Needlepoint Craft Supplies and Projects For Beginners

Many people would still think that a needlepoint should only be allowed in homes of the elderly.

Well, this kind of craft has received a modern makeover. It becomes a trendy craft that youngsters can also enjoy doing it.

Needlepoint is one type of embroidery that comes from ancient Egyptians. It’s sometimes referred as canvas work.

Nowadays, needlepoint is not only about stitching wool yarn through the canvas. It uses different types of thread to create different textures.

Needlepoint Supplies

needlepointing a circle

There are two main ingredients to make needlepoint craft. You will need canvases and yarn. The needlepoint canvas comes in various colors and stiffness.

If you’re a beginner, you should aim for plastic canvas which is friendly for practicing your stitches. Besides, there’s mono canvas which is perfect for a hand-painted project.

For the yarn, it’s according to your design. To make a traditional needlepoint, the wool yarn is a suitable choice.

You can use silk yarn if you want the needlepoint to be contemporary.  There are more other types of yarn such as fine wool, Persian yarn, and Tapestry yarn.

For a beginner, you need to stick with the basic materials. Besides canvas and yarn, you will need thread and tapestry needles.

To make it easier, you can just buy some needlepoint kits that are available in many stores.

6 Needlepoint Craft Ideas

1. Tribal Cell Phone Case

needlepoint accessories

This simple tribal needlepoint pattern can work with any colors. You can choose the favorite color of the embroidery yarn to stitch the pattern.

This fun tribal pattern is designed by Charlotte Lamontagne. It makes a perfect addition to the back of your cell phone case.

This simple tribal backing adds instant interest to your cell phone. You can create your own version of color combination that match your fashion outfits.

Stitching a phone case is actually quite simple. The size is smaller than other potential projects like pillows, scarfs, or needlepoint belts.

As you can see, the tribal pattern looks beautiful and complicated but it actually uses some very basic stitches. They are, continental, giant knitting, and reversed mosaic.

2. Needlepoint Pineapple as Christmas Ornaments

a needlepoint scrapbook

It’s never too early to begin planning for your next Christmas especially for needlepoint ornaments. Making the needlepoint would probably take more time than you think.

So, it’s better to get ready from now. Instead of needlepoint Christmas stockings, this one would be the better option.

If you think Pineapple doesn’t suit your Christmas theme, you can switch it up with any images that match your style.

It’s recommended to know how big the finished project is gonna be by outlining the ornament. For this idea, you can use a mug and permanent marker to outline.

After that, you should begin to sketch the design of the ornament. Sketch it on grid paper and copy it onto the canvas right after.

Stitching ornaments can be more delicate. Pick stitches and threads that you’re comfortable with.

In the process of stitching, there’s gonna be a lot of improvisation you need to make. Just be flexible and roll with it.

3. Needlepoint Door Hanger Craft

a needlepoint kit

In making this craft, the designer is inspired by a door hanger product from Etsy. It’s would make a special wedding gift for your best friend. Instead of giving away a stack of baing sheets or towel, you can create a more personal gift.

This door hanger craft has a simple image of Virginia’s map with a heart icon for the location. Since the wedding took place in Richmond, Virginia, it becomes a perfect gift. You can switch it with a map of another state that relates to the wedding.

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Stitching the map image is the most important part of this craft. Once you get the map pattern done, you can enjoy it. Because the rest of the door hanger design was fairly simple.

4. Needlepoint Sachet Craft

needlepoint art

It’s such an interesting pattern for a sachet. Because of the size, this craft would be a great needlepoint project for beginners.

It will be a nice present for anyone. Make sure you select the right colors for the threads and fabrics to match the pattern.

For beginners, you need to use the pattern as a guide for stitching. You should begin with stitching the rose with a Tent Stitch on the canvas.

Then, you may start stitching the leaves in the same way as the rose. The rest of the area needs to be filled with a long sating stitch after you’ve done with the rose.

This sachet craft is filled with dried lavender and fiberfill. There you have it, a cute little lavender sachet.

5. Flowers Bouquet Punchneedle Craft

needlepoint a little

The step of making this punch needlecraft is unlike many others. Before you can start punching, the image and pattern are made using watercolor painting on a paper.

It’s done by an internet crafter named Arounna Khounnoray. She made this craft using her still life images she created beforehand.

First, she drew an image of flowers bouquet. Then, she started punching the needle into the canvas. After she’d done with the flowers, the rest of the space is applied with black wool yarn as a contrasting background.

6. Floral Needlepoint Craft Bracelet

needlepoint austin

With that easy floral pattern, you can create a nice accessory as part of your wardrobe. It would spice up your fashionable look especially when you wear a matching outfit. It’s a simple project, you can finish the project in a few days.

You can achieve this pattern by using the color chart and instructions provided by Cheryl Fall. It’s a perfect beginner’s needlepoint project. After you’ve done with all the stitching, you can add a simple finishing touch for a unique bangle.

You can give this colorful bracelet to your friends as a special present. It would mean something to them and make them feel special to you.



Making a needlepoint craft is quite challenging and it needs a lot of patients. You can have it as your hobby.

This kind of craft is not only about art but also function. If you’re new to this craft, all of those projects above are friendly to beginners.

If you need more ideas for your needlepoint project or other kinds of project, there will be more craft articles coming. Don’t forget to bookmark this website

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