10 Easiest Dinosaur Craft Ideas to Execute with Your Little Ones

A very clever way to keep your children company is to introduce them to activities, make some craft for example, with animals involved. Any kind of animals is fine, but dinosaurs are mostly recommended. Since dinosaurs could only be seen in the form of figurines, it will bring more fun to your children’s imaginative side. And so on, the dinosaur craft will be our main topic today.

You are about to read 10 easiest dinosaur crafts. Check out the list below!

1. Dinosaur Fossils with Dough and Glue

Dinosaur Craft Fossil

Tell your little ones that they don’t have to wait million years to see fossils, fortunately, because you could make them happen in less than two days. Grab these things quickly: a play dough, colored-glue, and toy dinosaurs. Press the play dough until it takes the form of a thick plate. The thickness is adjusted according to how big the toys are.

Put the toys in the middle of plate dough, press firmly, and remove them when the impression is seen. Make sure you get the details like spikes, horns, and tails in case you want to have a whole dinosaur fossil. Otherwise, you could have some particular parts, like footprints only.

Dinosaur Craft Fossil Dough

Fill in the impression with colored glue and let them dry. In this waiting process, you might need up to two days or shorter until your kids ready to see the results.

2. Dino Dig

Dinosaur Craft Dig

Please, allow this Dino Dig activity to be included in dinosaur craft as well because so much fun is involved here. All you need to prepare is sand-pit, dinosaur or skeleton toys, as well as various ‘dinosaur hunting’ and some set of ‘paleontologist’ tools. With the tools, the kids could play pretend to be professionals.

3. Dinosaur Helmet Using Cardboard Box

Dinosaur Craft Helmet

Do not throw away your old cardboard box because you will need it to make this dinosaur helmet craft. Besides the box, you’ll also need scissors, watercolor paints, brush, and glue. The first step is to shape the box to be a helmet that fits your child’s head. Cut some spikes as well.

Second, paint the helmet and the spikes in different colors. When the spikes dry, stick them onto the helmet, and you have the finished dinosaur helmet.

4. Write with Dinosaur

Dinosaur Craft Letter

This activity will be a great idea to help your little ones who struggle with writing. First thing first, gather play dough and markers. The initial step is to shape the dough into discs. And then, write letters on top of the discs with the markers.

After that, set the dinosaur toys, one for each disc. Only then your kids could start tracing the letter. They could do it by stomping the letters with the feet or tracing with the tail.

5. Dinosaur Fossils with Oil-Based Clay

Dinosaur Craft Fossil Clay

We encounter another way to help you make more dinosaur fossils. The previous point number one is to have the fun-looking result, while this one is to get the more realistic form. To create this type of dinosaur fossils, you need to make a thick layer of clay where the fossil is pressed.

Be sure it leaves a pretty clear impression. After that, make plaster mixture to fill in the impression. Pour the mixture slowly to avoid any air bubbles and let it sit for around an hour. When it dries, you could opt for painting it to add more fun.

6. DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat

Dinosaur Craft Hat

This is another idea of making a dinosaur hat. The difference between the previous hat and this one is on the material. To make this type of dinosaur hat, you’ll need a glue stick, green construction papers, scissors, and tape. The process is pretty easy.

Cut the papers into the shape of a headband, cross pieces, and spikes. Glue the spikes onto the cross pieces and let them sit for a while. Measure the headband to fit your child’s head. Then, when the cross pieces are dried, stick them to the headband. For the last step, you need to follow the shape of your kid’s head in order to have a nice result.

7. Dinosaur Small World Play

Dinosaur Craft Small World

This kind of activity is related to sensory play and thus is great for your preschooler. Cornstarch and water are the main materials you’ll need to gather. Besides them, liquid watercolors are also part of the requirements. If you have smaller kids playing, you might want to use food coloring instead of watercolors, for their taste-curiousness’ sake.

8. Dinosaur Party Favor Bags

Dinosaur Craft Party Bags

There are a lot of ideas involving a dinosaur. You could even throw a party for your kids with a dinosaur theme. For a specific party theme like that, all elements must support the idea. And that includes trivial thing like the favor bag. It is the bag that you would want the visitors to bring back home consisted of souvenirs, treats, and whatnot.

To make a good bag, efforts will be required. For this one, you need to use your sewing skill. The requirements are felt sheets in colors that represent dinosaurs’, glue, puffy paint, scissors, sewing machine, and thread of course. The puffy paint is used at the very last step to name the bag when it’s done.

9. DIY Dinosaur Socks

Dinosaur Craft Socks

This pair of socks is to support the fashion sense of your children who adore dinosaurs. To have a couple of this, you’re going to need felt, knee socks, scissors, sewing machine, and thread. The plain socks are more favorable, though you could camouflage any motives exist by choosing a match felts as in the picture.

10. Dinosaur Cupcakes

Dinosaur Craft Cupcake

To finalize the idea, here is an edible craft: dinosaur cupcakes! Please take note, this idea focuses only on how to decorate not to make. So, to simplify the work, you need to have the already cooked cupcakes. The other requirements will be frosting, food coloring, star candy molds, candy melts in several colors, as well as decorating bags and tips.

You see, craft ideas about dinosaurs are nearly limitless. You might not find some from the 10 ideas listed above, like craft stick dinosaur. Yet again, the intention of these dinosaur craft ideas is to have some spare time nicely spent with the kids. Thus, if they’re happy during the times with you doing these, then our goal is achieved. Happy dinosaur crafting!

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