10 Cutest Crochet Baby Hat Patterns And Ideas

Wearing crochet baby hat are perfect for all babies in your life. Such hats will help to keep the baby’s head warm.

A soft crochet hat would be the perfect gift at baby showers. Or, you can also have a crochet hat for your own child.

Making a crochet hat is quite simple. You can just use basic stitches and classic shaping of a beanie. Add some details like a flower applique or pom poms.

If you’re quite experienced, you can use some advanced techniques to make it more attractive and eye-catching.

1. Simple Striped Baby Crochet Beanie

crochet baby hat and beard
Source: etsy.com

Actually, knowing how to crochet a hat like this is quite simple especially baby hats. They’re always fun to work on. If you’ve just started a crochet craft, you will love this crochet baby hat so much.

This crochet beanie has a cute simple pattern of two stripes right at the bottom. You can make this crochet hat by using a series of basic stitches.

The hat will have some texture and style that comforts the baby. For a newborn, baby crochet is the best choice to wear. This one is recommended for a baby of 0-3 months old.

2. Crochet Baby with Earth-Space Theme

crochet a newborn baby hat
Source: neschof.com

It’s a unique theme for a crochet baby hat. It’s got two patterns in one hat. Apparently, the more complicated the design, the more interesting the hat will look. As you can see, the Earth in Space theme is quite impressive.

On the body of the hat, there’s an illusion of stars from surface embroidery. The whole body of the hat would resemble the space.

Then, the pompom earth becomes the earth. The pom-pom has a perfect color combination that makes it look like the earth.

3. Funny Owl Crochet Pattern for Babies

crochet a baby hat for beginners
Source: pinimg.com

The fact that cute owl attached to the baby’s head is the cutest. This hat has some elements to make, the bow, nose, eyes, and some other accessories.

All of the elements are made using the crochet method. The eyeballs are supported by buttons to really resemble the eyes of an owl.

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Even though it’s got two colors combined, this pattern is still using basic stitches to make. So, it’s not gonna be a difficult project.

4. Blue Yellow Pattern with Pom Pom

crochet baby hat bulky yarn
Source: pixabay.com

If you’re an intermediate level of crocheting, this one would be quite easy. Although, the crochet baby hat pattern is still friendly for beginners because it doesn’t require any shaping techniques.

This crochet hat is using an open stitch pattern that makes it a perfect choice for anyone including babies.

The pompom at the bottom of the hat looks strikingly adorable for the babies. The way the blue and yellow yarn blends together is what this crochet baby hat all about.

5. Cute Blue Monster Crochet Hat

crochet baby hat and diaper cover
Source: etsy.com

Such a cute cartoon character is really a baby thing. This crochet hat design is inspired by Sulley, the big monster from Monster Inc. movie.

If you and your kids really like that movie and its characters, then the kids would love to wear this.

Some people might find this blue monster scary, but it looks so cute and adorable when a baby wears this. It’s a nice way to let your kids be the Disney character they like.

6. Crochet Giraffe Hat Pattern

crochet baby hat circumference
Source: etsy.com

An animal is such a perfect theme for baby’s stuff, including a crochet hat. This hat is an easy choice when it comes to making something that a baby wears.

Giraffes are adorable. It’s one of the most kids’ favorite animals in the zoo. You can follow the instructions available online to make one for your baby.

The elements attached to the body of the hat are crocheted separately, the stripes, earflap, nose, nostrils and the eyes.

7. Newborn Baby Crochet Bear Hat

crochet baby cowboy hat
Source: milcreations.com

It’s such an easy project you can do during your spare time. This crochet hat is designed for newborn babies.

That’s why it would be a perfect gift at a baby shower. The baby can wear in the outdoor space when it’s time to sunbathing in the morning.

The crochet hat would protect and comfort the head during the session. The baby will feel comfy wearing the head as well as adorable.

8. Yellow Flippy Floppy Earflap Baby Hat

crochet an infant hat
Source: fitnessalert.info

This crochet baby hat is perfect for toddlers, boys or girls. It’s also very easy to make especially if you’re into crocheting.

What makes this earflap hat works for both girls and boys because it doesn’t use pom-pom on the top.

Instead of the pompom, this crochet hat has a pared-down pom. It looks like a flower but it’s not. To make it easier to call, this accessory on the top can be called a “Flippy Floppy”.

Just like its name, it flips around and it gets curled sometimes. It also puts a nice interest on top of the hat.

Yellow is a color of energy. the earflap will make everyone cheerful looking at the baby.

9. Adorable Crochet Trapper Hat for Babies

crochet baby hat chunky yarn
Source: milcreations.com

This classic crochet trapper hat will give the warm and cozy feelings that a baby needs. The trapper design has a couple of large buttons that make a statement.

The pom-poms on top of the hat make this hat even cuter. You can switch the color of the yarn that you desire.

As you can see in the picture, the blue hat is definitely made for boys and the pink one for girls.

10. Lacy Crochet Baby Hat

crochet baby hat bunny ears
Source: yarnspirations.com

This lacy hat looks adorable and so pretty on baby girls. If you plan to make this hat for a younger baby, you need to use very thin yarn and a tiny hook. The texture at the bottom of the hat looks beautiful and it makes the hat more than just an ordinary crochet hat.

More Ideas :

This crochet hat is designed by Bernat Design Studio which got reposted by many sources. Using only one ball of yarn, you can make about 6 hats. You can buy the yarn balls from the store.


Finally, you should pick the perfect crochet baby hat to comfort your baby’s head. All craft ideas in this post are friendly for beginners too. So, you don’t have to worry about it. You can make one for your kids to wear or a baby shower gift.

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