11 Creative Penguin Craft Ideas For Kids

Do you wanna have some penguin craft ideas? Having penguins as the theme of the craft is quite popular. I guess the popularity of penguin craft has grown over the decade.

It increased after a movie called Happy Feet in the theaters. Many people began to fall in love with the cute little animals. If your kids enjoy making craft animals, they’re gonna love making the penguin crafts.

In this post, you can find a list of creative craft ideas for you to try with your kids. Your kids are not the only one having fun, you will love making the craft too.

1. Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft

light bulb penguin ornament craft
Source: firefliesandmudpies.com

Don’t throw away the sticks after the kids finish with the popsicle. They might be useful for something like this craft.

Check out this simple penguin craft. It’s created using only three popsicle sticks. You can complete the penguin character with some small orange and black colored paper.

They give a little bit pattern to the front part of the penguin, you can use scrap paper from magazine or newspaper instead of just the white paper.

2. Egg Carton Little Penguin Crafts

p for penguin craft
Source: .pinterest.com/patriciaale2igo

The shape of an egg carton is quite similar to be turned into a little penguin craft. You can make a bunch of little penguins easily using the carton. It’s a nice little element to complete your decorations in the winter.

You can have them all hung in strings as an ornament or you can just leave the penguins on the table to make the table merrier. Just group them in the center of the table and make a big visual impact.

This project is super easy, you do the carton cutting and let the kids paint the penguin with the black and white color.

3. Lightbulb Penguin Craft Idea

p is for penguin craft
Source: ladywiththeredrocker.wordpress.com

This one is a great idea to try. It’s cool to make a penguin craft using the item that has a similar shape to the animal.

So, you don’t have to shape it all over. You can just do the painting or drawing and decorating.

This lightbulb penguin will look great as one of your Christmas tree ornaments. You can even make it even personal by giving it a name.

Because painting a lightbulb is quite risky, you should just do the painting by yourself. The whole thing is better to be done by adults.

4. Pinecone Penguin Craft to Make

penguin craft kit
Source: pinterest.com/patriciaale2igo

Pinecones would make some great penguin craft easily. The shape of a pinecone is just like a penguin.

You can just add the head, hands, and feet. This one would make a great decoration on the wall or tree.

You can tell your kids the directions and they can follow it easily. These little penguins would add cute cheer to the wall decor.

You’ll need some pinecones, paints, wooden beads, string, and hot glue.

5. Paper Plate Penguin Craft

penguin crafts pinterest
Source: pinterest.com/stopfortea

With just a simple cutting method and paint, you can make three penguins at once. Well, you have to prepare the paper plate, markers, construction paper, glue, and googly eyes.

You can just fold the plate in half. Begin to draw the outline of three penguins on the plate. You can also use a printable template in this step.

Cut the plate based on the outline and keep the head part attached at the top fold. You can begin to paint the whole thing and add the feet, the mouth, and the googly eyes.


6. Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft for Bookmark

penguin decorations diy
Source: datasekolah.net

Unlike the first idea, this one is made using only one popsicle stick. It’s designed to be used as a bookmark. You can make some bookmarks as a gift to friends at school.

This bookmark would be a perfect winter accessory for your book. Making this bookmark is pretty simple. It just needs some simple drawing, painting, and cutting.

For the feet, you can use a yellow felt and cut it in the shape of the “B” letter. Then, glue them to the bottom of the stick.

7. Paper Penguin Craft For Preschoolers

penguin craft images
Source: mykidstime.com

Paper is the easiest material when it comes to craft. That’s why this penguin craft is perfect for preschoolers.

You can let your kids do all the things by themselves. Just tell them what to do next and so, they will have fun with it.

Except for the oval black paper as the base, your kids would only need to cut paper heats in various sizes and glue that googly eyes.

8. Cute Pompom Penguin Doll

penguin craft projects
Source: onelittleproject.com

This is such a cute winter craft idea that you can easily make. Before you form the pompom into a cute penguin, first of all, you have to make the pompom out of yarn.

You’re gonna need a chunky yarn according to what color you prefer. With some simple knot and scissors-cutting, you can make some cute little pompom balls.

Then, you can begin to form a penguin character. The feet, wings, beak, and the eyes are made of felt. That’s it, a super cute penguin doll.

9. Plastic Spoon Penguin Puppet

penguin mask craft
Source: iheartcraftythings.com

This craft is designed to look like a puppet and kids can play with it after it’s done. It’s a good activity idea for a preschooler too.

You have to get the white plastic spoon, make sure it’s white because it’s gonna be a part of the penguin body.

For the other body parts, it needs some felt (orange and black) and googly eyes. Just join the whole felt penguin into the spoon.

10. Easy Paper Cup Penguin

penguin diy craft
Source: shaghighe.ir

Check out this super easy penguin craft out of a paper cup. Besides the paper plate, you can make use of the paper cub to make a penguin. This craft looks so cute and it’s gonna be a fun project for your little kids.

11. Toddler Footprint Penguin Craft

penguin craft with water bottle
Source: pinterest.com/aedansmama

It’s a unique idea for a craft. It’s made using a footprint on a clay. You can let your kids step on clay and let it dry.

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Let them color the clay to be as interesting as possible. Don’t forget to form a penguin character based on the footprint. That’s uniquely fascinating, right?


After all of those creative ideas, it’s time to have some fun and make some penguins. Making a penguin craft can be a really fun project to do for kids or with kids.

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