10 DIY Thank You Cards For Everyone

Giving a handwritten note inside one of this lovely DIY thank you cards is a great way to show appreciation. It’s even more special when you make the cards on your own from scratch. You don’t have to be an expert on craft to make one.

In this post, you will be provided with 10 thank you cards that will inspire you to make your own version.

It’s just a clever way to say “thank you” to anyone you want. It can also be a great addition for a birthday, holiday, or any special day.

1. Rustic Thank You Cards with Stamped Ornament

diy thank you teacher cards
Source: wonderfuldiy.com

Stamped ornaments and that rustic ropes create a bold character to this thank you card. It would make a perfect gift for the parents or elders.

The vintage and old feeling is quite obvious in this well-designed card. Check out that souvenir stamped ornament attached to each card.

You can easily make the ornament yourself using a mixture of baking soda, cornstarch, and water. Choose the rustic type of yarn to get matching the color with the card.

2. Colorful Paper Scraps Craft for Thank You Card

diy thank you cards printable
Source: wonderfuldiy.com

It’s such a wonderful DIY thank you card to make. You can use the tiny scraps of your patterned paper collection.

The key is to choose the matching pattern to arrange for the card decoration. Just simply cut each patterned paper into a strip of pretty ribbon shape. You can add your personal touch as you want.

Try linking the edges of the scraps to get a rougher vintage look. Well, there’s no better way to make use of your patterned paper collections.

3. Polkadot Pattern Thank You Card

diy business thank you cards
Source: new-year-christmas-quotes.com

This DIY thank you card idea has a minimalist decor, yet it’s making a big impact. There’s three polka-dot pattern paper that has coordinating colors on the card. The ribbon-style paper that says “Thank You” really completes the simplicity of this card.

It’s a great card to complete the gift for bridal showers or other occasions. You can make a lot of this card in minutes because the design is simple and easy to make.

4. Fun Colorful Triangles on DIY Thank You Card

That colorful triangle pattern really put interests on the thank you card. You can make the triangles using paper scraps or stamped ornament.

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If you want more depth on the triangle ornament, you should use the stamped one. Choose the colors that match the occasion.

For example, this card is great for Valentine’s day gift because of the pink color domination. You can play with other colors that represent the feeling of the occasion.

You can add some beautifully written text of Thank You for using the markers.

5. Cute Thank You Card with Jar of Love

diy graduation thank you cards
Source: pinterest.fr/marysesamson3

The sketchy image of a jar on the cover of this thank you card is so adorable. With that gray polka dot background, the depth of the jar image becomes so obvious.

The yarn that “love” word that decorates the jar offers a 3-dimensional look to the card. Instead of “love”, you can add “thank” on the jar. It’s more related to the card that says Thank You.

6. Easy “You Rock” Thank You Card for Men

diy toddler thank you cards
Source: pinterest.com/lisaq0045

This is a great card idea you can give to the man in your life. This cute thank you card is shaped like a guitar with three strings. It says “You Rock” which is perfect for men.

This guitar style thank you card has the masculinity that men need. You can add the words you want to make it more personal.

You can even add some cool ornaments to make the card more attractive but don’t make it too festive.

7. DIY Sewn Heart Thank You Card

simple diy thank you cards
Source: pinterest.com/paulwhybrow

This lovely heart could make a beautiful cover for your thank you card. The heart is made using cardboard that’s handsewn with a flower pattern fabric.

The pattern of the fabric is the key to this thank you card design. You should choose the pattern that represents the occasion or your personal taste.

Flowers and hear is a lovely combination to have on a thank you card. You can add the word “Thanks” attached to the heart like the one in the picture.

This card is simple but beautiful. You don’t have to add a lot of elements to the card in order to make it attractive.

8. Kiddy DIY Thank You Card with Caterpillar

diy thank you note cards
Source: giftideasmiamis.top

This is a thank you card idea for kids to make. As a parent, you can ask your kids to do a simple crafty project of thank you card that they will give to their teacher.

This one can be a great idea. There’s an image of colorful caterpillar that says “thanks” on those cards.

Making that caterpillar doesn’t need any tool. It’s made using fingerprints. Let your kids color their fingertips with craft paint and apply it to the card.

Add a finishing touch to the caterpillar. Don’t forget to write the name of the teachers. Happy teacher’s Day.

9. Washi Tape Thank You Card

thank you diy greeting cards
Source: stampedwithjoy.com

The thank you card you see on the picture is made using special washi tape. It’s called Gingham Garden Designer which is designed by the Stampin’ Up store.

However, you can use any washi tape pattern you like according to the occasion. The design of the card can be quite inspirational for you. It’s got a casual feel that has plenty of colors.

The concept is simply just sticking the tapes on the white card. Add a nice rope and flower to complete the beautiful look on the card.

10. DIY Thank You Concertina Card

diy baby gift thank you cards
Source: etsy.com

More Ideas to Try :

This lovely thank you card would make a great gift to thank your teacher for all the hard work they dedicate to help you grow.

This concertina card is a great way to show the teacher how much they have supported you over the year.

You can also have this as an inspiration to make one for other people that means a lot in your life. Just change the words to make it more personal. In this card, you can see it says “Thank you for helping me grow”.


All those DIY thank you cards would inspire you a lot to make one for your special ones. Saying thank you doesn’t always have to be spoken. It could be written in a beautiful and special card like those you’ve explored above.

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