The Best 12 Easy-Peasy Crafts with Pipe Cleaners for Kids

Pipe cleaners are cleaning brushes which commonly used in art projects. They come in a variety of colors, so the kids will be interested in creating crafts with pipe cleaners.

Keep your kids busy with all kinds of pipe cleaner projects. The pliable and versatile pipe cleaners are perfectly fun to play with.

If you need any ideas of craft projects that you can get your hands on, have a look at these inspirational pipe cleaner crafts.

1. Decorative Cactus

children's crafts with pipe cleaners

The way of twisting pipe cleaners looks like an outline of a cactus. Use three different shades of green pipe cleaners to make the sculpture.

Pom-poms and yarn are extra supplies needed. Feel free to create cactus sculptures in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Add colorful pom-pom or yarn on each top. Your kids will love to do this decorative cactus. Ask them to decorate your table with a pretty collection of cactus.

2. Pipe Cleaner Crown

crafts with pipe cleaners for toddlers

Does your girl love to dress up as a princess? Simply grab five sparkling pipe cleaners to make a crown for her. Your little princess will be so glamorous with her shiny crown.

Wrap and wind two pipe cleaners to create a long chain. Start to bend a loop into the chain. Go on bending the other loops with similar size.

Wind two ends of chain when you have made nine loops. Put on a heart-shaped tiara to make a perfect crown.

3. Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers

crafts with pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks

Make your kid’s school supplies fun by designing pencil toppers with pipe cleaners. Create this back-to-school project with the kids.

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Allow them to twist the pipe cleaner into various kinds of fun shapes. Begin to twist a pipe cleaner on the top of a pencil.

Form cute shapes like heart, star, flower, apple, and so on. Create as many styles as possible to get a bunch of pencil toppers.

4. Pipe Cleaner Flowers

crafts with pipe cleaners and pony beads

A bouquet of pipe cleaner flowers looks prettier when it is placed in a vase. Everybody will love the simplicity of these colorful flowers.

Twists some of the colorful pipe cleaners into six small loops to creates the flower petals. Use green color pipe cleaners as the stems. Combined it with pom-pom’ flowers as great centerpieces to welcome the summer.

5. Pipe Cleaner Sewing

easy crafts with pipe cleaners

Sewing with pipe cleaner is a kind of fine motor activity for kids. It doesn’t need a needle like the real hand sewing. So, this activity is safe for the kids.

Ask your girl to make her wonderful picture by sewing colorful pipe cleaners through a plastic canvas.

The pipe cleaner is pliable so that it is easy to pass through the hole of the canvas. It is a fun stimulating idea to do with the little one.

6. Sea Shell Crabs

easy crafts made with pipe cleaners

Did your kids get many shells from their last seaside adventure? Let them create sea shell crabs with pipe cleaners. Start to paint the shells to match the color of pipe cleaners. Wait until the colored shells dry.

Cut some colored pipe cleaners to create legs and claws. Attach five pairs of legs inside the shell with hot glue.

Bend and cut in half two section ends of two front legs to form the claws. Don’t forget to add googly eyes to complete the sea shell crabs.

7. Dream Catchers

easy halloween crafts with pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaner dream catchers fit to hang in bedroom. Combine with yarn and beads to be more decorative. Twist three pipe cleaners together and connect both ends to make a loop.

Fold three different colors of yarn over the top of the loop. Customize your own style to create the weave.

Tie some pieces of yarn with beads at the bottom of the loop. Make another loop at the top for hanging.

8. Pipe Cleaner Skulls

halloween arts and crafts with pipe cleaners

Many boys are obsessed with skeletons. So, keep them entertained with these cute skulls. Six pipe cleaners are needed to create one skeleton.

You might use multi-colored pipe cleaners. Fold the first pipe cleaner into oval shape and add googly eyes.

Keep on bending the other pipe cleaners to make arms, hands, and legs. To make two sets of ribs, twist around two pipe cleaners. Now, you are done with the skeleton.

9. Pipe Cleaner Wands

crafts made with pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaner wands are such whimsical crafts for both girls and boys. These crafts also practice fine motor skills. You can set up this activity for a family gathering or a birthday party.

Twist two pipe cleaners together and form a funny shape on the top. Create various shapes like geometric forms, hearts, and others. Decorate the wands with colored beads, alphabet beads, and a patterned Washi tape.

10. Pipe Cleaner Stars

5 minute crafts with pipe cleaners

Use pipe cleanser stars as decorative accents for gift bags or cake toppers. Twist the pipe cleaners creatively to form star shapes.

Draw a star pattern on a cardboard and cut it out. Make some pieces as needed. Use sparkly gold pipe cleaners to wrap the star pieces.

To cover all of cardboard surface, you need about three pipe cleaners or more depending on the size of the star.

Attach each star to a piece of pipe cleaner. Make a bunch of stars to decorate the gift bag handles or pancakes.

11. Pipe Cleaner Tree

arts and crafts with pipe cleaners

Make a colorful tree on graveled area with pipe cleaners. Twist two pipe cleaners together, but let them separate at the top for branches.

Bend both ends to make curly shapes as the leaves. Keep on twisting the other pipe cleaners to get more branches and leaves.

Cut out a circle-shaped cardboard. Paint it with various colors to make abstract design. It acts as the soil surface.


Add small pieces of colored paper as gravels. Finally, attach the pipe cleaner tree in the center of the board.

12. Pipe Cleaner Girl

Make this quick and simple purple girl with pipe cleaners and packing peanuts. Shape the body, hands, and legs with purple pipe cleaners.

Use packing peanuts as the girl’s skirt and head. Add details like hair, nose, eyes, and ears by cutting another color of pipe cleaner.

Attach the pipe cleaner girl on Styrofoam board. Create more puppets or houses to be attached on the board. So, your kids will have a pretend play with friends.

Pipe cleaners should be included in must-have craft materials in your art boxes. Having a full stock of pipe cleaners will be challenging.

Will you try creating those crafts with your kids? Indeed, you can create plenty of funny crafts with pipe cleaners in different ways.

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