10 Inviting DIY Bench Seat Ideas For Your Backyard

A DIY bench seat is one of the elements you need to add to fulfill your backyard garden. Between all the beautiful flowers, plants, and trees, you need to provide a special spot to kick back and relax. You can make the bench seat as the perfect spot to ponder or entertain the outdoor space.

In this post, you’re about to explore some inviting design ideas of DIY bench seat you can add to your backyard garden. There’s no need to spend a lot of money for that. With some cheap materials and easy steps, you can achieve the best spot of the outdoors.

1. DIY Bench Seat Around the Tree

diy bench seat cushion

This bench is such a lovely idea to have in your backyard garden especially if there’s a large tree. Don’t let the tree be alone and start making it as the center of the backyard. This idea has some benches placed around the tree.

The design is very simple, you can easily achieve this with some basic woodworking skills. Add some pillows to support the relaxing environment. For a final touch, hang a lantern on the tree. It would give a beautiful sense of outdoor.

2. Yellow DIY Bench Seat

diy bench seat console

This front yard landscaping can be a great inspiration for your backyard. That yellow bench would be a comfortable seating you can enjoy with your partner. The bright color of yellow gives its impressive charm to the landscaping.

To emphasize its existence in the area, you have to make it the only yellow-colored element in the backyard. The design is far from unique but the yellow color makes it so special.

3. Tropical Style Outdoor with Pallet Style Bench

diy bench seat with drawers

The patterned curtain and cushions in this outdoor space are quite intriguing. It makes this space more interesting for the joy of seating. The cushions have a different color but it’s still matching with the curtain and rug pattern.

The pallet style bench is quite often in outdoor space but this one is different. The bench is not made out of the real wood pallet. The structure is just like a pallet but it’s painted and clean.

4. Outdoor Bench Using Cinder Block

diy bench seat plans

This DIY bench seat is attached to the house, making it ideal to be called as a small patio. You can build this outdoor bench with nothing more than 30 dollars. This bench is built using cinder blocks as the base and the outdoor fabric as the cushion.

You don’t need mortar or masonry in this project. It’s so easy. You can just simply piling the blocks. However, it would be an outdoor bench that’s seriously functional and attractive. This is perfect for a house that has a small backyard garden.

5. Wooden Zen DIY Bench Seat

build bench seat against wall

If you’re looking for an element to fulfill the meandering garden path in your backyard, this Zen garden bench would be a good option. It would give a nice surprise along the way. It’s gonna be a perfect spot for resting and enjoying the backyard garden.

This Zen bench doesn’t need a cushion because it would hide the wooden charm that it has. In fact, having a cushion makes the bench unfriendly with rain.

6. Unique Reclaimed Wood Bench

making a bench seat

This wooden bench could be one of the most favorite DIY bench seats for enjoying the backyard. Besides it’s got such a unique design, the leaning back panel makes this seating more enjoyable in a relaxing afternoon.

This unique wooden bench is a relatively quick and easy idea for a DIY project. It’s a nice piece of furniture to place in the middle of a backyard garden or in a small patio.

7. Eclectic Colorful Bench Design

making a bench seat cushion

If your house is in an eclectic style, why don’t you just choose the matching bench design? This one would be a nice idea to try in your eclectic home. A pop of color is something that this DIY bench has to offer. You can paint the bench you already have in various colors.

The choice of color arrangement could reminiscent of the personality. You can make the bench as personal as possible. Make a special space in your backyard to be special.

8. Cinder Block Raised Garden Bench

building a bench seat in shower

Many people like the way cinder blocks look. It’s even better when they know that they are cheap and easy to work with. The gray and concrete look is a nice characteristic for your bench. Working with cinder blocks for a DIY project doesn’t require mortar or any other items.

For this project, you will need a total of 12 cinder blocks and 4 pieces of wood that you can get from Lowe’s. In order to protect the wood from outdoor weather, you need to coat the wood with the water-seal product. The natural wood look result is amazing.

9. DIY Bench Seat from Storage Box

build a bench seat in kitchen

This multi-functional item would be a great element for your garden. You can use it both as the seat and functional storage. This DIY project is described as an outdoor storage bench with a twist. The storage box can handle 2 rubber totes.

You can also use the storage for storing some items like toys of your kids, gardening tools, cushions, and more. This is a good example of a well-planned small backyard.

10. Garden Bench from Repurposed Door

diy bench seat storage box

It’s a cool DIY bench idea you can try for your backyard garden. If you already have an old door that you’re about to toss to the curb, well you should transform it into something else. This one would give you inspiration.

The door can be a great base for a garden bench. It becomes the back of the bench that draws a unique character to the element. It’s a nice way to upcycle while doing a project on a budget. You can also use the door bench as a table for your planters and the tools.


After reading the entire post, you now have 10 different ideas of the DIY bench seat to choose from. Each of the seats offers a different charm. You can have one bench idea that matches the theme of your outdoor space. It would be so inviting.

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