Get to Know ECRU Color, What Color is This Unbleached Silk?

In daily life, you may be familiar with colors such as black, blue, red, or yellow. But has it ever crossed your mind that you may be stumbled upon a color that is unfamiliar to you? Have you ever heard of ecru color? And, do you know what color is ecru?

You probably had encountered using or having products with ecru color, but you have no idea about it. Don’t worry! This article will help you to understand more about ecru color and what to do with such color. It will guide you to find the perfect match of ecru color for your needs.


ecru color chart

The word ecru is derived from the French word ecru, meaning raw or unbleached. It often refers to silk or linen in their unbleached state. Around the 19th century, the ecru color was regarded as beige color. Then, started in the 1950s, ecru was put as another color to let designers choose from a wider color palette.

Although up to now ecru color is still being compared in terms of similarity with ivory or beige, it surely has its own characteristic. So, what color is ecru? It is safe to say that ecru has a hint of creamy color. It is not heavily creamy, but a little bit cream enough to make it different with another color from the same shade.

ECRU Color Structure

As there are several color system to create ecru color, we are going to take a look at finding the right codes.

1. RGB

Ecru Color RGB

RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue, primary colors in color synthesis. If the three colors are mixed together, it forms another color. RGB colors are coded from 0-255 level. For example, white color is created when all RGB color has the highest intensity, means that all red, green, and blue are set to 255.

Another example is black color. When red, green, and blue are set to 0, black color is formed. What about ecru color then? To get ecru color, you need to set red to 194, green to 178, and blue to 128. Usually, TVs and monitors use RGB to create the color images.


Ecru Color with knit

CMYK refers to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key. Key here refers to black color. CMYK color is used for printing. To obtain ecru color in printed pictures, one needs to set the following: cyan 0 (0), magenta 8 (0.0825), yellow 34 (0.3402), and key 24 (0.2392). Some printers love CMYK for its wider variety for printing.

3. HSV

Ecru Color Crochet

HSV or Hue, Saturation, Value is another color system that can be found in graphics software like Adobe Photoshop. Hue, Saturation, and Value system refers to how human beings perceive colors in their surroundings. HSV forms colors based on shade and brightness value.

Hue is described in numbers from 0 to 360 degrees. Saturation is defined by the grayness up to 100 percent. And value is described from 0 to 100 percent, with 0 reveals the blackest brightness. In order to get ecru color in HSV, you need to set the hue to 45 degrees, saturation to 34 percent, and value to 76 percent.

4. Hex Triplet

Ecru Color Curtain

Hexadecimal colors or known as hex triplet colors are used in the web browser. It consists of three RGB colors and written as #RRGGBB. They are hexadecimal integers span between 00 and FF. 00 is the lowest value and FF is the highest. When you want to set ecru color using hex triplet, you need to set the code to #C2B280.

Differences Between Similar Colors

Ecru sometimes still recognizes as beige color, and truthfully it is not hundred percent wrong. People who are not involved in design major may not know the distinction between colors in one shade.

Let’s take a look at yellow shade. One person can just think that all colors in yellow shade are yellow, but others may be able to differentiate the subtle differences.

Although not particularly visible to non—designer eyes, ecru has a different character with other colors in a similar shade. Some can refer to ecru as ecru white or ecru sand, simply to just help them recognize the colors. And it is certainly okay.

Ecru vs White

Ecru Color vs White

White as a color has different varieties, for example, eggshell, bright white, cream, ivory, and ecru. While ecru is regarded as white, it has a totally different characteristic in colors. What do you have in mind when you are asked about white color?

Bright? Blend in well with other colors? Majestic? Well, obviously white color is bright. Papers or notebooks are usually printed in white. Traditional wedding clothes also are worn in white. Another example of white is the color of the snow.

What color is ecru? Some say that ecru has a subtle touch of cream. Or a little bit yellowish. It can be said that ecru is the warm undertone of white. White is stark-bright whereas ecru has a calming and warmer touch on it.

Ecru vs Ivory

Ecru Color vs Ivory

Ivory is often referred to as creamy white. It got its name from the materials used for teeth and tusks of animals. The word originated from ancient Egypt ‘ab’ or ‘abu’ meaning ‘elephant’. Ecru has the hint of yellowish-brownish and makes it more masculine than ivory.

Both ecru and ivory blend well with both dark and light colors. Some colors that go with ivory are peach, green, purple, and turquoise. As for ecru, it is best with light blue, yellow, and bright red. Ivory often used in fashion because of its color femininity. It is used in dresses and gowns, as well as the tuxedo.

Ecru can be used in painting for interior design, furniture, picture frames, and windowpanes. Whilst ivory is commonly used for curtains or wallpapers. Painting ecru color on the wall is also a good idea for it gives masculine yet warm vibe.

Example of ECRU Colored Products

Given the beautiful color, ecru color is now becoming popular to be used in crafts and decorations. You can get many ideas of ecru colored products by surfing the internet. Sometimes, you may find something really unique and interesting.

You can also visit interior design workshop or exhibition to look for furniture or other products in ecru. Ecru colored product is a nice addition for home or your personal space.

1. Decorative Pillow/Cushion

Ecru Color Cushion

Nowadays, pillow or cushion in sofa is a must. It serves as decorator and a must thing to have. While talking, people often hug cushion or squeeze them. It can also jokingly used as weapon when people have ‘fight’ with their friends, family, or partners.

There are various pattern or motifs of ecru cushion. It goes from asymmetrical, tribal, to fringe ones. One can also put ecru cushion on rocking chair or indoor swing. Nice isn’t it?

2. Plant Hangers

Ecru Color Plant Hanger

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Do you own plants in small pots? If so, why don’t you try to put them on plant hangers? It surely gives warmer atmosphere at home. You can hang them on the porch or your room’s window.

A special place for hanging plants sounds like a great idea. You can use the corner of your garden or room to collect and store all plants that you put on the hanger.

3. Dreamcatcher

Ecru Color Dreamcatcher

For girls, ecru dreamcatcher can be used for decoration and accessories. One can put it in their bedroom and hang it near the headboard. It can also be hanged on the window, study table, or even bookshelf.

4. Wall Hanging

Ecru Color Wall Hanging

Get one of ecru wall hanging and paste it on the living room wall. It will automatically create an illusion of a brighter room. You could also paste the wall hanging on family room or kid’s room. The nude ecru color goes well with other light and dark colors so you don’t have to worry about mix and match.

Assuming that you have furniture with darker colors, ecru colored wall hanging makes it contrast and will catch attention in instant. It can also be arranged side by side with picture frames or painting in frames. Set the wall hanging on the center and place the picture around it.

5. Crochet Rug

Ecru Color Crochet Rug

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Wooden floor tends to get chilly in winter or autumn and to prevent the coldness, you can turn to crochet rug for home decoration. As it is made from wool, it surely will keep your feet warm when wandering around the house. Ecru crochet rug compliments the wooden floor as it gives quite contrast yet beautiful combination.


That is all about ecru color and it’s product examples. For now, you do not need to ask again about what color is ecru since you already learn about it’s basic. And the good thing is that you are having another knowledge in color area. It will come handy when you do house makeover or shop for accessories.

As described above, ecru color has its color system for different media. Although it is still deemed similar with white or ivory, ecru seems tougher and rougher as a color than the other two. That is why it is best used as decorations and highlight in interior design.

Ecru color is pretty, isn’t it? You can always add something ecru colored in your home to lighten the mood. Good luck with finding the right ecru products for your home or office!

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