How to Make Beautiful DIY Flowers in 6 Easy Steps

It is weekend and it is supposed to be a very nice day to go to the beach or have a picnic with your family. Unfortunately, it is raining cats and dogs outside so you have no choice but just stay at home. Instead of squawking about the rain, why don’t you just make some beautiful DIY flowers with your kids? They will love it.

The Benefits of Making DIY Flowers for Your Kids

Colorful papers and imagination, your kids will love making DIY flowers because kids love arts and crafts. Besides packing a lot of fun, this DIY project will be beneficial for your kids.

DIY Flowers for Kids

It Improves Fine Motor Skills

The simplest way to improve your kids’ fine motor skills is by getting them to move. A small movement like picking up tiny objects will be just enough. And making flower papers will allow them to move their hands and fingers all together.

It Empowers Their Self-Esteem

When they find themselves enjoy the activity and make some beautiful flowers, they beam with pride. As a result, they will feel more confident.

It Enhances Their Coordination

Making some paper flowers will allow your kids to engage with their hand movements in particular way which can enhance their fine motor skills. It will help them with their everyday activities such as showering and dressing.

It Promotes Their Creativity

Involving them in creating a piece of art like flower paper can promote their creativity. They will try to explore their imagination and creativity to make some beautiful things.

How to Make Colorful Paper Roses

Roses are so romantic, calming, and beautiful. No wonder it often represents love. Unfortunately, they are not long-lasting. Therefore, making some paper roses can be a fantastic idea since they are cheap, yet beautiful. And making them is merely a breeze. Even your kids can do it right without breaking a sweat.

DIY Flowers Supplies

Before making the flower papers, you need to get these things first.

Supply List:

  • Cardstocks (Any colors will do)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Straws
  • A pen refill
  • Green cardstocks (for the leaves and stems)

Step 1: Cut The Petals Out

The petals can be in various sizes. But this article only shows you the steps of making medium roses with an-inch petals.

To make the petals, fold a cardstock in half. Then, fold it again in half (but if you want to make some bigger petals, you can skip this step and just go on to the next step).

Fold the paper accordion style so that it forms 5 rectangles. Make sure that the folds are even. Cut the edges of the folds by making one of the sides narrower than the other one.

After you get the desired paper petals, snip each petal from the bottom (the narrower side) up to the middle of it.

DIY Flowers Cut the Petals

Step 2: Shape Some of The Petals

If you have snipped all the petals, now it is time for you to shape some of them. Slide the small flap at the right side of the bottom of each petal over the left side and glue it down. It will make the petals look a bit curvy. You just need to do it to some of the petals, not all of them. These curvy petals will be the outer parts of the flowers.

To accentuate and make the petals look more beautiful and natural, try rolling the top of the petals over the refill of a pen.

DIY Flowers Shape the Petals

Step 3: Assembling The Petals onto A Straw

Now it is time to form the petals into a beautiful flower. Apply some glue to the bottom of a straight petal and attach it to the tip of the straw. Do the same thing until you get the desired shape.

If you have got the shape that you want, begin to attach some of the curvy petals to the flower. Now your flower is done.

DIY Flowers Assembling the Petals

Step 4: Shaping The Sepal

Let’s work with some details here.

To make the sepal, get the green cardstock and cut it in 1” x 3”. Make some zig zag cutting at the edge of these 1” x 3” individual cut pieces. Apply some glue at the straight edge and assemble at the bottom of the flower.

DIY Flowers Shaping the Sepal

Step 5: Working on The Stem

You surely do not want your flowers to look odd with the straw, right? Therefore, we need to cover the straw to form a beautiful stem for a beautiful flower.

To make a beautiful stem, you need to get the green cardstock again and cut the edge of it. Do not cut it too wide. ½” x 8” will be just enough. After that, apply some glue to this individual cutting and begin to wrap the straw with it until all the surface of the straw is completely wrapped.

DIY Flowers on the Stem

Step 6: Making The Leaves

Now your flowers are getting prettier and almost done. You only need to add a few details to make them look more stunning and natural. And some leaves will complement the flowers very well.

To make the leaves, get the green cardstock and cut it out to make a small rectangle. It is about 1” x 2”. Fold it in half and cut the edge to form half circle or oval.

DIY Flowers the Leaves

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Make some snips at the rounded edge. Straighten the folded piece out so that it forms a perfect paper leave. Snip the leave from the bottom up to an inch so that it can be assembled easily.

If you have made a snip, you can begin to apply some glue onto the snipped part. Then, attach the leave right on the sepal so that it covers the bottom of the sepal. Make another leave and attach it to the other side of the sepal.

DIY Flowers Finishing

Now you have a beautiful DIY flower paper.

Making some DIY flowers is as easy as falling off a log. You can watch all the steps in the video below. Everybody can do it, even if DIY is not your cup of tea. Besides, it is really fun. You can use this activity to kill the time with your kids. It is much better than letting your kids lounge on the sofa and become a couch potato, isn’t it? Happy trying!

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