love them

Get ready animal lover, you are about to be impressed with all of the crafts about pets ideas in this article. Creating animal crafts to deck up the home could be something that’s far from boring.

Kids would love this activity. In fact, making animal crafts is really easy and it’s very easy to find the supplies. The craft can come from the simplest of things like the everyday items such as ice cream stick and toilet rolls.

Believe me, it’s gonna be a fun project you can do with your kids. Or, you can just let your kids explore their creativity.

If you have pets in your house, you can even use them as an inspiration for the project. So, the project can be a lot more personal. Here are some of the crafts ideas that your kids will love to make with you or their friends.

1. Match Game

crafts for pet rabbits

Puppies and kittens are very popular among pet lovers. Not only are they adorable, but also smart and loyal to pet owners. People often describe those people who cherish them as a cat or dog person.

This match game can be a good exercise for kids to have a good and strong memory. You can put pictures, names or things you like on those boards.

2. Knitted Bird

crafts with pets

For you who have a hobby knitting, this craft might be what you’ve been looking for. Knitting is delicate work. It requires patience and hard work to make a good piece or work.

Birds are such exotic animals many people love them. If you’re one of them and able to knit to this level, you might want to have it a go.

3. Fish Rocks

preschool crafts for pets theme

Fish is an aquatic pet you typically put in an aquarium. From a small aquarium to an enormous one, fish is one of many favourite pets that many pet lovers want to have to fill happiness in their homes.

This craft from rocks is pretty easy to make if you’re good at painting. Just find a rock you want to paint, and then choose what fish you feel like to draw.

4. Little Guinea Pig

crafts about pets for preschoolers

If you take a look at this fluffy, adorable little creature, you might soon recall a quite popular animated show for kids, Hamtaro because they’re similar – Hamster is smaller though. Your kids would love it if you craft this adorable pet.

For your information, guinea pig isn’t that delicate to be taken care of that’s why this pet is famous among pet lovers.

5. Puppet Bag

crafts using pet bottles

Paper bag isn’t only cheap, but also handy. It can be a good start for beginner as media to craft. If you run out materials that you can use for making crafts, you can make use of paper bags to create this craft.

You can go wild with using paper bags as they’re sold everywhere in stores. Crafting pets would be a fun project to begin with.

6. Kitten Key Chains

easy crafts for your pet

Although key chains aren’t something that’ll cause you into a big trouble if you don’t have them, you might feel like something is incomplete when they’re not there. That’s why when you go to a souvenir store there’d be lots of souvenir including key chains.

Make your own key chain pet crafts to show how you adore your pets like these kitten key chains crafts.

7. Cute Cat Buttons

five minute crafts for pets

Just like what we often remind you, you can make crafts, artworks or painting out of anything and the result will be somewhat astonishing if you do it with passion, and your hard work will be paid off when you can make people somehow pleased with what you create wholeheartedly. This cat buttons craft speaks for itself.

8. Toucan Clay

pet crafts for kindergarten

Clay is a unique, earthy material for making pots or bricks. It can be such a fine material to be used for crafts as well. This astonishing toucan craft, for example, is made out of clay. With an eye-catching colour, well-shaped form, everybody won’t be able to resist to have this beautiful toucan clay.

Toucan is an exotic pet with a distinctive beak and has a unique voice. It sure can be a good friend for pet lovers. I’m afraid, this fairly elaborate work calls for your passion and effort if you want to make one.

From shaping the head, eyes beak and other parts, that’s perhaps as easy as it may seem. You can check this link to see how to build it.

9. Piggy Bottle

crafts about pets for toddlers

From building a ship, house or piggy bank, you name it, bottles are very useful materials we can easily find everywhere. You won’t realize how you can make an artsy craft with bottles, and they’re not expensive, which means anybody can afford them. This simple craft of piggy bottles can be made even by kids with no sweat.

If you want to teach your children to save some money by making a piggy bank, choose a bigger bottle size to save a lot more pennies. You can even make it from a water gallon if necessary. Make it look attractive so the children like it, and be sure that you have enough space to save it otherwise, it’ll be an eyesore.

10. Dalmatian

pet themed crafts for toddlers

Dalmatians have a peculiar characteristic with black or brown spots on their bodies. Dogs are said to be best friends for human. Dogs lovers will certainly in love with this dalmatian craft. It’ll be a doddle to make using cardboard or a thin piece of plywood. You can just draw a Dalmatian and cut it. Next, colour it with any colour that suits you best.

11. Adorable Bunny

crafts to make for your pets

Another popular pet you would often see would be rabbits or bunnies. They’re somewhat adorable, and it’s a pleasure to see them jumping around the house or yard. When I take a look any bunny figure, I’d suddenly remember Bugs Bunny, an annoying character from Warner Bros. But that’s what makes him special to many people.

12. Green Spider

pet crafts for preschoolers pinterest

This small creature with eight legs mightn’t be everybody’s cup of tea when it comes talking about pets. In fact, some people or even you might get freaked out and suddenly scream at the top of your lungs when you spot this creature crawls in your bedroom. But not for Arachnophiles they love them. This craft proves it.

Pets can be such good listeners when nobody seems to care about your feeling. They are there for you when life is being mean to yo. Our crafts about pets will make you start thinking to make crafts as an appreciation to your pets for their contribution to your life. Are you a cat or dog person? What kind of crafts are you going to make?

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