11 Cool and Impressive DIY Phone Case Ideas To Try Out

If you’re a beginner in a world of DIY craft, you might need some guides like these DIY phone case ideas.

Designing a phone case on your own would be a great way to personalize your phone without spending a fortune.

The key to making a phone case by yourself is to make sure that it’s not only protecting the device but also making it look amazing.

For you who want to add style to your phone case, this article is definitely written for you.

Let’s explore some of the impressive DIY phone case ideas in this post to get you ready in making one of your own.

1. DIY Acrylic Paint Phone Case

diy phone case

This simple yet fancy phone case would make your device looks good. Its simple touch brings out the fanciness that your phone already has. It’s a nice choice for your phone and it’s recommended for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and HTC One.

In order to make one, you will need a clear phone case, painter’s tape, paintbrush, Q-tip, and acrylic paint.

You can do this project easily and quickly, not more than 10 minutes. It’s recommended to use the pastel color of acrylic paint.

2. DIY Phone Case Makeover with Nail Polish

diy phone case kit

If you’re a woman who likes to paint your nail regularly, this DIY idea is perfect for you. You don’t need to buy a bunch of different nail polish products for this project materials.

You can just gather all the products you have and start painting the case. In order to begin the polishing, you have to sacrifice the clear phone case you have.

The painting method is quite easy. You just paint it in stripes using the nail polish products. Use your creativity in applying the colors on the clear phone case.

3. DIY Watercolor Phone Case Ideas

diy phone case stickers

This DIY project doesn’t take a lot of time to make and you only have to spend about a dollar for the material.

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You should prepare the print or fabric you’d like to have its pattern for your phone case design, a pen, and a scissor.

Basically, it’s not actually a watercolor paint. You’re just using a fabric or print with a colorful watercolor image.

Then, the print or fabric is placed at the back of your phone and covered with a clear phone case. It’s super easy and cheap.

4. Simple DIY Phone Case with Glitters

diy phone case decoration

Wanna have a simple and easy DIY phone case idea with a glamorous twist? This is the one. This glitter and sparkle are the main attraction of the phone case.

If you like something glitzy and glam types for your phone case design, you should do this project right away.

This one won’t waste a lot of your time. Even though it doesn’t cover the entire case, the dramatic effect of the glitter transition would be enough to satisfy your eyes.

5. Splatter Paint Phone Case Idea

diy phone case app

It’s one of the easiest DIY ideas to be applied on your phone case. Well, everyone knows how to splatter paint.

Then, this DIY project would be super easy for everyone. Get your mind back to those techniques in elementary school and get your own version of splatter paint design.

This phone case uses the monochromatic color of the splatter paints. You can make your own version more colorful by incorporating other bold colors like red, yellow, or orange.

6. Ombre Style DIY Phone Case

a diy phone case kit

This one is a little bit tricky to achieve. It offers such beautiful color gradation that’s pleasing to eyes. You can just copy the color combination of this phone case.

This iPhone 5 case is pretty darn cool. Get ready and grab some paint, a sponge, and water.

Using a sponge is very helpful to make the blending way easier than a paintbrush. If you want to achieve this cool colorful style, a sponge is a perfect tool.

7. DIY Phone Case with Buttons

diy phone case bling

Check out this crafty little phone case. It’s a great option for your phone case design idea, especially for those who like to sew.

You must be having a lot of buttons collection for your sewing hobby. Or, you can just buy some buttons with coordinated colors.

It’s a fun idea for your DIY phone case project. The clear case is the base material you have to own first. With a bit of glue and sealer, you can arrange the buttons based on your creativity.

8. Real Flowers on Phone Case

how to make a diy phone case with hot glue

Using real flowers might sound impossible for this kind of craft. That’s true but this one is created using pressed flowers.

With the right treatments in the project, the flowers would make a beautiful decoration to the back of your phone.

This unique style would be something special to your device. The case should be in opaque white color in order to make the flowers pop.

This is a great choice for those who love floral designs. Unlike other ideas, this one offers a little texture you can enjoy while holding the phone.

9. Bohemian Tapestry Phone Case DIY

how to make a diy phone case with paper

Compared to the other phone cases, this one has a softer look, making it more comfortable to hold.

In order to make one, you have to grab a thick tapestry fabric or ribbon, and some embroidery thread. Then, a phone case is also needed as the base.

For the tools, you will need basic stuff like glue, a needle, paper, and pen. There’s one thing you have to know that this project will require sewing. So, you gotta have at least a beginner skill of sewing.

10. DIY Sequins Phone Case

diy phone case balloon

Take a look at this cute phone case. It’s got some sequins trapped inside the case. Girls would love to have this case covering their phones. It’s cute and simple.

You don’t need to use glues to keep all the various sequins, just spread them in the case and the phone itself will keep the sequins in place.

11. Beautiful Lace on Phone Case

diy phone case bts

If you’re in love with lace, then this case is for you. This homemade phone case is just using a simple yet pretty lace to add interest to the device.

Color choice is the key to make the lace pop. In this case, the white lace has a perfect brightness combined with the blue case.


Those eleven ideas of DIY phone case would elevate the style of your device to the next level. Well, don’t wait any longer, start the project right away.

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