10 DIY Pendant Light Ideas For Fabulous Space

For those of you who are in need of some new lighting design, you may need to read this whole DIY pendant light ideas post. You will be inspired with the ideas to make the space more fabulous.

Dealing with lighting means dealing with everything. You can’t have an amazing room with some ugly lamps and bad lightings.

Lighting can really support the beauty of decor in a room. With these DIY pendant lights, you can update your space and make it more fabulous.

1. DIY Beaded Light Pendant

diy drum pendant light
Source: eduinfoline.com

Check out this amazing light fixture. It’s such a beautiful DIY chandelier decorated by a bunch of beads.

This pendant can be something that highlights your white ceiling. It would definitely make a great focal point up there.

You can have this DIY wood bead light for your daughter’s bedroom. The color of the beads can be varied.

In this case, it’s fully wooden using its natural wood color. That won’t be the most standout element in the bedroom but it’s making quite an impact.

2. DIY Light Pendant from Chicken Feeder

diy drum shade pendant light
Source: eduinfoline.com

This repurposed chicken feeder makes a great light pendant for your room. It’s gorgeously designed to fit the style of a house.

Unlike the previous one, this pendant light would make a perfect light fixture for the boy’s room. If you like some quirky and industrial decor, this one is a good one to choose from.

It’s so easy to put all the things together to make this light pendant. It works perfectly to space where you want it to have industrial vibes.

3. DIY Vintage Cake Tins Pendant

diy pendant light bar
Source: adventuresofmel.com

It’s an upcycled item to add charm to the ceiling. This rustic pendant lighting is designed by a blogger of Adventures of Mel website.

Gather some vintage cake tins from grandma’s house to be upcycled into charming light pendants for the kitchen. Making this cake tins pendant is a fairly easy project to do.

However, you have to get the cake tins first because they might be pretty challenging to get when you have no grandma that bought that stuff in the past. You can also find them in the flea market if you’re lucky.

4. DIY Boho Style Light Pendant

diy pendant light cord
Source: apartmenttherapy.com

This DIY light fixture has a bohemian style that’s inspired by Eames. It’s such a fabulous way to upgrade your ceiling lights.

If you’re a fan of retro and boho style, this pendant light is for you. There will be no boring ceiling anymore in your room when you have this stylish fixture.

It’s got a classic lantern silhouette design with a modern spin. This chandelier would look great in any room especially in a beach-style or cottage house.

5. Simple Tin Can Light Pendant

 diy dodecahedron pendant light
Source: apartmenttherapy.com

A tin can is an amazing material for a DIY project. You can use it in many craft projects, especially for house decoration.

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The tin cans you see in this picture used to hold canned vegetables. You can easily turn it into a simple light pendant for the dining table with a quick coat of paint.

If your dining room is a farmhouse one, you can have this tin can craft ideas on the table. The furniture in this dining room doesn’t have the matching color as the cans. You can use the color of the centerpiece, like those flowers, to balance the charm.

6. DIY Colander Pendant Light

diy pendant light box
Source: pinimg.com

It’s a creative choice using colander as the lampshades. The holes on the colander would give an interesting light all over the space.

This pendant is cute but quirky enough to be hanging above the counter of a country kitchen. You don’t need to apply any coat of paint on the colander.

Just leave it as its original white color along with all the tin plates and cups under it. Otherwise, you can choose to have the colander painted with bold colors to make a statement.

7. Woven Rope DIY Light Pendant

easy diy pendant light
Source: krusto.ru

If you’re into the rustic decor, you can have this woven rope pendant light as inspiration. This light is made from sisal rope that is woven through a plastic planter.

You can actually use any kind of basket as long it is suitable for light pendant design. One thing you should know about this woven rope light pendant.

Wrapping all the lampshades with sisal rope light this will decrease the amount of light that’s spreading around the room. It should only be the secondary light fixture of the room.

8. Edison Bulb Chandelier Lights

diy pendant light kit bunnings
Source: homedit.com

This modern light pendant idea is quite popular among DIYers. It’s pretty simple to make. You just need some retro bulbs to be hung from the ceiling all at once.

If you like to have such a classic ambiance around your room, this bulb chandeliers would be a great choice. Make sure the quality of bulbs great enough to handle bumps.

This kind of light fixture won’t be bright enough to light up the whole room. That’s why this will make a perfect ambiance for the sleeping time in the bedroom.

9. DIY Mason Jar Lamps

diy aquarium pendant light
Source: paintedbyprestige.com

Take a look at these painted mason jar lamps. They’re all hanging together side by side all at once. It looks so fabulous because of the colors.

There are six jars hanging, three in colors, the other three jars are clear. It’s got beautifully put together to provide enough ambiance and lights to space.

You have to get the mason jars which are light enough to hang from the ceiling and big enough to fit the bulbs without touching the inners.

10. DIY Basket Pendant Light

diy concrete pendant light
Source: andthenwetried.com

In order to make this simple basket pendant, you will need a woven wooden basket that you can buy from Target.

Choose the tall version to achieve the design just like in the picture. If you’re the true crafter, you may aim to make the basket on your own.

Prepare a pendant light kit, a socket splitter, a 2-piece conduit clamp connector, a 3M clear hooks, and a ceiling hook.


That’s all you need to make this charming basket pendant light. When you turn on the light, you will see the surrounding lighted up beautifully.

Final Thought

A DIY pendant light is one fabulous way to add character to space. The hanging light fixture will add such a beautiful vibe that you can enjoy around the room. It’s perfect for any kind of room in your house, even a bathroom.

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