How To Make Slime In A Super Easy Way

Wanna learn how to make slime? You have come to the right place. This time, I’m gonna be showing you the easy way to make slime at home.

Slime can also be called as “goop” which is a non-newtonian liquid. It’s fun for all ages and provides a chemistry learning opportunity. Making your own slime could also be a fun learning and play project.

Why Playing With Slime Good For Children

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It’s a sensory play activity which allows the kids to utilize and understand all 5 senses they have.

With this playful liquid, they can stimulate several senses at once. It helps kids to build their creativity. They can also learn through exploration with it.

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Sensory play is great for your kids to encourage their fine motor skills development. Making the slime itself is a fun activity you can do with your kids. It’s gonna be a messy project.

Different Types of Slime

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You can make slime in many different varieties. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Glitter Slime

A basic one with glitter mixed in.

  • Cleaning Slime

A thicker one which is designed to get the crud out of the keyboard and other electronics

  • Fluffy Slime

The one that feels like a soft marshmallow when squish.

  • Popping Slime

A sensory-delight one that is mixed with styrofoam pellets.

  • Glow-in-the-dark Slime

This one glows in the dark which is made with nontoxic items.

  • Borax-free slime

As the new suggests, it’s the one that’s made without Borax or other similar chemical ingredients.

  • Classic Slime

It’s just the basic one everyone knows.

How To Make Slime Easily

how to make slime without contact solution

We’re gonna be showing you two easy recipes of making your own slime. We’ll make the basic fluffy slime which is the most fun to play with and also just a classic regular slime recipe.

Both of them are very easy to make. For your information, this version of the recipe is using glue and Borax. Be careful working with those.

Supplies For Both Classic And Fluffy Slime

how to make slime charms
  • A bottle of glue. You can use more bottles if you want to much bigger one
  • One cup of warm water
  • A teaspoon of Borax
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • A bottle of shave foam (for fluffy one)
  • A bowl
  • a Spatula / a Spoon
  • a Measuring Cup

Step 1

how to make poop c slime

The first thing you need to do is to prepare all of the supplies or ingredients to make the mixture.

Make sure all of them are close by. The addition of food coloring is optional. But, in this tutorial, we will be making the basic white mixture without any color.

Step 2

how to make slime with emergen-c

After all the ingredients are prepared, pour a bottle of glue into the bowl. You can use more than one bottle, as much as you need.

It’s based on how big you want your result gonna be. You can choose any glue products available but we suggest using school glue.

Step 3

miss jayden b how to make slime

After that, prepare the measuring cup to get ready for stirring the borax. Fill in one cup of warm water into the measuring cup. Then, pour in a teaspoon of Borax and stir it together.

how to make slime with mattyb

There are other types of material you can use instead of Borax. But, Borax is the one that is easier to find in a local store.

In some other recipes, they use liquid starch like Sta-Flo. But, it’s not that easy to find in some local stores.

In this recipe, we use the 20 Mule Team’s Borax which is a detergent booster and multi-purpose household cleaner.

Step 3.1 (For Fluffy Slime)

how to make slime diy

If you are intended to make the classic one, you can just pass this step. This is the extra step you need to do especially for fluffy slime.

For you who are interested in making the fluffy type of the mixture, the most fun to play with, you need to add some shaving cream into the bowl of glue.

Stir it together until it’s nice and smooth. This step allows you to add food coloring if you want the result in the color you want.

Step 4

how to make slime baking soda

After the mix of water and Borax is done, we’re gonna do the mixing of Borax water and the glue in the bowl.

Using a spatula, slowly stirring the glue. Add a tiny bit of the borax water into the bowl while stirring.

Repeat this step until the glue is no longer sticky. Do not add too much Borax. Just add a tiny tiny bit of it.

Then, you can keep stirring it and working it with your hand to reach the slimy texture. While in this step, you can add food coloring if you want.

Step 5

a recipe how to make slime without glue

Finally, the slime is ready to play with. It will be a lot more fun to play with the product you make by yourself.

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Tips and Tricks of Making Slime

how to make a slime without borax

After making the mixture, you might wanna know some of the tips and tricks that are very useful to help you make a perfect slime in the future.

  • Most of the beginners would end up using too much Borax or liquid starch. So, we recommend laying the mixture out on a flat surface. Let it dry for about 5 minutes. Then, re-knead the mixture.
  • For you who use Borax, the stickiness of the mixture will be gone for about four to five days
  • For you who use Liquid Starch, the result will last longer.
  • Instead of having a plain white mixture, you may wanna make it unique and more decorative. You can add things such as Glitter.
  • Don’t forget to wash hands after playing or making the slime. Most of the ingredients especially the activators like starch and Borax can irritate the skin.
  • Instead of food coloring, you can use acrylic paint to add color to the mix.
  • Even though Borax is not the safest ingredients to use, it works best for slime.


Now you know how to make slime. It’s not that hard, right? If you have the right ingredients and the easy steps, you can make any slime you want.

For full instructions, you can watch this video:

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