11 Simple and Attractive DIY Pom Pom Crafts for Kids

Looking for craft ideas to get your kids excited? Check out these DIY pom pom crafts for kids. Pom poms are fuzzy and fun little things which only takes about a minute to make. You and your kids might be surprised knowing that pom poms can be incorporated into many crafts.

Explore all the ideas of pom pom craft project on this page. Let your kids decide which craft they really want to play with.

Or, you can just make it a nice surprise for them. Gather the yarn, glue gun, scissors, and other tools. It’s time to get crafty.

1. Simple Tiny Little Pom Pom Monsters

a pom pom rug
Source: morningchores.com

This list begins with a very simple idea. This cute little one-eyed monster is so easy to make quickly.

You just need some pom poms and a googly eye for each of the little craft. Instead of having pom poms with colors, use more various colors to get creative.

It would make a nice decoration on the wall or something to play with for the kids. If one eye is too weird for your kids, you may add one more eye and make some less creepy ones.

2. Rain Cloud Pompoms Craft

pom pom art
Source: thesprucecraft.com

Make some mini pompoms with various sizes and colors. You can make this simple but colorful craft easily as a DIY project with the kids.

It’s a nice hanging decoration for your kids’ bedroom. Hang it nearby the windows to let the wind blows it. The craft would make the ceiling area more alive.

3. Paper Snow Globe Craft

pom pom beanie
Source: flickr.com

Pompoms are popularly used as the element that resembles snow. That’s why it makes a perfect material for a winter-related craft like this one.

It’s a snow globe made out of a colored construction paper. Making it is very simple. It just needs a few cuttings, gluing, and that’s it.

For the record, the pom poms have to be white like cotton. It’s the kind of pom-pom crafts that your kids could make during their free time.

4. Simple Lovely Crafty Flowers

pom pom activities
Source: yvestown.com

This is the craft idea that’s loved by both adults and kids. It could be a nice decorative addition to the wall or table’s centerpiece in your living room.

The colorful pompoms would add instant interest to the scheme. Besides pom poms, you will only need some thin sticks.

You can change it to twigs for a more natural look of pompoms flowers. It could also be a perfect gift for a romantic and crafty Valentine’s day.

5. Festive Party Hats Craft

pom pom and boom boom
Source: kellimurray.com

In this craft idea, the pom poms are just a little additional element for a more festive look of the hat.

More Ideas to Try :

It’s minimal but pretty impactful to define the party hats design. You should choose the fluffy ones to maximize the textural appearance.

The pom-poms on the tip of the conical hat become a nice special touch for a perfect celebration. Let’s get the party started.

6. Tiny Garland for Cake Topper Craft

jules b pom pom hat
Source: familiesmagazine.com

Pompoms craft as a cake topper is completely unexpected but absolutely charming. However, you’ve gotta remember that these pom-poms are not eatable.

Just add two sticks on the cake and attach the stringed garlands to connect the sticks. This cake topper garland would be an attractive punch to celebrate everything you’ve planned.

7. Colorful Pom Pom Rug

susan b anderson pom pom
Source: blitsy.com

This colorful rug is created with many pom-poms with various colors. That defines the source of attention on the flooring.

You might see this colorful felt ball rugs like this very often on the store. But, this kind of rugs can be pricey, right?

Well, you can make your own and inexpensive version of the rugs with pom-poms. You can easily make this by yourself easily less than an hour.

You will need a lot of pompoms in various colors and sizes, a rug mat, and a hot glue gun.

8. DIY Pom Pom Beanie Hat

pom pom banner
Source: effortless-style.com

These two beanie hats with beaded cuff trim have a faux fur pompom on it. It’s a simple way to make the hat more attractive.

It brings an instant interest to the head. This is such a nice addition to your kids’ beanie hat. It would make the beanies have a fresh new look.

It’s also super easy to make. For the pompom, you should aim for the one with different or contrast color. So, it could make the attention more focus on the top.

This interesting craft idea is both very simple and functional. It’s perfect for kids and adults’ fashion.

9. Fruity Garland Craft Idea

pom pom bush
Source: diys.com

Wanna make a festive and unique wall decor for your kid’s bedroom? It could be a perfect idea to choose.

Well, who doesn’t love fruits? The resemblance of fruit as a wall decor could be a touch of a healthy scene on the wall.

As you can see, pompoms could make an amazing resemblance of some fruits like green limes, oranges, and cherries.

The string fruity garlands offer a nice and fresh atmosphere all around the bedroom.

10. Basic Craft from Tissue Paper

a pom pom pen
Source: firefliesandmudpies.com

The design of this pom poms is pretty basic. What makes them so special is because of the material. It’s made out of some tissue papers. It’s one of the most inexpensive materials for DIY craft.

In order to get such romantic pink shades, you need to use the coloring essence of the perfect amount.

You can choose any color you like with the hue you desire. It’s all according to your own artistic touch and creativity.

11. Simple Pom-pom Chick Craft

a pom pom bush
Source: architectureartdesigns.com

Check out this simple easter craft. It just needs a few minutes to make using basic supplies for craft.

This cute chick craft is designed to thrill and delight the kids. It would make a nice Easter gift to fill up the basket.

With the same design and shape of the craft, you are able to make other types of pets. Try using blue-colored pom-poms. You will get a small blue bird as a result.

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There is a lot of craft inspiration you can make with pom poms. Some pom pom crafts can be decorative and some others can be functional. Also, there are some crafts can be both decorative and functional. Choose one idea that can be perfect for your kids.

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