10 DIY Stress Ball Ideas To Keep The Stress Under Control

A DIY stress ball is something that you’re looking for to de-stress yourself from exhausting days. It can also become such fun craft for the kids to play with. You can buy some fun and colorful stress balls at the store.

However, you can make the balls yourself. It would be more affordable and more chances for your creativity to be expressed. With a few steps and ingredients, you can achieve the DIY stress ball that matches your personality.

Here are some stress ball ideas you can have for your next craft project. When it’s done, you’ll have one tool to keep your stress under control.

1. Simple Pink Ball

diy stress ball recipe
Source: wonderfuldiy.com

It’s a pretty ball to look at. It would help to calm you down whenever you need it. Stress balls would stimulate the brain to keep the stress away. To make this ball, you need some balloons, water, water bottle, corn starch, and food coloring (pink).

Mix two cups of cornstarch with a cup of water. Mix them up until it’s goopy. Then, the mixture gets poured into the water bottle. The bottle will help transfer the mixture into the balloon. Make sure that the balloon is durable enough for squishing.

2. Halloween’s Jack-O-Lantern Stress Ball

orbeez stress ball diy balloon
Source: orientaltrading.com

It’s a fun jack-o-lantern stress ball for your Halloween toy. It’s made by inflating an orange balloon and wait for about a minute. Then, you can insert the funnel to make a way for the white sand into the balloon while it’s deflated.

After the balloon is filled. You can just tie the top knowledge of the balloon. To make it look like a cute Halloween cartoon character, you can use a black Sharpie to draw the face on the ball. That cute face of Jack-O-Lantern would make you smile.

3. Orbeez Stress Ball for Sensory Play

diy stress ball superhero
Source: orientaltrading.com

This is a stress ball that’s really special to touch. The Orbeez will create a fun sensation to your fingers while squeezing it. It elevates the value of this stress ball. You don’t need some kinds of sand to fill up the balloons we use.

In this project, the DIY stress ball is made by filling it up with water beads or Orbeez. You can start the project by putting a small number of water beads into a bowl. Then, you pour the water inside the bowl and let the Orbeez absorb the water for about 6 hours.

Next, the water beads of Orbeez need to be relocated to a water bottle. Then, pour the Orbeez into the balloon. You can have a funnel to help you with it. Then, don’t forget to tie the top balloon side. After all, you can enjoy the relaxation of the brain and sensory play with stress balls.

4. Large Mesh Ball

 diy pumpkin stress ball
Source: hellocreativefamily.com

If you like it big, this giant mesh ball would be a good idea for you. This large stress ball is created by Karina Garcia on her youtube channel. Try squeezing it with two hands at once, your stress release would be on another level.

This large stress ball comes from large size of a balloon, a mesh, and a lot of slimes. You may need to spend quite a lot of money for sure. If you’re obsessed with slime and stress ball than it’s not gonna be a problem. Overall, it’s all worth it.

5. Emoji Slime

diy mini stress ball
Source: hellocreativefamily.com

This stress ball is quite easy to make. It’s using all of your kid’s favorite things combined together to an emoji stress ball. If you’re a mother and you wanna make something playful for your kids, this one is a great idea.

For a daughter who loves slime and emoji so much, this is a winning gift. This ball is filled with slime like a squishy. However, it’s using a balloon to make it round and looks like a ball. So, you can also call it as a squishy stress ball.

6. Simple Double Balloons

diy easy stress balls no balloons
Source: redtedart.com

It would make a nice gift for your friends or teacher at school. This stress ball is quite easy to make. You can begin filling a flour in a plastic bottle and pouring it into the balloon. Then, tie the top knot of the balloon to hold.

To give it a more seamless look, you can cut the balloon near the top of the flour right before you tie the knot. Keep the outside clean and you can stretch another balloon around it. Make sure the balloon color is different.

7. Sensory Stress Ball with Google Eyes

diy stress ball pokemon
Source: pinimg.com

It’s a couple of cute stress balls with google eyes and colored strings for the hair. It’s a simple and easy stress ball to make. You just need to fill the balloon with a mixture of flour and baby oil. That’s it and you’re done.

Tie the top knot of the balloon to hold the mixture. Then, you can continue to create the face and attach the hair. Choose the materials with contrast colors like the ones you see in the picture. It would make the stress ball pops even more.

8. Simple Funny Stress Ball Character

diy rainbow stress ball
Source: thesprucecraft.com

This is a much more simple version of the previous stress ball idea. This one is smaller and it doesn’t need any google eyes to make. The eyes can just be drawn as cute as you want. As you can see, funny eyes would really put a smile on everyone’s face.

You’ll need a water bottle, funnel, flour, balloon, yarn, and a sharpie. The steps of making it are just similar to the other simple DIY stress balls.

9. DIY Pokemon Stress Ball

diy stress ball step by step
Source: pinimg.com

Sharpie is a great additional tool to complete your DIY stress ball design. You can turn the stress ball you’ve just made into any cartoon or cute character you like. These stress balls represent cute monsters from the Pokemon world.

10. DIY Stress Ball Like a Sweet Macaroon

diy stress balls you need to try
Source: wonderfuldiy.com

This stress ball looks really tasty and delicious. This idea comes from the Maga Dollie Life youtube channel. The texture and design of the macaroon look so real. It seems like it’s ready to be eaten.


Making some DIY stress ball at home could be a fun way to use your spare time. It would also be an enjoyable activity for the kids. Who’d ever thought some simple craft like this can keep your stress under control.

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