10 Amazing DIY Office Desk Ideas For Small Spaces

Having a DIY office desk is perfect for you who have limited space. Making an office desk is a great solution to make an effective and efficient office without spending a lot of money.

Finding ideas might be a struggle in this case. Don’t worry. In this post, there are 10 amazing DIY office desk ideas that you can explore.

We’ve been finding all over the internet to list only the best ones for you. Hopefully, you will get inspirations and ready to make your own office desk.

1. Small Wooden Desk with Concrete Top

diy desk ideas for small spaces
Source: pgimgs.com

If you don’t mind dealing with concrete, you may wanna have this in your small office. The countertop of this desk is made of concrete.

So, it’s perfect furniture for the office with industrial style. The designer of this office keeps everything natural and minimalist.

That’s why this small office looks so stunning with the desk. You don’t need to paint any color on the wooden desk because it’s already charming enough to impress.

2. DIY Computer Desk to Work in Pairs

diy modern office desk
Source: coachdecor.com

If you plan to have a small office, not just for you, this desk should come to mind. This is such a nice double-sided computer desk.

It provides a perfect space for both of you, you and your partner. You can even communicate while working in a comfortable way.

Unlike the side-to-side desk, this back-to-back desk has more privacy than the other. This is what you need to get more concentration on the work while being able to communicate freely face-to-face. There some storage space to keep books, decorations, and more.

3. Cooper Pipe Desk for Children

diy pallet office desk
Source: coachdecor.com

This pink desk with a cooper pipe structure is actually designed for children. However, you can have this DIY desk as an inspiration to add an industrial vibe to the office.

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In fact, the spacious countertop would make a perfect space for a computer. What’s so special about this desk is it has a chair attached to it.

You don’t need to buy another chair for seating. During the making, you should adjust the size of the desk according to your needs and posture.

4. Wall-Mounted Floating Desk

diy office desk woodworking
Source: coachdecor.com

This floating desk style is one of the most popular designs of DIY furniture. For you who like something unique and save a lot of space, this idea is what to choose.

This simple floating desk is using a stainless steel rigging hardware to be attached to the wall. This concept is friendly to your very limited space.

You can just fold the desk to the wall when you’re not using it. So, you can save some walking space around the office.

5. Small Office Desk from Traditional Table

diy office desk accessories
Source: hgtv.com

This small desk has a strong character for the office. If you have a farmhouse or rustic office style, this traditional table would be a great focal point. If you don’t, this table would make a big impact and contrast in the space.

This table is available at the World Market for $179. Instead of buying one, you can have this as an inspiration for your DIY desk project.

6. Rustic DIY Desk for Office

diy small office desk
Source: hgtv.com

The antique piece of furniture can be a mood booster for some people. The strong character of the material gives some kind of energy to space.

As you can see, this desk looks rustically gorgeous. Combining it with the wooden chair with that fur cushion, it becomes more fascinating.

This DIY desk is designed by someone from Peculiarmee. It’s built using only old woods for a rustic vibe around the office.

Having this upcycled charm as the base of a modern machine like a computer is somewhat amazing.

7. DIY Bar Stools Desk for Small Office

easy diy office desk
Source: hgtv.com

You don’t need a lot of materials to build this one. It doesn’t require any woodwork steps. You just have to join all of them into one functional desk.

You’ll need two bar stools for the supper legs and a wooden board. Make sure the size of the board is fit to the two stools. You can use screws to stick them all together.

You can choose to paint or stain it or just leave it as natural as possible for a chic look. For the record, the bottom part of each stool has a space for storage too.

8. DIY Office Desk from Parson Tower

diy office desk plants
Source: hgtv.com

This deck plan is designed by Anna White, a well-known home design expert. According to her credibility, It’s gonna be an idea that you won’t regret.

You can build this simple DIY desk for your office by following the instructions on her website. This Parson Tower desk has a minimalist feel that’s perfect for your rustic style office. As you can see, the table looks astonishing having the rustic brick wall as a background.

9. Colorful Epoxy-Topped Office Desk

diy glass office desk
Source: abeautifulmess.com

It’s such a beautiful office desk from a beautiful mess website. The epoxy coating really makes the office space more interesting. The collaboration of yellow with red accents makes a big statement in this office.

This colorful working area can help you bring some interesting and brilliant ideas for your work.

The structure of the table is not that special. The epoxy countertop design is what really makes this office desk so special.

10. IKEA Floating Desk for Small Office

diy home office desk plans
Source: homesfeed.com

This floating desk is from IKEA. The simplicity of the design makes this floating desk so interesting.

More Ideas to Try :

You may wanna have one corner of the office space installed with this minimalist furniture. You don’t need a lot of space to have a computer desk.

Even with a big monitor, you can comfortably work with your computer on this desk. It looks modern and futuristic.

What you just need is a couple of MDF or Plywood. Build it and mount it on the wall. Don’t forget to paint it with the same color as the wall.


A desk is a very important piece of an office. It’s something that makes you call a space as an office or just a work area. All of those DIY office desk ideas would make a great inspiration for your small office. The key is to save as much space as possible without sacrificing the convenience of working.

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