5 Easy Peasy Pinwheel Craft Ideas For Kids To Enjoy

Making a pinwheel craft will be a fun project for your kids. It’s one of the fun ways to welcome the breeze of summer.

Do you know how to make one? It’s maybe easier than you think especially with these ideas we are about to provide.

With some simple materials and easy sticking and cutting steps, it’s gonna be a fun project for your kids.

They will be happier when they’ve done making it and see the result. Here are some easy peasy ideas to make pinwheel craft for summer.

1. 4th of July Pinwheel Craft

daffodil pinwheel craft

Check out these patriotic pinwheels. Those looks cutely colorful which is ready to become the decoration for the celebration of 4th of July.

Those pinwheels are not hard to make. You don’t need to buy them for your kids when you can make ones easily and quickly.

The primary material for this pinwheel craft is the patterned paper. You have to choose the right pattern that relates to the 4th of July celebration.

Check out those fancy patriotic papers that are used for pinwheels. The various kinds of patterns make the pinwheels more festive.

You can find the pattern online and print it to your cardstocks. The size of your pinwheels based on the cardstock size you have. You can print it in large or small size.

Besides, you will also need to provide thumbtacks or pins, strong glue, and unused colored pencils.

Choose the pencil color that’s in line with the theme. Instead of just being pinwheels that can spin, you can stick them on your door’s wreath to welcome guests on the 4th of July.

2. Craft for Earth Day Celebration

easy pinwheel craft for preschoolers

To represent your kids love to the planet Earth, this fun pinwheel would be a nice craft to make.

This kind of pinwheels can spin faster and faster as the wind blows. The thin quality of the paper is needed to make it be able to spin easily.

This pinwheel craft is a part of the upcycled earth day project. This craft is a combination of a spring planter and a pinwheel.

Both of the elements are made separately. It could be a fun holiday activity for your kids.

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It’s the parents’ way to teach the kids to love the planet. You can use a tin can as the planter. Spray it with coats of spray with color that matches the pinwheel.

Don’t forget about the flowers, you can choose any little spring flowers that your kids can take care of.

After making the planter, you should continue to the steps of making the pinwheels. Or, you can help your kids make it all at once. Let your kids are creative with the pinwheel craft and the planter is your responsibility.

3. Colorful Paper Craft for Wall Decor

pinwheel crafts amazon

It’s another type of pinwheel that would make a perfect wall decor for your kid’s room. It’s not something that can spin when it’s got hit by the wind.

But, it could make an attractive scene in any room. The color design is what makes it an attention stealer.

You should make more than one piece to make it a perfect wall decor. This DIY paper pinwheel is so easy to make.

You can let your kids make it by themselves with little to no supervision. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes each.

In order to make a fun statement to the wall, you can create a pinwheel with a pretty big pile. You’re gonna need watercolor paint and its paper, paint brush, hole punch, hot glue and its gun, and string or twine.

You can beads or pom poms to make it even more festive for the wall. In the painting process, you should let your kids pick the colors combination they want. So, they can make these crafts so personal to them.

Pay attention to the color choice when you add optional stuff like pom-poms or beads. Make them matched with the color on pinwheels.

4. DIY Garden Pinwheel Craft

foam pinwheel craft

It’s a great way to add s personal touch to the garden in the backyard. You can have this DIY pinwheel craft as a fun project to encourage the kids about helping in the garden.

Your kids will enjoy having their personal space in the garden. They can make it be their space with this craft.

It’s a fun way to keep the kids engaged in the garden while the plants growing. They will enjoy waiting for that.

Before, you need to prepare the supplies to make this easy peasy pinwheel craft. Prepare the old artwork instead of ordinary paper in order to make a unique pinwheel.

The artwork can be drawn beforehand. Let your kids make a painting on a white canvas using many colors.

That would make the craft even more personal to them because they make it from scratch. To make it safe for your kids, they won’t be doing pinwheel craft with brads.

5. Paper Pumpkin Pinwheel Craft

making a pinwheel craft

This one can be a good pinwheel craft for preschool. Making a pinwheel craft that looks like pumpkin will be a perfect project for harvest and Halloween season. The typical orange color of pumpkins would warm up any wall color.

Whether you have for party decoration, front door wreath, or kid’s room decor, your kids will love to make this paper pinwheel craft with you. There’s an additional ornament to complete the pumpkin theme of this craft.

You can make the green leaf and a brown stem paper with the printable pinwheel craft template. Or, you can cut a paper that’s painted brown and green to resemble the leaves and stem. Glue them on top of the pumpkin papercraft.


You can stick them on the wall and makes your interior or exterior decor ready for the season. Have fun with your kids doing this DIY paper pinwheel project and have happy autumn.


All of those pinwheel craft ideas are so easy to make. You can easily get all of the supplies you need for the craft. There’s no need to worry about letting your kids do the craft project on their own.

With this easy peasy craft projects, your kids can make a pinwheel craft on their own with a little to no supervision.

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