12 Simple Mens Crochet Hat Pattern For Beginners

In the world of crafting, mens crochet hat pattern is one of the popular topics that people search online. Obviously, most men wouldn’t want to have a crocheted gift while hats are quite useful for them. So, a crochet hat would be a perfect gift.

In this post, we’ve put together the list of crochet hats or beanies that you can have for the men in your life. There are a lot of ideas available so you can make it more special by giving it a personal touch. Instead of buying one from the store, it would mean a lot if you make one by hand.

1. Crochet Hat Pattern Camouflage

mens crochet hat pattern youtube

In order to achieve the look of this crochet hat, you should use the variegated yarn. It’s a fabulous beanie hat that looks impressive because of that color-changing yarn. That camouflage color of this crochet hat makes it more masculine.

You can get the full pattern of this crochet camouflage hat in Red Heart Yarn. This patter is quite easy and recommended for beginners.

2. Mens’ Crochet Hat Pattern with Retro Stripes

mens crochet hat pattern free

This is a great pattern of crochet craft you can make for your man. It’s got the bold autumn colors which make this hat can also be worn by women. It comes with a simple pattern that is great for beginners.

This comfy hat would make a wonderful gift for the colder months of the year. It would definitely keep your men warm.

3. Light Grey Brim Hat Pattern

mens crochet hat pattern uk

Another crochet hat pattern from Red Heart Yarn, it’s a Brim Hat. This beanie cap is a quite easy project for you who’re just learning to crochet. The man you’re about to give this hat would love to wear this.

This hat consist of three parts of rounds. The first one is dealing with the crown. Then, the top side brim and continue to the bottom side brim.

4. Fast and Easy Unisex Crochet Hat

mens crochet scarf and hat pattern

This is an easy pattern because it only uses basic crochet stitches. This hat comes with a bulky yarn that offers a unique texture to the hat. In addition, there’s a bill, almost visor-style, on the hat design. That gives an extra design flair and make it more impressive.

Since this project is super simple, beginners would pull this off easily.

5. Earflap Crochet Hat for Men

best men's crochet hat pattern

It’s a quintessential crochet hat pattern for men. Men would definitely wear this during the cold winter or skiing. The stylish design would make the guys wear it comfortable. The graphic colorwork is an interesting part of this crochet hat. It’s a splash of color to the suburbs.

This hat is called Men’s Inca Trail Earflap Hat. It’s designed by Heather C Gibbs from Keep Calm and Crochet Blog.

6. Slouchy Crochet Beanie Hat for Guys

mens crochet beanie hat pattern free

The vertical ribbing design on the hat’s main body is the special charm from this crochet craft. It gets balanced with horizontal ribbing on the hat’s brim. It would keep the guys warm and it’s a stylish fashion accessory for a casual outfit.

7. Crochet Slouch Hat for Men

mens camo crochet hat pattern

A crochet slouch hat is probably one of the most popular patterns for men. The pattern is pretty straightforward but the yarn choice is the key to its characteristic.

The Lion Brand Jeans yarn is a perfect material for this hat. It’s probably one of the most recommended yarn choices in making a crochet hat for men. This hat is designed using that masculine yarn. You can make the hat for both adult men and little boys.

8. Two-Colored Crochet Slouch with Simple Patterns

mens crochet earflap hat pattern

This slouchy hat is one of the recommended crochet crafts to give to the man in your life. There are two ways to wear this crochet hat. You can either wear it back on the hear like the man in the picture. Or, you can also wear it tight on the head with a folded brim.

This crochet hat pattern is designed to be unisex. Men and women can wear this simple crochet hat. So, you can make two hats to wear with your loved one.

9. Skull Crochet Hat Pattern for Halloween

free easy crochet men's hat pattern

This one is quite different from the other crochet hat. As you can see, men wouldn’t wear this in their daily life. However, this special hat pattern is designed for Halloween. They would want to wear this during the event.

It’s got a unique skull crochet pattern that’s fairly easy to make for beginners. There will be no complicated part for you in doing this hat project.

10. Simple Crochet Gray Beanie

mens crochet helmet hat pattern

This is the kind of crochet hat that a man needs to have. It’s a stylish hat that offers the warm that men would need during the cold winter days. This amazing hat has a pattern that is written for the smallest size in which you can change to make the larger ones.

Before following the pattern, you need to circle all the numbers pertaining to size in order to make the project easier.

11. Men’s Slouchy Beanie with Pom Pom

large mens crochet hat pattern

It’s a fashionable choice to complete men’s clothing during the winter. The charcoal color makes this beanie more manly. It’s also warm and comfortable to wear. This handmade crochet hat is a loose fit, you can just fold it, slouch it. It’s that simple.

That cute pom on top of the hat is a nice addition to make the crochet more interesting. Although, some men won’t be comfortable wearing a beanie with a pom pom on it.

12. Caron Soft Camo Crochet Hat

mens crochet hat patterns easy

From Yarninspirations, this crochet hat is called as Caron Camo Hat. The camouflage pattern has been favorited by a lot of men. This is a gift idea that wouldn’t worry you. Your man would love to wear this camo beanie.

By following the pattern you get from the website, you can easily make this by yourself. The gift would be more meaningful when you make it with your own hand.


After exploring all the mens crochet hat pattern ideas, you are fully inspired to make one for your special person. Most of those crochet hats are unisex, so you can wear the same hat with your man like a lovely couple.

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