10 Brilliant Ideas to Create Beautiful and Functional Crafts for Mason Jars

A Mason jar is the most popular home canning to preserve food. However, the jar is great for so much more when it is repurposed creatively. There are many ways to create inventive crafts for mason jars.

No need to have advanced artwork skill to do craftiness with Mason jars. DIY Mason jar crafts can be created with simple supplies and little creativity. Keep these outstanding ideas of crafts for mason jars in mind. Have a fun crafting!

1. Mason Jar Pen Holders

Crafts for Mason Jars Pen Holder

Cheerful pen holders will be a great mood booster for your kids. The cute designs are so attractive. Importantly, they keep your pens and pencils uncluttered.

Old mason jars, acrylic paints, and markers are the simple materials for these crafts. Colorful fruit-themed pen holders will be lovable. Decorate the jars with colorful fruit designs like watermelon, orange, pineapple, and kiwi fruit.

Let them dry and draw cute emoticons with a black marker to give a funny look. Place the pen holders on the desk or hang them on the wall.

2. Mason Jar Luminaries

Crafts for Mason Jars Luminaries

Are you looking for a low-budget interior lighting? Try to make your own Mason jar luminaries to light up your room.

The unique luminaries create gorgeous flickering light beneath the jars. Use battery operated or tea light candles. To give an elegant texture, use hot glue glass gemstones to the jar surface. Make sure that the gems fully cover the jar.

Just use the lid if you use battery operated lights. While using real flame, leave the lid off. Enjoy the glowing Mason jar lanterns!

3. Mason Jar Piggy Banks

Crafts for Mason Jars Piggy Bank

Educate your kids about the importance of saving by using Mason jar piggy banks. The kids will learn to save, spend, and donate their money with these lovely crafts.

Make DIY superhero banks that kids love most. Batman and superman are the most favorite superheros. Apply a spray paint to color the mason jars.

Use blue for the Superman and black for the Batman. Utilize a rotary tool to make coin slot lids. Search for printable superhero emblems if you cannot sketch the patterns by your own. Decorate the jars as you like.

4. Mason Jar Oil Candle Lamp

Crafts for Mason Jars Oil Lamp

Do you need a gift for family and friends? This Mason jar oil candle lamp is a great choice of a handmade gift. This light source has nice bright lamp with beautiful display of botanicals. Natural materials are used to fill in the jar.

Olive oil, essential oil, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, cedar wood, and cranberries are stuffed into the jars. Leave space at the top for the floating wick. Mason jar oil candle lamp also gives a fragrant smell from the scented herbs included.

5. Mason Jar Kitchen Organizers

Crafts for Mason Jars Kitchen Organizer

Jazz up your kitchen with Mason jar kitchen storage. Create your own kitchen utensil holders, salt and pepper shakers with these stylish kitchen organizers. Mason jars offer accessible storage for a tidy kitchen.

Choose large jars without lids for utensil holders. Arrange them in wooden box to be well-organized, while the smaller ones are for salt and pepper shakers. Make some holes on the lids for the jar shakers. Use acrylic paint for jar colors.

6. Mason Jar Wall Decor

Crafts for Mason Jars Wall Decor

Repurposed crafts with Mason jars can be transformed into chic rustic wall decor. A good combination of old ball jars with wooden materials will be in balance with your cozy rustic home.

These hanging planters are such affordable styles to beautify any room decor. The elegant antique white wall decor gives a warmth tone.

This kind of floral wall sconce can be paired with artificial flowers or fresh flowers. Hang the jars into the wooden planks with metal or iron swirling hooks. Embellish the jars with twine or jute string to add a charming look.

7. Decorative Mason Jars with Lace

Crafts for Mason Jars with Lace

To create recycling craft and home decor, mason jars are the great choice. They do not need any paint colors just embellish the jars with laces and doily papers instead.

These decorative Mason jars are suitable for any occasions such as bridal shower, engagement and wedding party. These gorgeous centerpieces are the simplest decorations when you need a quick party decor idea.

The rustic burlap and white lace cover the jars. The burlap and lace can be formed into flowers for beautiful accents. Add other pretty ornaments like doily papers, white pearls, ribbons, and buttons.

8. Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Crafts for Mason Jars Tissue Holder

Upgrade your conventional tissue box to this painted tissue holder. Simply put it on the table or hang it on the wall as desired.

This decorative tissue holder fits well to Kleenex rolls. The lid with colorful polka dot pattern gives a vibrant touch to the white hand painted jar.

Customize various styles of scrapbook for embellishment. Choose your own style to paint, spray, or tint the jars with adorable colors. This Mason jar tissue holder is not only functional, but it can also please everyone who comes to your home.

9. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Crafts for Mason Jars Soap Dispenser

Mason jar soap dispenser will give a stylish look to your kitchen. Maximize the function of old jars and bring pretty touch to your cooking space. This soap dispenser will last longer than any soap bottle.

Make a hole on the lid to place the soap pump. Attach the pump of an empty soap bottle into the lid of jar. Use a water-resistant adhesive glue to stick the pump on the lid. Spray paint the lid with metallic color. Now, your soap dispenser is ready to fill in!

10. Mason Jar Sewing Kit

ideas for mason jar decorations

Repurposing a mason jar for sewing kit storage will be very useful to avoid cluttering. It also has a pincushion on top. The lid is modified into a built-in pincushion.

Place batting with fabric and circle cardboard to make the cushion. Then, glue the cushion into the lid. After the pincushion is ready, fill the jar with embroidery thread, zipper, mini scissors, needles, and so on.

Sewing kit in a jar looks more stylish with additional custom tags and jute string ties. For a quick mending, keep one sewing kit jar in every room.

As stated above, crafts for mason jars are not only functional but also great to decorate with. There are many different ways to repurpose them into marvelous crafty projects. So, what will you use your mason jars for?

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