11 Beautiful DIY Flower Pots For Your Next Project

Since the spring is coming, let’s welcome the season with some DIY flower pots for the garden. Whether you want to decorate your house with pots of flowers or giving it away as a gift, some flower pots would make everything lovely and fresh.

In this post, we’d like to give you some adorable ideas that are easy to pull off. You can creatively make your own beautiful flower pots to welcome the spring. So, when the season comes your house will look freshly beautiful.

1. Gold Painted Tin Cans

diy flower pots for mother's day
Source: theseamanmom.com

Check out this simple flower pot. Don’t throw away your empty spray paint cans because it can be turned into a gorgeous painted flower pot. The gold paint is a perfect choice to make the flower into the pot more valuable.

That black accent can be painted in various areas of the can. As you can see, those two tin cans have applied that black accent differently. It would create differentiation among the flowers.

2. Fabric Twine Pot for Plants and Flowers

diy flower pot fire pit
Source: pinimg.com

If you like the pot to be decorative and colorful, this DIY house plant pots would be your favorite. This pot is well-decorated by some colorful twines made of fabric.

Since it’s made out of fabric, you need something to catch the water. That’s why you have to install a secondary pot inside it. So, it’s like the fabric twine is only a cover for the base pot.

3. DIY Flower Pot Made of Clothespins and Tuna Can

diy flower pot candy jars
Source: new-linker.info

Don’t throw away a tuna can after you take the tune out. Get it clean and keep some to be the base of your DIY flower pot.

With clothespins, you turn the tuna can into a picket fence flower pot. You can plant small pink flowers like the one in the picture. It’s a nice addition to your backyard garden. You can also present this as a gift to your neighbor.

4. Flower Pots Made Out of Boots

diy flower pot crafts
Source: in2life.gr

Obviously, this is one of the most unique choices of material for DIY flower pots. If you have some old pairs of rain boots that you don’t use anymore, this idea may be for you. As you can see, boots can be great planters.

You can paint some decorations to make the boots more interesting. You can also just leave it the way boots would look like but it would be looking like an ordinary boot with a flower on it.

5. Layered Seashell Flower Pot

diy flower pot drainage
Source: hillford.ru

If you’re incorporating a beach or ocean theme in your house, you might wanna add this flower pot in the list of your house items. Do you want to start the project of this flower pot? Collect enough amount of seashells from the nearby beach.

If you want it to be in a bigger size, make sure you collect more shells for the project. This interesting pot would complete your beach-inspired house or garden.

6. DIY Stenciled Flower Pots

diy flower bed pots
Source: bp.blogspot.com

Check out how they decorated those clay pots. It’s a simple stencil art that is applied neatly using a laser-cut stencil paper. You’re gonna need some terracotta pots, paint + brush, stencil glue, and sandpaper.

Those stenciled pots are amazingly lovely. The simple art really adds more interest to the pot design. They are hearty and colorful. They’re also pretty impactful wherever you put them.

7. White Flower Pot with Pretty Face

diy flower pot bbq
Source: pinimg.com

This stunning planter is super quick to make. You don’t even need to paint it if it’s already white. In order to make this pot, you will need a spray primer, terracotta pots, flat white paint, permanent markers, and clear spray varnish for a matte finish.

After all the pot is covered in white paint, you just need to draw the face on the pot. Make it pretty with eyelashes, pinky cheeks, and a red lip. It’s super easy and looks super cute.

8. Faceted Gem Flower Pots

diy flower pot heater
Source: bp.blogspot.com

This DIY pot is a perfect idea to add some style to the deck or garden in your house. You can easily make this in your DIY project. If you already have some terracotta pots, that would be great. If you don’t have that kind of pot, you can just buy some cheap plastic planters from the store.

Use this technique to decorate the planters. It’s a great technique to dress the pots up and make it more impressive for the flowers. The gem colors can also be matched with the flowers.

9. Super Easy Paint Cans as Flower Pots

diy flower pot garden
Source: casaydiseno.com

This DIY idea can be one of the easiest one on the list. It shows you how you can virtually make a flower pot out of any container. These upcycled paint cans would make a great addition to your backyard garden.

Gather all your empty paint cans, dress it up with splashes of colored paints, and then arrange them on the bench in your backyard.

10. Blue Flower Pots with Adhesive Stencils

diy flower pot gifts
Source: modpodgerocksblog.com

It’s an interesting method you can try to dress up your flower pots. This method uses a set of adhesive stencils and some paint to do. It’s a very easy method since the pattern is already printed on stencils.

That energetic color of blue really lets the patterns pop while the blue base itself making an impact. What’s so great about using an adhesive stencil, you can use it over and over again. With one stencil, you can make many decorative pots.

11. Wrapped Flower Plant for Gift

diy flower pot bench
Source: inmyownstyle.com

This method is so practical to copy. It’s inspired by a Christmas gift ideas from InMyOwnStyle website. This creative wrapping would make great decor to any flower pots you have in your house. Instead of green, you can choose the fabric color that matches the flowers.

In the picture, you see the poinsettia plant becomes more impressive with that green fabric wrapping up the pot. In this form, you can bring it to your friend’s house as a Christmas gift.

Final Thought

After exploring all of the flower pot ideas, you can now spice up your house by utilizing some of those beautiful DIY flower pots. The way you treat your flowers would never be boring anymore.

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