12 Cool Paper Mache Crafts To Amaze Everyone

Paper mache is one of the popular DIY techniques out there. Everyone knows and has seen the paper mache crafts in many places. However, not everyone has actually known how to make it by themselves.

It’s not that hard but first, you have to know the basic technique of it. Once you’ve done with that, the next steps will be a lot easier. It’s just a matter of the creativity you have. If you already have an idea in mind, you’ll manage to make your own paper mache crafts.

Paper Mache Recipe

Before making the craft, we have to prepare the ingredients and material. There is various kind of recipes you can try. It’s according to what kind of designs you aim to make and the material you use. Also, it depends on the level of the experience.

If you know to this project, just go with the basic one. If you’re quite an experience, you can choose the more complicated design. You can find some recipes such as the no-cook recipe, the glitter one, the one with clay, and more.

1. Cacti Paper Mache Craft

paper mache airplane

There are some cacti with different types on the table. All of them are made of paper. If you really want some houseplants inside the house, you can try having cactus or succulent in. But, you still concern that it might die.

Well, It’s probably the great alternatives of house plants for you. As the owner,  you don’t even have to worry about watering it or even placing it next to the window for sunlight. Because this one won’t die. It’s a nice craft made out of paper.

As you can see, it makes a perfect illusion of plant life in your house without even have to care for it. It’s a great kind of decoration item.

2. Present for Valentine’s Day

paper mache alligator

Do you want something unique to give to your loved ones on Valentine’s day? Take a look at this heart-shaped paper mache craft. It’s a perfect gift you can give to your mother, wife, or girlfriend. The pink color of the heart could really blossom their own heart.

3. Leaf Bowl from Paper and Leaves

a paper mache mask

Making a bowl craft with paper mache technique is quite popular. It’s not only becoming the decoration item, but also a functional item. You can use the bowl both as the centerpiece of the table and a container.

Moreover, this craft is not only made of paper. It also uses leaves as the other main ingredients. It has a beautiful and delicate looking design.

4. Paper Easter Egg Diorama Craft

a paper mache hand

Using the paper mache technique, you can even make your Easter day more festive than ever. This easter egg diorama will manage to impress everyone, especially kids. However, the DIY project of making this egg is not for the kids because it’s big and a bit complicated.

5. Rooster Craft as Wall Decor

a paper mache cats

The colorful decor of your wall can be taken over by this crazy colorful chickens. The barn and traditional look of your wooden wall would be fulfilled with this kind of wall decor. It’s all handmade using paper mache technique. It’s one of the signature decoration items from Blue Rooster Arts.

6. Cute Little Owl Paper Mache Clay

paper mache book

This cute owl paper mache craft looks so DIY. I mean the paper material obviously came from some old newspaper. It shows a unique traditional charm of a DIY paper mache decor. With a minimal finishing touch, this paper owl is as impressive as it is.

It’s probably pretty easy to make since there’s not a lot of fuzz on the finishing touch. The key to this owl design is the shape itself. I believe some beginners can pull this off.

7. Cool Sculptural Mushroom Lamp

paper mache butterfly

This mushroom lamp is made using the paper mache technique and some creative sculptural art. It’s obviously not a DIY idea you can try at home. This is a piece of the masterpiece you can’t find in many places.

If you have such kind of artistic sense, you may have your own version of paper mache mushroom lamp. It will make a perfect decoration that will immediately draw attention in any room. Even better, it’s also functional as a table lamp.

8. Bear Newspaper Craft

paper mache boxes bulk

It’s another amazing paper mache idea that’s made out of newspapers. What you see in the picture is not done yet. You can make it even more realistic by sticking the synthetic fur all over the paper bear.

Don’t forget to draw the eye, mouth, and nose. You can complete the bear craft with a tiny fabric as the scarf.

9. Paper Mache Craft For Babies

paper mache cactus

A decoration from a nursery room should be colorful and fun. This paper mache craft is a perfect decoration item for your kids. A colorful hanging star could really boost the mood of your babies. You can make the other pieces with different kinds such as the tiny rockets, moons, birds, or planes.

10. Funny Animal Mask

paper mache cones

Making a paper mache animal mask is so trendy nowadays. It’s so fun to wear scaring people out. It makes a perfect mask for your Halloween costume. You can choose to make a different animal every year. This fox paper mache mask looks funny on a person’s head.

11. Big Letters for Student’s Project

paper mache clowns

This one is quite popular among kids in school. Many teachers like to have their students to make a paper mache letter for their craft learning activity. They are usually asked to make their name initial to be showcased in the classroom.

As a result, those awesome chunky block letters look colorful and fun for kids. They can apply whatever color and pattern they want.

12. Paper Mache Boxes for Christmas

paper mache dragon

To get your ready for Christmas, you might wanna prepare the functional accessories like this one. This paper mache box looks outstanding.

With this unique arrangement, these boxes look like a cake. Each of the round boxes has different shapes and images. That’s what makes it even more decorative.


After exploring all of those cool paper mache ideas, you now have some craft ideas in mind. Make sure the idea you choose to match your skills and needs.

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