Top 13 Attractive Crafts For Dogs They Won’t Stop Playing With

Dogs have multiple races, shapes and names. They can make you happy by doing something that will make you shake your head or laugh until your stomach gets hurt. As a proof of love, lots of dog lovers are willing to make Crafts for dogs. It’ll make your dogs occupied for some time. From biting, chasing or running, you can make your DIY crafts.

Dogs can be wild sometimes so it’ll be better if you make crafts for something that’s strong and durable so it won’t easily break and you don’t have to make or buy toys or crafts from stores again and again. If your planning to give a gift for your dogs, why don’t you take a look at our crafts for dogs ideas?

1. Collar with Flower

Crafts for Dogs Collar with Flower

A common accessory a dog wears is a collar. It’s fine to put an ordinary collar to your dog, but giving a little touch by adding some decoration or small detail on it will be fantastic. It shows how care you’re with your pet. It’ll make your pet look pretty depending on what accessories you add to the collar that suit your pet well.

2. Eye-catching Walrus Costume

Crafts for Dogs Walrus Costume

What are you looking at? Yes, this walrus costume is surely eye-catching. You’ll be confident to bring your dog to be shown to everyone. You and your dog will gain popularity by wearing this absolute adorable costume. It’ll fit for Halloween, and for some big occasion. But the most important thing is that your dog loves it. It’s comfortable for them.

3. T-shirt Rope

Crafts for Dogs T-shirt Rope

Dogs are, without a doubt, into chewing something; it’s like playing games for human. You need to entertain them with some attractive toys to keep them occupied so they don’t feel bored. If you don’t they’ll chew anything they can find in your house and it could be one of your precious things for you. They can destroy it in a matter of seconds.

4. Dog’s Mane

Crafts for Dogs Lion Mane

What a cute little lion! Oh, it turns out it’s a dog. You can dress your pets with anything you want as long as it doesn’t get in the way of their movement and vision, and not too weight too. You don’t have to put anything on them actually, but it’s not wrong to give your fluffy little friends a dress or something to put on to spoil them once in a while.

5. The Hat

Crafts for Dogs Baseball Hat

A picture speaks a thousand words. From this hat, people would assume that this guy has such a caring owner. How would it not? Look at this hat this guy’s wearing? Isn’t it cute? It’s not only fashionable, but it can at least, give him shade. Different kinds of dogs have a different size in shapes. Be sure to get the right size when making ones for them.

6. DIY Bowtie

Crafts for Dogs Bowtie

A bowtie typically wears by men. It’ll make men look kind of cool it combined with a tuxedo. You can put on a bowtie for your dog too. A bow tie can add a gentlemanly look to your little pal and it’s very lightweight. Your dog will feel as though as he doesn’t wear it at all. Now you’re ready to take a walk your dog.

7. Bandanas

Crafts for Dogs Bandana

There are many ways to dress your pets from putting them on a t-shirt or costume, bowtie or hat. Another common thing a dog wears will be a bandana. You simply cover it around your dog’s neck. If you make one with a two-side-coloured bandana it means you can turn in inside out. Now, they’re ready to pose for some pictures. Say, cheese!

8. Comfortable Bed

Crafts for Dogs Comfortable Bed

After you and your dogs have some fun outside taking a walk, running or playing around the house, they may be exhausted so they just want to lie down in a comfortable bed. Providing cosy beds for them will bring them happiness. If you’re wondering what’s the right material for a bed’s dog that’s soft and warm, fleece will be the answer of what you’re looking for.

9. DIY Jeans Toy

Crafts for Dogs Jeans Toy

If you happen to have a fairly aggressive dog that loves to chew, you’re maybe now looking for some idea what kind of toys that’ll be durable and last long to withstand the violent attack of your little chewer. Since some bought-store toys don’t really long-wearing, you can make one out of your old jeans. Now your chewer buddy finds a toy that matches his aggressivity.

10. Tire Jump

Crafts for Dogs Tire Jump

Besides chewing, sniffing or running, dogs are known to love jumping. If you have an old tire, you can build them an agility tire jump in a yard or take them to a place in which you can train their agility; it’ll obviously keep your dog to stay healthy. Doing some fun activity with your dogs will also create a strong bond between you and them.

11. Agility A-frame

Crafts for Dogs Agility A-frame

Building an agility A-frame for your dogs to train them is a good idea to make them stay physically fit – and they’ll love it. Be sure it doesn’t too steep or flat either. It should be strong enough to hold on your dogs’ weight with their heavy mobility. To make it long lasting, you can paint it with any colour that you like best.

12. Braided Dog Lead

Crafts for Dogs Lead

A dog leash is necessary when taking your dog for a walk. A standard dog leash ranges in length from 4 – 8 feet long. The benefits for wearing your dog on a dog leash are simply to control your dogs, prevent them from wandering around, and avoid your dogs from running into the street endangering themselves or people who are afraid with dogs as well.

13. Wooden Dog House

Crafts for Dogs Wooden House

This pet owner sure loves his dogs. It’s palpable when you take a look at how this house was built, isn’t it?. The dogs are going to treasure their house. This wooden house looks attractive with its natural colour combined with dark grey one. Your dogs can sleep everywhere they like whether in a bed inside your house or in this dog house.

Dogs are smart, human-friendly pets that many cynophilists like to bring them when travelling. They can also be a good guardian for your house due to their abilities to distinguish people. Making crafts for dogs is necessary and it shouldn’t be a problem for you to spending some time or money to bring them happiness.

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