How to Make Giant Paper Flowers for Wall Decoration in 5 Easy Steps

Your best friend’s wedding party is coming. You have promised her to jazz the party up. But now you have not come up with a splendid idea for the decoration. It must be something simple, affordable, yet epic. It means you need to consider giant paper flowers. Learn how to make giant paper flowers that are surprisingly easy.

Why Giant Paper Flowers

Paper giant flowers are getting more popular now due to its versatility. They fit into various kinds of celebration namely wedding, birthday, graduation, or even reunion parties.

Giant paper flowers mean to decorate any rooms in any occasions. Even if you are not going to throw any parties, you can still use these wonderous flowers to adorn your room, creating a spectacular backdrop and focal point. It will be great to have some beautiful huge flowers above the headboard, won’t it?

The good thing about having paper flowers for wall decoration is they are more long-lasting than the real flowers. Real flowers may be more beautiful at first. When time goes by, however, they will not as fresh and fragrant as they used to be which is one of the drawbacks that need to be considered.

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers Pink
Seattle Giant Flowers

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers

Giant paper flowers are the gigantic charm that embellishes your wall in no time. Many people are crazy about these flowers and they long for them. And if you are also one of the people who is impressed by the charm of these immense paper flowers, do not rush into buying them from an online florist because you can make them by yourself.

Before making them, make sure you prepare these materials beforehand.

Supply List:

  • Papers. Actually, you can use any kinds of papers. However, some cardstocks will be your safe bet. But if this is the first time you try to make giant flower papers, regular copy papers will do in a pinch until you are quite skillful at it.
  • A small disposable plastic plate as the base (cut the edge to make it a bit smaller).
  • Scissors.
  • Hot glue gun.

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers Tool

Step 1: Shaping The Petals

The petals will be in various length because they will look more natural when assembled. The widest parts are 7 inches which will be put as the outer part of the flower while the inner part will be 4.5 inches. You can add another inner part that has to be smaller than 4.5 inches to make the flower look more beautiful.

So, let’s get started.

Get 6 cardstocks (any colors will do), stack and cut them out to form the outer petals. You can cut them out directly or draw the patterns beforehand to get a better cutting.

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers Petal

Draw a line with 7 inches long at the middle of the paper. Begin cutting the papers with narrow cutting which gets wider to the top. Snip the cuttings from the bottom up to 2 inches to the center.

Get other 6 cardstocks to create the inner petals. You will cut them out just exactly the same as the way you make the outer petals, but they differ in size. These inner petals are 4.5 inches long (you can measure them using a ruler to get the accurate measurement). And, again, snip the cuttings after you cut the papers out.

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If you are going to add another inner part, you will just need to do the same steps (with a smaller size) as the previous cutting steps.

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers Inner Petal

Step 2: Shaping The Petals

To get good petal shapes are merely a breeze. Each of the petals has two flaps. Slide one of the flaps onto the other one. Let the flap overlap the other one and secure it with a hot glue gun. By doing this, you will get curvy petals that will make them look more natural.

Now let’s try to make the flowers look epic. Roll the top left and right of the petals over a pen or pencil away from you so that they create a pair of curly edges.

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers Edges

Step 3: Assembling The Petals

Let’s begin with the outer part first. Get the base and apply some hot glue on the bottom of a 7-inches petal. Attach it to the base. Apply some glue on the bottom of another 7-inches petal and attach it to the base.

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers Assembling

Pay attention to the arrangement of the petals. Place the petals close together so that they overlap one another a bit and form a huge bowl.

If all the 7-inches petals have been assembled perfectly, now it is time to assemble the 4.5-inches petals for the inner part. You only need to do the same thing as what you just did to the 7-inches petals until you get two bowls.

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers Assembling Petals

Step 4: Making The Center Of The Flower

Get another cardstock with any colors of your choice. Cut one of the edges a bit to make it narrower. Fold it in half length-wise and apply the edge of it to secure the fold. Fold it in half again so that you can get a smaller rectangle.

Begin to cut a fringe. Pay attention when cutting a fringe. Begin cutting from the folded side, not the one with the glue. Cut a fringe thoroughly and leave approximately a 5 or 6-inches gap from the edge (the one with the glue).

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers Small Centre

Once you have fringed it all, unfold the paper and begin to roll it up. Apply some glue along the edge to keep the roll in place.

Get another cardstock. Make sure that its color is different from the previous one. But do not cut the edge this time so that it is larger than the previous one.

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You only need to do exactly the same with what you did previously. When you have fringed it all, apply some glue along the edge of it, then place the smaller fringe on one of its side and begin rolling them up.

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers Larger Center

Step 5: Assembling The Center

Add some glue to the bottom of it and attach it to your flower. And your flower is all set!

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers Finish

Now you know how to make giant paper flowers. You can watch the video below for full tutorial. It is super easy and thrilling, isn’t it? Everybody will love it for sure. And your friend will be grateful to you for this stunning wall decoration.

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