11 DIY Doll House Projects To Do Today

Nowadays, building a DIY doll house is the only option to save your money because this kind of furniture is expensive and hard to come by.

There are a million great ideas people share on the internet to inspire you building a dollhouse on your own.

With basic woodworking skills and potential creativity, you can impress your daughter with a beautiful dollhouse you make.

Your girls will have fun playing with it. Here are some ideas to flex your creative muscles.

1. DIY Shallow Dollhouse Shelf

best diy dollhouse plans
Source: remodelaholic.com

The concept of this DIY dollhouse is perfect if you want to save space in the room. This cute dollhouse shelf is also very shallow.

That’s the reason you can fit it anywhere. You can let your little girls play with it with their favorite dolls.

For the DIY dollhouse furniture, you can use some free printables and stick them on. Let your kids decide the furniture style they want for the house. This project is probably one of the easiest because it’s basically a shallow shelf.

2. Modern Dollhouse from Premade Kits

cutebee diy dollhouse
Source: .pinimg.com

If you’re not interested in building a dollhouse from scratch, you may wanna consider having this for your kids. This modern dollhouse starts with a premade kit that has everything.

As a result, you just need to put all together. You don’t have to worry about the dimension and measurements anymore. It would fit easily. This modern dollhouse kit is designed by the ToysHouse83 website.

For the record, the only have the basic white building for the dollhouse. Then, your duty is to add all the little details like fabric, paint, paper scraps, and small furniture pieces.

3. Plywood Three-Level Dollhouse Idea

diy ag doll house
Source: decoist.com

It’s a wooden dollhouse you can build easily. The concept is also the same as the first idea, a dollhouse shelf. All the structure is made out of plywood and some screws to attach them all together.

It’s large enough for toddlers who like to play with their dolls. Just place it right under the Christmas tree.

It’s gonna be a perfect present for her on the big day. Be creative in making all the furniture on your own using felt, fabric, washi tape, and any craft supplies.

4. Ana White’s DIY DollHouse

diy american girl doll beach house
Source: decoist.com

It’s a perfect dollhouse for barbies. Girls love playing with barbie dolls. With this dollhouse, the playing will be more special.

This DIY furniture is truly a girl’s dream. In addition, it’s got three levels that’s spacious enough for a bunch of 12-inch barbie dolls. 

All the materials used for this dollhouse is also eco-friendly and safe for children. It’s attached with a set of casters that make this dollhouse portable.

You can move it wherever you want so easily. The open wall concept allows your kids to play freely.

5. Sleek Modern DIY Doll House

diy american girl doll house easy
Source: historiascomvalor.com

The sleek design is the main charm of this dollhouse. After you build this small dollhouse, you can just leave it in its natural color.

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It’s enough to impress your kids to play with this small dollhouse. It also comes with a simple design that you can easily pull off.

If you think this house is too plain and looks like an unfinished dollhouse, you can have the entire dollhouse as a layout for your creative minds. You can add the color with painting, scrapbooking papers, patterned fabric, and more.

6. Well-Designed Cardboard Dollhouse for Barbie

diy american girl doll house out of cardboard
Source: historiascomvalor.com

All the structural elements of this barbie dollhouse are made out of cardboards. This three-story dollhouse has everything you need.

Furthermore, the top floor consists of a bedroom with an adjoining deck. On the second floor, there’s a living room and a bathroom that are both well-decorated.

The room gets separated by the polka dots curtain. On the ground floor, there’s a kitchen and dining room with a tiled patio.

Even though it’s only built using cardboard but everything in this dollhouse comes in detail. It’s a brilliant piece of craft for your inspiration.

7. Cardboard Castle Dollhouse for Kids

diy american girl dollhouse ideas
Source: chelopon.ru

Unlike the previous dollhouses, this craft is designed for both girls and boys. Making this cardboard castle can also be a fun activity for the kids.

First, you should help them to cut the cardboard into the shape of a castle. Then, let them continue applying the drawing and painting on the cardboard.

Let the kids use their imagination to coloring the castle. They will also have fun building the castle and playing with it.

8. Large Dollhouse for American Doll

diy barbie house elevator
Source: chelopon.ru

A large doll would need a large house to play with. The previous projects won’t be a fit for American dolls. Check out the size of this thing. It’s also humongous.

Your little girl can even fit in one of the rooms. If you think your daughter is old enough to play in this dollhouse, you should make one.

Doing this project by yourself might take a couple of days. Basically, this dollhouse has a simple design.

When your kids are grown up, you can repurpose this furniture like a shelf or open storage.

9. A DIY Doll House from IKEA Nightstand

diy doll house for 18 inch dolls
Source: thesprucecrafts.com

This is a repurposed IKEA nightstand transformed into a dollhouse for the kids. It’s quite spacious for one or two dolls.

The boxy space design is simple and easy. In fact, you can double it as a storage shelf for the toys keeping away the clutter.

10. Haunted Doll House Design for Halloween

diy barbie house videos
Source: thesprucecrafts.com

It’s such a wonderful dollhouse that’s designed as a Halloween decoration. However, your kids can still play with it.

The dark and spooky design of this haunted dollhouse looks cute as a decorative item. Place it right around the corner on a table.

In addition, don’t forget to decor the wall with some grey paper clouds to support the spooky atmosphere of this haunted house.

11. Popsicle Sticks Doll House with Lights

diy cardboard dollhouse
Source: kidsomania.com

This charming DIY doll house is made entirely using popsicle sticks. You will need plenty of sticks to make the house this size.

More Ideas :

You can choose to build a smaller version with fewer popsicle sticks. Fill the ambiance of each space with tiny lightbulbs from string lights.

During the night, this doll house is gonna be an amazing decoration of the house. for the furniture, be creative with the popsicle sticks.


After all of those DIY Doll House ideas, you now know that the beautiful finished product is according to the concept and creativity. Just choose one dollhouse you wanna make from the list above. All of them are friendly to DIYers like you.

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