12 Ingenious DIY Cork Board Ideas to Function The Wall

Whether it’s used as a bulletin board for the office or just being decorative to the wall, a DIY cork board would always be functional.

If you’re looking for ideas for a cork board, you are on the right page. It can never be wrong having a cork board on the wall because it helps you track many things.

Besides a bulletin board, you can also use it as an organizer for jewelry, accessories, and any small items. There’s actually a lot of things you can do with a corkboard. Here are some DIY cork board ideas to make use of the wall.

1. Modern Cork Bulletin Board with Golden Frame

diy cork pin board
Source: centeredbydesign.com

This idea is something you can never go wrong with. A modern cork board can be a great element for the wall right in front of your office desk.

Instead of having the natural brown color of a cork, you can choose to cover it with white fabric for a more clean look.

As you can see, it’s framed with a fancy gold color that looks too regal but it makes a perfect contrast to the white cork. This combination is quite flexible to many colors of the wall.

2. Frameless White Corkboard with Owl

diy large cork board
Source: cbf-fund.org

The very first thing you would notice about this corkboard is the cute cuckooing friend by the corner.

It adds interest to this simple board. It’s a corkboard that’s wrapped with white fabric. It makes a perfect canvas for your artistic soul.

You don’t need frames when you can have such an interesting painting on the board. You can add as many colorful dots as you want to make the whiteboard far more impressive.

3. DIY Cork Board Wood Spools

diy fabric cork board with ribbon
Source: cbf-fund.org

The key to this creative cork board idea is the frame. It’s a DIY cork board frame that’s made of wood spools.

Who would ever think that a bunch of wood spools can be a beautiful decoration for the wall? When there’s only one wood spool, it’s not gonna be as beautiful as this frame.

Pairing the wood spools with a corkboard is a brilliant idea. This one will easily be turned into a decoration powerhouse. Just leave it empty on the wall, it would still make a perfect decor to your wall.

4. Yellow Tropical Pattern of Cork Board

diy bulletin board cardboard
Source: ctinstyle.com

If you’re interested to make an eye-catching cork board, this DIY idea would be a nice one to try.


This tropical cork board is something you don’t see really often. The key is to choose the right color and pattern of the fabric to cover the corkboard.

As you can see in the picture, the yellow tropical pattern makes a perfect blend to the white frame and wall. It will easily draw attention to space. You can have this in your office, kitchen, or bedroom.

5. DIY Cork Board as Jewelry Organizer

diy bulletin board for bedroom
Source: ctinstyle.com

In this case, the corkboard becomes the one functional in organizing the jewelry. On the other hand, jewelry also makes a great decoration for the corkboard design.

With a corkboard, you won’t have a hard time finding your jewelry in a mess. The board will make the collection well-organized.

6. Geometric Pattern on Bulletin Board

diy cork board jewelry organizer
Source: ctinstyle.com

If you’re into a minimalist decor on your wall, you should choose this simple and modern board. It would make a perfect bulletin board for your office.

You just need a medium-sized cork board and paint it white. Before that, you have to cover some parts of the board using painter’s tape.

Make some various asymmetrical shapes to get a nice geometric pattern. Just be creative with the tape and remove them when the paint is dry.

7. DIY Cork Board Out of Wine Corks

diy with cork board
Source: cbf-fund.org

For a wine lover, collecting a wine cork won’t be a hard thing to do. Well, gather all the wine corks you have and form a round corkboard like this one. It’s gonna be an eye-catching board on the wall that you can use to stick some important notes.

If you don’t have enough wine corks, you can always buy an assortment of wine corks online. You may get some sellers that give a nice price for it.

8. Rustic Style Cork Board Design

For a rustic touch to the wall, add this board made out of old wine corks. The bold character that it has is strong enough to make a big statement on your white wall.

The artistic arrangement of the wine corks makes an impressive artwork at the end. This one is an artistic craft that would work wonders as a bulletin board or just a decoration for your room.

9. Simple Painted Board for Kids Art Station

diy burlap cork board
Source: classyclutter.net

To make this DIY cork board, you just need a simple thin corkboard to paint. A simple paint at the bottom part of the corkboard is applied using a sponge crafting paintbrush.

Just dab it in a green acrylic craft paint and using dabbing motion. Repeat the painting with the blue one.

10. Small Chalkboard and Corkboard with Golden Trim

diy cork board projects
Source: classyclutter.net

The half and half combination of chalkboard and corkboard is genius. Instead of just pinning the notes up to the cork, you can write directly on the board on the chalk space. It would be so useful for your small office.

11. Chalkboard Bulletin Board with Wine Corks

diy cork bulletin board
Source: pinterest.com/debbiwatson

It’s such an amazing DIY cork board idea to spice up the kitchen. This multifunctional item can a great idea for your DIY project. The great collaboration of chalkboard and a corkboard.

12. Black Cork Board for Classroom Decor

diy bulletin board business card holder
Source: 3rdgradepad.blogspot.com

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It’s a great idea to fill up the empty wall in the classroom. If you’re a teacher, you should consider having this corkboard that you can fill with task cards related to your students. The festive decor of this DIY corkboard would be an amazing method worth trying.


For people who always need a reminder, making a DIY cork board is highly recommended. It helps people in the office or house keep on track with the important things. Whether it’s for the office or just a kitchen workflow, a bulletin board is will be the savior.

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