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13 Feb 2018

Amazing 20 Simple Craft Ideas for Seniors and Older Adults

Crafting with older adults may differ from kids’ crafts activities. The kids usually spend about fifteen minutes to finish the art work. Otherwise, senior crafters will need extra patience and more time to finish even a simple
5 Dec 2017

20 Stunning Wood Crafts Ideas That You Will Adore

Decorating your house doesn’t always make you to be a big spender. Wood crafts are surely helpful in saving some cash since they are more affordable than any decorations made from other materials. Or, rather than to
22 Sep 2017

20 Wonderful Handmade Craft Paper Ideas Anyone Can Make

When it comes to choosing material for craft, there’s no other way to go except paper. Choosing paper as the main material of the craft is perfect because it’s simple and super easy to get. You can
9 Sep 2017

22 DIY Craft Lights Ideas You Can Create From Everyday Objects

When talking about craft lights, it’s all about decorative lighting. Lighting is one of the crucial elements anywhere. Without lighting, there’s no taste of beauty in that place. So, you have to give enough lighting to make
31 Aug 2017

20 Awesome and Amazing Ideas for Craft Foam or Styrofoam

Being crafty is similar to being creative. Applying your creativity in making crafts is the right thing to do. There are many things you can turn into something decorative and stunning. One of the decorative things we’re
7 Aug 2017

List of Recyclable and Non-Recyclable Household Items and Materials

Did you know that most items are recyclable at household waste? Did you understand that the typical individual in the United States produces around 4.5 pounds of waste each and every single day? Multiply that by around 300 million,