11 DIY TV Stand Plans To Build Right Away in Your Weekend

In this post, we’ll provide you with many plans and ideas of DIY TV stand. These ideas would be very helpful to build not only furniture to place your TV but also the one that can be a storage space for the connected media and devices.

With some basic woodworking skills and creativity, you can create your own style of TV stand. Whether it’s a farmhouse, modern, industrial, or rustic, you will sit your TV in style. You can choose the TV stand that fits the room you have.

1. DIY TV Stand for Corner Space

diy tv stand

If you plan to have the media center of your house right in the corner, this one is a great idea. This stylish DIY stand is designed by the Rogue Engineer. It’s got two long shelves for the storage space. There’s a decorative Xs on the sides.

The rustic wood accent gives a nice character to the corner of the house. Have a small decorative plan right on each side of the TV for a natural touch.

2. X-Leg Stand Idea

diy tv stand with mount

Choosing the white color for this DIY wooden stand is a great move for this living room. It connects to the molding of the wall.

That makes the TV stand become one with the entire space of the room. The fact that it’s placed right in between the window is marvelous.

Because this TV stand is lack of storage space, you can incorporate some woven baskets to deal with the clutter.

The texture and color of the baskets also connect to another element of the room, I’m talking about the wood flooring.

3. Industrial DIY TV Stand with Pipe Legs

diy tv stand 2x4

If you want something more minimalist that also spread the industrial vibe, you need to get this for your TV.

The design is so simple. Choosing pipes as the legs really describe the character of this stand. Well, it’s more like a table than a TV stand.

However, the rustic and industrial feel is guaranteed to make the living room more interesting. Also, this kind of TV stand has a simple design. That means it’s quite easy to build.

4. Simple TV Stand with Open Storage

diy tv stand pinterest

Well, most TV stands have open storage because it’s designed to place the connected devices and media.

That kind of electronic stuff is needed to be in open storage to fully function. The size of the stand in the picture is large enough to hold the TV with a big screen.

The lighter shade of grey that the TV stand has a great combination with the other gray elements in this room, especially the wall.

5. DIY TV Stand with Straight Lumber

diy adjustable tv stand

The warm feeling that this TV stand will bring to your living room is something you need. In order to build it, you should also prepare the hardware, glue, metal screws, and so on.

To begin, you can make a box-like design. Then, fortified all the sides with metal screws. In the picture, the TV stand is not used as the place to sit on the TV.

It’s more like a console for other media and devices that connect to the TV. To hold the TV, you can use a vertical TV holder like this one.

6. DIY TV Stand with Concrete Foundation

diy build a tv stand

Another TV stand that’s friendly to DIYers, this one is perfect for your corner space. The whole concept of this TV stand is very inspiring.

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However, it’s designed as permanent furniture. It’s furniture that you can’t just move wherever you want.

The concrete foundation will make sure they stand strong enough for the TV and other devices. The gray texture and color of the concrete can be balanced by the flooring and shelves.

7. Small TV Stand with Hairpin Legs

diy pipe and wood tv stand

You might think that those hairpin legs are looking fragile. In fact, it’s made of a strong metal that’s able to handle the TV and other devices.

The pallet style storage is actually made of a real wood pallet. As you can see, the two holes are so useful for other supporting media.

The combination of the old wood pallet and the trendy hairpin legs are so inspiring and beyond chic.

This project uses metal holders and screws to keep it steady. It’s a great minimalist piece of furniture to be added to the modern living room.

8. Small Wood Pallet Stand

diy tv stand blueprints

Wood pallet is the most favorite material to use for a DIY furniture project. A DIY TV stand would be looking perfect with pallet. This plan will include painting to finish.

If you’re looking for a small TV stand that will hold your TV just right and perfect for a bedroom.

A small TV like the one in the picture doesn’t need a big stand. The small size is more than enough for this TV. in fact, it’s got a space to store your books.

9. TV Stand with Back Panel

diy tv stand bookcase

Unlike many other TV stands, this one has its own background. The back panel is used to separate the TV with other rooms.

I guess this is the right choice of furniture idea when you place the media center right in the center space.

The back panel is functioned just like the wall. It will protect the TV from falling to the back. Well, this stand shows us that a TV doesn’t have to be leaned to the wall/

10. Pallet Project for TV Stand

diy tv stand build

It’s a very simple DIY project. It doesn’t require any woodworking step or even painting. You just need to gather three wood pallets and clean them up.

Then, you can begin to stack them right in the corner of your bedroom. Wood pallets would be strong enough to handle your medium-sized TV.

11. Simple Wooden TV Floor Stand

diy tv stand crates


If you wanna get away from that boxy design of a TV stand, you may want something more minimalist like this one.

The simple design is quite friendly for a DIY project. You don’t need to prepare a lot of lumbers to make this. This TV floor stand is both affordable and minimalist.


Just by exploring those eleven DIY TV stand plans, you must be inspired by the project. You don’t need to be the woodworking master to build a TV stand. Just some basic skill of DIY woodworking and some tools, you are ready.

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