10 Simple DIY Clay Ideas For Kids Project

Air-dry clay ideas are actually a fun project for both adults and kids. It’s not exactly similar to traditional clay because this one doesn’t require a kiln to harden.

Air-dry clay is the easier version of clay craft. It’s perfect for you who do the project just for the matter of being crafty.

If you’re interested in coiling, rolling, sculpting, and stamping, this is the type of clay project to begin.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time like you do when learning traditional ceramics. However, this type of clay has downsides.

Air-dry clay is not waterproof and it crumbles easily sometimes. You have to be careful dealing with this type of clay. Although, it’s a great option for you to express your creativity in sculpting clay ideas.

1. Easy Gift Tags Clay Ideas

air dry clay ornament ideas
Source: ilovehobby.club

This first clay idea is a perfect option for newbies. It’s an easy air-dry clay project that you can do along with your kids. You just need a small amount of clay and shape it like flowers, hearts, or anything.

Don’t forget to make a hole for the strings to make a beautiful gift tag. As you can see on each of the tags, it says “Happy Easter”.

Well, you can change it to any celebration you want. The one in the picture is designed by Mahalolena and it’s very popular online. You should have this idea as a trendy starter.

2. Clay Alphabet Container Project

animal clay ideas
Source: freshideen.com/

This clay craft is not only easy but also functional as a container. The main concept is to make the craft more personal by choosing the initial of your name. You can use the clay alphabet as a container for your little stuff.

This container is incredibly impressive. Make more than one container to organize all the small items to avoid cluttering on your workspace.

3. Hanging Planters From Air Dry Clay

clay bobblehead ideas
Source: coolcrafts.com

Using air-dry clay, you can even make some small pots like this. It’s a brilliant DIY project to decorate the wall.

Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, the pots would dress up your wall beautifully. You can creatively design the color and texture of the clay easily with some basic techniques.

4. Cute Rainbow Pinch Pots Clay Ideas

baking clay ideas
Source: hellowonderful.co

If you want your kids to join the fun, choose the easy clay project like this one. Just by looking at the project result from the picture, your kids will get very excited about it. In fact, it’s super easy to make with just some pinches to the clay.

These colorful pots look so cute. It’s gonna be a fun project for the little ones. The clay that’s used for making the pots is a product called Sculpey. It’s about 15 bucks on Amazon. The colors of this polymer clay are very impressive.

5. Clay Wooden Bead Necklaces

best air dry clay ideas
Source: hellowonderful.co

This craft will make a pretty necklace for your kids. The combination of wooden beads and a patterned clay is quite interesting.

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You will need some oven bake polymer clay with colors you like, some wooden beads and string or twine. The steps are simply just covering the entire surface of the beads with the clay.

Before that, you should make a pattern by combining some clays with different colors. The clay beads will look like marbles or sweet lollipops.

6. Colorful Clay Bracelets for Kids

best clay sculpture ideas
Source: babbledabbledo.com

This bracelet is crafted using polymer clay which is similar to air dry clay. However, there’s a slight difference in the composition between the two materials. The rest is just the same.

Anyway, this one is a polymer clay bracelet that has a unique twist in the shaping process. To form a circle bracelet, you can just free form it by hand or using some tools like a can or a metal bracelet. After that, bake the clay for about 15-20 minutes in 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Clay Hand Bowl for Mid-Century Modern Decor

christmas clay ideas
Source: artisanalley307.com

Mid-century modern is always gonna be a popular style of decor. So, making this clay bowl would be very useful for house decoration.

Check out the design and texture of this bowl, you don’t use it for the food, you’ll use it for the good.

This clay bowl design is inspired by the 50s and 60s style from Italian Bitossi studio. Who would love to accept this bowl as a gift?

Many people have this type of clay craft as a present to their mother on Mother’s Day.

8. Autumn Leaf Clay Bowl

clay art ideas for senior infants
Source: nazweb.ir

It’s another popular idea of clay craft. To begin the project, you have to choose the leaf you like.

You should consider the shape and texture that it offers because it leads to the final look of the bowl.

Then, you can just make an impression of the leaf by placing it onto a thinly rolled sheet of clay. Make sure the leaf leaves the texture on the clay and cut the edge of the leaf.

After that, form it into a bowl and bake it. What makes this clay idea so interesting is the delicate veins of the leaf makes a great texture for the bowl.

9. Small Pots for Cactus Plants

Many people would choose to buy some ordinary plastic pots for the succulents on the table rather than making one.

Well actually, making a small pot for succulent can give them a chance to personalize the design.

You can make it more special by wrapping the clay around the pot to form a new look with a creative texture.

10. Clay Mushrooms for Fairy Gardens

clay banane ke ideas
Source: redtedart.com

It’s a nice piece to complete the fairy garden in the backyard. It’s an easy project you can do with your kids.

As you can see, the mushroom comes with various shapes. That shows the freedom of creativity for the kids.

More Ideas :

It will flex their creative minds to make a mushroom shape that’s close to the imagination. It only needs two colors of clay, red and white.


There are so many clay ideas available out there. They’re made of various types of clay from beginner level to the expert level. In this post, all of the clay modelling ideas above are recommended for both kids and adults. So, you can have fun together with the clay.

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