10 Easy and Cool Pirate Hat Costume Ideas For Kids

Making a pirate hat craft can be a fun DIY project you can do with your kids. It could bring back the childhood memories of the parents too. You can let your kids have a pirate adventure of their own.

this pirate craft can be made out of paper and cardboard. Make sure the material you choose in in great quality.

You can also let your kids design their own craft to make it more personal to them. With Halloween weeks coming,  a pirate hat will be a perfect accessory for the character.

1. Cardboard Pirate Hat Craft

make a pirate hat

Cardboard is one of the favorite material for craft-making activity. So, it’s a good start to have a cardboard pirate hat as the first idea.

This crafting material is also friendly to kids. With a simple cutting, folding, and painting, your kids will have fun making their own cardboard hat.

For a real and authentic look of a pirate, you can have the black color and draw the skull logo with white paint.

Otherwise, you can allow your kids to use other bold colors to make the result more playful and fun.

2. DIY Pirate Party Hat with Colorful Feather

pirate hat balloon

Improving the festivity of a pirate hat for a party would be something you need to do. It would give a fabulous touch to the pirate character.

The design of this hat is a little bit “Frenchy”. It’s perfect for adding more festivity to the party. You can have many hats with a different color of feathers. The accent lace in the front of the hat gives a more decorative look to the hat design.

3. Duct Tape Tricorn Hat Idea

pirate hat and patch

Making a pirate hat craft out of duct tape can be a good idea for your DIY project. The material offers something shiny and probably better results than paper or cardboard.

To make one hat, you will need 2 rolls of black duct tape and one roll of grey duct tape. Making this duct tape craft hat will take about 2 hours.

If you have spare time during your weekend, join your kids in the DIY project of making a pirate hat for Halloween party.

4. Newspaper Pirate Hat with Sword

pirate hat bloodstained

The most simple idea of a DIY pirate hat is using the Newspaper. You will only need to prepare a single piece of newspaper and some duct tape to make one.

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With some simple folding steps, you can even make your kids to make one after one try. After it’s done, let your kid having fun being a pretend pirate.

Place the newspaper hat craft on the scallywag to get ready for adventure. It will look so complete with the pretend sword and eye patch.

5. Pirate Beanie Crochet Pattern

b&m pirate hat

If you don’t have time to make one yourself and you have the budget to buy a pirate hat from the store, this is a great option to look on.

It’s not only looking good on your kids. It also gives the warmth your kids need during chilly weather.

It’s designed like a beanie so your kids could comfortably wear it at any time. It’s a perfect hat to wear on Halloween for your kids to do trick or treat. This hat is available at some online stores.

6. Felt Pirate Hat Craft

what's a pirate hat called

Your kids can’t be a pirate without his hat. If you don’t have the budget, you don’t need to spend your money on it.

You can make one for your kids with felt. It’s a very light crafting ideas to make one. Making this felt pirate hat, you don’t need to do sewing. Instead, it’s using adhesive to attach.

You’re gonna need scissors, felt, and adhesive. It’s an easier way to make your own pirate hat for kids without stitching.

7. Costume Pirate Hat for Kids

pirate hat apiary

This easy-to-make pirate hat idea will make your little buccaneer look positively sea-worthy. It’s one of the most adorable DIY craft hats to wear around.

It can be worn during Halloween evening or every casual Wednesday playdate. You need some pieces of different colored fabric.

The steps will include sewing or stitching. So, it will be better to make it yourself. Your kids can use it after it’s done. Just let them wait patiently for their impressive play pretend.

8. DIY Hat Craft from Grocery Bag

pirate hat art

Mothers, don’t throw away your grocery bags anymore. From the paper material, you can make a pirate hat for your kids’ pretend play. It’s so simple to make, it’s just like the previous newspaper hat. You just need to do a few folding steps

First, cut the bag open to get the large front panel. Then, remove the handles carefully. After that, you need to fold the panel in half. Next, you can fold the two corners to the center.

Leave some excess space at the bottom. The next step is to fold the bottom excess space up and over the corners. Repeat it for the reverse side.

Using a marker to decorate the hat with skull and cross bone. You can also add your name or other words to make it more fun. Now, the hat is ready. It’s that easy.

9. Pirate Hat From Paper

fold a pirate hat

Paper is one of the most favorite material to make a pirate hat craft. This DIY hat craft uses the black, and white craft paper as the main material.

You need to prepare the tools like scissors, tape, and glue. It’s so easy to make, your kids can give a hand too.

10. DIY Paper Craft Pirate Hat Pattern Printable

pirate hat bitmoji

What makes this idea so easy to make is because it’s made using pattern printable. You can download the template here.

Before making it, you need to prepare the materials such as black kraft paper, a cardboard package, a skull and crossbones, scissors, a box cutter, a glue, and a marker.  The template makes this papercraft more and more practical.



There’s something truly magical about kids doing pretend play. It’s more than just playing for fun, it’s the way your kids grow their sense of adventure. So, let’s make a pirate hat with your kids.

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