11 Awesome Crafts for Winter Ideas to Melt Your Winter Season

Winter is coming, everyone! It means lots of snow will overwhelm all over the places. It sure is fun as long as it doesn’t come with a blizzard. When it does, you’ve to stay inside the house. How unfortunate! Well, you can make a crafts for winter until the nasty weather stops and it’ll be a fun thing to do. We promise!

We’ve gathered some winter craft ideas we sure you and your friends will find them adorable. They’re made out of goods that are easy to find.

With an imagination and a little creativity, you can build one too. No needs to worry if you can’t make them as most of them are easy to make. Let’s welcome winter with fun!

1. Round Snowman Ornament

Crafts for Winter Snowman Ornament

These ornaments will make your winter feels complete and it doesn’t require a great skill to make them. You can hang them on a tree or somewhere inside your home.

If you’re wondering what’s inside the balls, it’s a poly-fil or you can just fill it with any stuff that looks like it. Cotton balls, for example, will be perfect.

2. Monster Mittens

Crafts for Winter Monster Mitten

We’re sure that your children perhaps can’t wait to jump into a mountain of snow, make a snowball and build a snowman with their friends.

They would love to play with friends throwing snowballs until they get cold and numb. But there’s some occasion when they have to forget it and be happy to stay warm inside.

Your children will certainly love these monster mittens. They will keep the children to stay warm due to its comfortable material.

Now you don’t have to worry your children aren’t having fun during the winter. You can also give them a scarf if that’s necessary to make them don’t feel sad for not being allowed to go outside.

3. Fishing Penguin

Crafts for Winter Fishing Penguin

Who’s not going to love this fishing penguin craft. It sure looks adorable, isn’t it? It’s standing on an ice cup while trying to catch a fish using that blue thing.

You can make this craft in a matter of minutes, and it’s quite easy. You just need Crayola Model Magic, string, clear cup, glitter, toothpick, white felt, cotton stuffing and scrapbook sticker for fish.

4. Owl Pinata

Crafts for Winter Owl Pinata

This owl pinata looks so real with details applied, don’t you think? This craft requires a good skill to make it. It needs to be meticulously crafted in order to achieve this impressive shape.

This kind of job is certainly not suitable for kids when it comes to talking about details. It’s such a shame if you destroy something you carefully made. You don’t have to.

Steps to follow, make paste from white flour and water then mix them. Inflate a balloon, and then cover it using paper mache then paste it. Create holes for the owl’s eyes by making circles and cut them.

After that, put the pieces you cut back. Add details such as wings, feathers and crest to make it looks real. You don’t have to put candy in it and destroy it.

5. Snowflakes

Crafts for Winter Clothespin Snowflakes

Snowflakes is a must-exist craft on your winter craft list. You’ll feel like something is missing if you don’t see this snowflakes around.

It’s an easy DIY project even kids build themselves. When winter comes and a blizzard forces you to stay at home, you can try to drive your boredom by making this glittering clothespin snowflakes.

Firstly, separate some clothespins from small and medium size 8 each. Secondly, glue them and let the air dry them. Next, paint them with acrylic paint.

Clean them and sprinkle with use crystal course glitter. You can put the small one on top of the big one or just leave it as the way it is.

6. Paper Plate Snowman

Crafts for Winter Paper Plate Snowman

Snowman is a common thing we build out of snow during the winter season. It’s not difficult to build and you can spend your pleasure time with friends build it.

You can also create it using another material such as a paper plate. The tools and materials you need are everyday goods and tools you use often. It’s simple.

7. Snowglobe

Crafts for Winter Snowglobe

This snowglobe is a peculiar winter craft you’ll see everywhere during winter. Any kid would love to stare at it while lying down on the floor and shaking the snowglobe to see the snow falls making the three covered with the white thing. You can make use of jars in your home to make it.

You’ll need a jar, some florist clay, a small miniature tree, glycerin and glitter. Here are steps to follow: press some clay on the jar lid as a based to stand a figurine on.

Pour some water into a jar until it nearly full, and add a few drops of glycerin and a spoonful of glitter or as much as you like considering how big or small the jar is.

8. Polar Bear

Crafts for Winter Polar Bear

This is another quickly made winter craft for kids. You can teach and guide your children to make one by themselves. Making winter crafts is a fun activity you can do with your children when bad weather force you to stay inside your house. You can add some snowflakes and other stuff like trees to make it more live.

9. Igloo House

Crafts for Winter Igloo House

If you own a big house and you happen to have lots of unused bottles, build an igloo house out of them will be a fantastic idea.

It’ll melt the cold atmosphere inside the house seeing your kids playing. You can decorate it with snowflakes and apply some string lamps so that it’ll even more entertaining.

10. Winter Castle

Crafts for Winter Castle

Children can be so mean sometimes when you don’t allow them to play outside because of the snow, and parents should know how to handle it.

You can build a house or a castle for them. If they like it, I’m sure they’ll come back to their happy self again with a big smile on their faces.

11. Toilet Paper Reindeer

Crafts for Winter Paper Reindeer

A creative person will always full of unique ideas in their head. They can even make trash becomes something valuable.

You just need an idea and then magic will happen. This reindeer craft is made of toilet paper that we usually throw it away. Use your imagination to create something that out of ordinary.

Imagination can come out from anything we see or hear. You’ll never know what you can make from ordinary things until you try.

Crafts for winter ideas can come from anything such as toilet paper, cardboards or bottles which make your winter full of colour and happiness. You won’t get frozen during the winter since you have something fun to melt it.

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