Wood Crafts for Kids: 15 Less Cost More Fun Projects To Boost Creativity

Thinking of best ways to spend quality time with your kids? There are various wooden craft activities that you can do for handy kids. Wooden crafts and activities do not always need to use hammers and nails. Some simple ideas are offered to make wood construction without tools. The following list highlights incredible wood crafts for kids. It’s time to wood crafting!

1. Wooden Fruits Coasters

Wood Crafts for Kids Watermelon

Fruit coasters are good ideas to be added to your summer tablescape. It will look prettier to have a watermelon coaster to place the cold drink. These fruity and colorful coasters are easily created with wood slices and colorful paints.

Start making watermelon coasters by painting the edge of wood slices with green and white color. Paint red color in the middle and draw some black seeds. You can also sweeten up the slices with yellow and white to make fun orange coasters. Then, let you kids draw their favorite fruits on the wood slices to have more lovable fruit coasters.

2. Pencil Holder

Wood Crafts for Kids Holder

Are you getting bored of looking your kids’ pencils and crayons lying around? Ask them to create their own pencil holder as a great solution. It only needs two cuts of logs, the first round board has lots of holes to be gathered with the bottom board.

Use drill to make the holes on the first board of the log. Hole’s layout is necessarily needed to make neater holes. Parents should do this step and let the kids see the process. After finishing the holes, gather the holes part with the bottom log by gluing and clamping. Finally, ask the kids to put their pencils on the wooden pencil holder.

3. DIY Poster Hangers

Wood Crafts for Kids Poster

Compared to frames, poster hangers are not bad to give more design to your kids’ room.  Kids’ art works can be displayed on the wall by adding two wooden moulding at the top and bottom. The moulding is available in flat, decorative and curved shape.

Cut the wood according to the poster’s length. Attach it into the poster by gluing or using thumbtacks. Then, to hang the art work on the wall, add leather cord to each side of the wood. It is sturdy enough to secure with thumbtacks or staples.

4. Wood Fall Wind Chimes

Wood Crafts for Kids Chimes

In a windy day, the kids will love to play with colorful wind chimes. They are made with balsa wood, a kind of wood that is easily to cut and puncture. You need at least seven pieces of wood for each. Some wood beads are also needed to make wind chimes.

Prepare to make a hole on one side of the wood by using handy little puncher. This step should be done by adults. Then, the kids’ turn to color the wood pieces with liquid watercolors. Paint the front and back side of the wood. Do similar way to the wood beads.

The beads will separate the balsa wood on the wind chimes. String the balsa wood and beads onto lanyard by turns to create different beautiful colors. Wrap the rest of lanyard onto a stick and tie a cord to each side of the stick. Adding a little bell at the bottom of the lanyard sounds good. Finally, happy fall kids!

5. Wood Craft Sculptures

Wood Crafts for Kids Sculptures

Wood sculptures allow the kids to boost their imagination to create dolls, people, or any abstract sculptures. You can cut the wood by yourselves or simply buy wood bits which have different wood shapes. Give a flat wood piece to the kids. They can use it as a base to glue the wood pieces. Let the kids make their own sculptures.

After the glue dry, the kids can start painting the wood pieces with colorful watercolors. They are also freely add some details like dots, faces, and strips. The details will make the wood sculptures look fancier.

6. Super Hero Spoon Puppets

Wood Crafts for Kids Spoon Hero

Kids love super hero. Creating super hero spoon puppets will give lots of fun for them. They are encouraged to dress up wooden spoons as their favorite characters. Those are such as batman, wonder woman, and superman.

Draw the face and paint the body with super hero’s logo and belt. The costumes are made from felt pieces which are glued on the head and neck. Add googly eyes on the face for the details. The super hero spoon puppets can star in a theatre play and also can be great handmade gifts.

7. Wood Crafts for Kids Heart Shelf

Wood Crafts for Kids Shelf

A wall mounted heart shelf that comes in rainbow pastel colors will suit to decorate your girls’ room. Help your kids to cut the wood pieces into heart shape and three small boards as the shelves. Stick on the boards on the heart-shaped wood. Let it dry, then the kids take turn painting the wooden heart shelf.

This DIY heart shelf gives a fancy look to the wall. It is not only decorative but also functional. This shelf is better to show off pretty collectibles and precious trinkets.

8. Modern Geo Baby Mobile

Wood Crafts for Kids Geo

This is such a modern geo baby mobile that can be perfectly added to any nursery room. Natural wood colored beads are combined with pastel mint hand painted to seize the classic Scandinavian style. It has a movable design with a conformable motion. Hang the geo mobile on the ceiling, then it is ready to entertain your baby.

9. Wooden Pots

Wood Crafts for Kids Pots

Colorful pots will attract your kids’ attention because they can mix any colors to paint the pots. The parents only need to prepare cutting the wood into cubes or any geometric shapes as desired.  Make a deep hole on the top part of the wood. Create geometric-shaped engravings on all sides of the wood.

Prepare colorful acrylic paints and let the kids paint the geometric patterns. Alfter all surfaces are painted well, let them dry. These wooden pots are suitable for air plants and cactus. Put your favorite plants and happy planting!

10. Wooden Bead Key Chains

Wood Crafts for Kids Keychain

A wooden bead key chain is another functional wood craft that can be created by your handy kids. For kids who want to come up with ways to earn money, the simple bead key chains are good for their business.

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Draw the face and paint the body on some wood beads. String two or three painted wood beads and loop over a round key ring. There will be many possible features to arrange, so let the kids create their own creatively.

11. Rainbow Kitchen Utensils 

Wood Crafts for Kids Rainbow Kitchen

Brighten up the kitchen by creating rainbow kitchen utensils with the kids. Prepare wood utensils and paint them with acrylic paints in red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and orange color. Apply food-safe shellac to coat the painted utensils. After the coats dry, sand with sandpaper tenderly. Don’t forget to wash them with water and soap. Your rainbow kitchen utensils are ready to use.

12. Craft Stick People

Wood Crafts for Kids Stick People

Craft sticks are fun media for kids’ drawing activities. Markers and big fat sticks are the only supplies needed. Draw any different characters by using markers. For the finer features, use a black sheer line marker.

Combine two or more color to draw people with different expression. For instance, ask the kids to draw all family members and use a large white paper to draw a house for them. Start to have a fun role play with craft stick people.

13. Wooden Bead Necklace

Wood Crafts for Kids Necklace

A kind of kid projects that embraces randomness is wooden bead necklace. However, it can look more fashionable to wear. Choose unfinished wood beads with various sizes and paint them with water colors. For the tassels, use embroidery floss, yarn or ribbon.

You can skip the tassel and begin to string the beads up. Lay the beads on a necklace cording randomly. The kids will love this process since the can freely do color and pattern mixing. Just tie a knot off the top before wearing the wooden bead necklace.

14. Simple Boats

Wood Crafts for Kids Boats

The boats are good combination between woodworking and simple sewing. Use wood pieces, round or square shaped, as the boats. Make the sail from colorful cloth or felt. Cut small twigs to be the masts.

Cut some triangle-shaped cloth or felt. Fold the cloth in a twig and sew it. Guide the kids while sewing or parents may take turn this step. Back to the wood pieces, make a hole in one edge of the wood to stick the sailcloth. The boats are done and they are ready to sail.

15. Yarn Sticks

Wood Crafts for Kids Yarn Stick

Start doing this craft activity by hunting sticks or twigs outside. Collect as many sticks as possible, kids will love to do it. After that, continue to make the yarn sticks inside the house.

Use multicolored yarn to wrap the sticks. Start wrapping the sticks up to the end of the sticks. After the sticks are fully covered, you can keep wrapping to add more texture and color. It requires a little patience to make a neat yarn wrapping.

Those are the wood craft projects that will amused the kids a lot. Although wood is not often used by kids, it can be a fabulous medium to explore. Your kids will learn how to create some woodworking projects. Furthermore, their creativity and motor skills can be boosted while creating wood crafts for kids. Have a fun crafting kids!

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